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Ron awoke to the smell of fresh brewed coffee. He opened his eyes to see Bonnie holding a tray of coffee and toast.

"I've got breakfast for you hun." She placed the tray down on the coffee table in front of him and gave him a kiss.

"What time is it?" he mumbled.

"It is early. It's about eleven twenty five." Bonnie answered.

"What about school?" he asked darting upwards.

"It was only a half-day. I called in for you, Barkin said it was ok." She answered.

"Oh, thank you" Ron said as he drank his coffee. "Sorry I came in so late last night. I had to close a business deal. I noticed the table that you and Tara set up, what was the occasion?" Tara came in laughing and holding a small box.

"Your birthday Ron" Tara answered handing him a small box wrapped in a bow. "I can't believe you forgot your own birthday. Here is something me and Bonnie picked out for you."

"Oh thanks girls!" Ron said ecstatically. "What did you get me?" he asked as he pulled off the wrapping. He opened the box and pulled out a metallic expensive looking watch. "Geeze, this looks pricey, I hope you girls didn't spend too much."

"Oh don't you worry about the price" Bonnie said as she and Tara kissed each side of his face simultaneously. "Check out the back." Ron flipped over the watch and read the engraving, 'To Ron: Our Loving Sweat Heart'.

"Thank you guys" Ron said feeling touched. "I don't know what to say."

"Don't say anything yet" Bonnie said smiling. "You still have one more gift…" Bonnie and Tara stepped in front of Ron, pushed the table away, turned around, and got on their hands and knees. With their backs to Ron, they pulled up their t-shirts to reveal their new tattoos on their lower backs right above their butts. Each of the girls' tattoos were very elaborate. Each had a large black ~R~ on their backs, on each side of the R was a short back grapevine. And lastly on each side of their waist they both had a black handprint.

Ron put his hand on both sides of Tara's hips; the handprints tattooed on both sides on each of their waists were his own.

"Wow…" Ron said feeling amazed. "How did you get my handprints?" he asked.

"Tara and I traced your handprint on both sides of each other's waists when you were asleep." Bonnie said. "Just a reminder to others that only your hands are allowed on them" Bonnie said. Ron traced the tattoos across both girls' backsides. Tara giggled as she wiggled her bottom and asked,

"Do you like?" Tara and Bonnie giggled as Ron ran his hands over the black R on each of the girl's backsides. "We thought you would."

"I REALLY like" Ron said. "But isn't it a little…permanent? You might regret getting it someday."

"Not at all Ron" Bonnie said as she got up off the floor and wrapped her arms around Ron's neck. "This tattoo tells a chapter of my life. I don't want to freak you out by saying this Ron and I am not expecting a reply but I just wanted to say…" Bonnie paused for a moment and tightened her hug, making her breasts press up against Ron's chest. He could feel Bonnie's heart beating wildly. She looked him in the eye and said, "I think I love you."

Ron felt himself going wide eyed. He couldn't believe Bonnie Rockwaller, Ms. Mean-to-him-since-first-grade, told him she is in love with him.

"Tara does as well Ron…" Bonnie announced. "We both love you." Tara came forward and hugged Ron as well.

"We Know this is a lot to throw at you right now Ron" Tara told him. "You don't have to say anything; we just needed to tell you that."

Ron couldn't speak. He hugged the girls back tightly and felt guilt grip his heart. He had to tell them about Christina and where he was the night before.

"Girls…I have something to confess…" Ron started.

About an hour later

"So…you own a strip joint?" Bonnie asked to clarify. Ron nodded. "You bought it in cash, you manage it now, and…you had sex with one of your employees?" Ron shamefully nodded.

"I'm sorry." Ron said. "It just happened so fast. I had just gotten off of work, I went to get a bite to eat, I ended up in a fight, and I was so pumped up with adrenaline from after the fight that I felt so easily aroused…I'm sorry."

"Ron…" Tara said. "Are we still the closest to your heart?" She asked. Ron nodded. "Oh" Tara said suddenly perking up. "Then I don't have a problem with it. Do you Bonnie?" she asked.

"Nope" Bonnie answered nonchalantly. "Tara and I both know you go to bed frustrated that we can't keep up. It does bother me a little that you weren't safe and with someone that neither Tara nor I know. If you would like we can arrange it so some of the girls on the cheer squad can come help us." Ron asked,

"Really? Are you serious?" The girls nodded. "You are saying…you don't mind me having sex with other women…as long as you know them?"

"And that you are safe!" Bonnie stressed. "Because…" Bonnie got off of the couch and straddled Ron's waist. "If anyone's going to have Ron Junior... it is going to be one of us" she told him as she blew softly into his ear. Ron felt the irrepressible need to kiss Bonnie, but he pulled back at the last moment.

"What's wrong?" Bonnie asked feeling hurt that he refused to kiss her.

"I…I can't…" Ron said softly pushing Bonnie off him.

"Why not?" Tara asked.

"I'm eighteen now. I'm a legal adult. You guys are still seventeen" he explained to the two women. "If I did anything it would be statutory rape."

"What!" Tara cried. "It seemed to be ok last night when you had sex with little-miss-slut-slut- Christina!"

"She is eighteen" Ron said. "It wasn't statutory with her. If I have sex with either of you and someone reports me, then I become a sex offender, or worse I get jail time."

"Tara and I would never report you, dopey!" Bonnie said distraught. "We love you! We wouldn't do anything to hurt you Ron!"

"But others might" Ron explained. "John wasn't kidding when he said he was going to tell Smarty Mart about Zita and me. He probably already told them. If he finds out I have underage girlfriends and that I am having sex with either of them, he is going to call the cops. The will do an investigation, check out the club, and most likely ask our teachers about us. Mr. Barkin would crack under all the pressure and spill his guts on how we get out of detention and earn a little extra cash. It would ruin us."

"Yeah, I guess I can see your point…" Bonnie said sighing. "And Tara and I just went on the pill…tonight was going to be the night we did it bareback…" Bonnie moped.

"Well I turn eighteen in about a two weeks and Bonnie does in about month." Tara said. "So that is basically two weeks that Ron and I can't have sex and a month for Bonnie."

"I can probably go a month without sex" Bonnie said suddenly feeling confident.

"Yeah, two weeks will be a breeze for me" Tara said agreeing.

"Great. Then we are decided" Ron said. "No sex for at least two weeks."

"It'll be a cinch" Bonnie said. Bonnie started drumming her fingers on the coffee table trying to pass the time, Tara tried to comb out some of her split ends, and Ron retired to the armchair with a newspaper.

About 5 minutes later

"Gimme sex! Gimme sex!" Bonnie demanded as she and Tara chased Ron around the apartment.

"No means no! No means no!" Ron cried out in response.

"You can't dodge us forever!" Tara shouted.

After School the next day at cheer practice

The Middleton Cheerleaders were all doing their pyramid routine flawlessly until it came time for Tara and Bonnie to catch Kim and complete the pyramid. Both were daydreaming of Ron and their lacks of focus caused Kim to land on top of them and topple the pyramid.

"Bonnie! Tara! Keep your head in the game! You dropped me! I could have broken my hip!" Kim screamed.

"You can't break a hip with such a fat ass for cushioning!" Bonnie yelled back.

"You bitch!" Kim screamed as she tackled Bonnie and they started a cat fight.

"I'm gonna kill you Possible!" Bonnie screeched as she and Kim started pulling each other's hair and smacking each other's face.

"Oh yeah?" Kim grunted. "How many people have you killed?"

"One after I get down with you!" Bonnie said shoving Kim to the ground.

"If you're feeling froggy then jump!" Kim shouted. Bonnie did just that and tried to do the piledriver on Kim. Kim rolled out of the way in time. Kim and Bonnie grabbed on to each other and continue to slap and scratch and scream at each other while the other cheerleaders watched on in amusement. Ron burst through the doors holding up the Kimmunicator and saying,

"K.P. we have a mission!" He walked up to the circle of cheerleaders and saw Bonnie and Kim in a cat fight. "Hey!" Ron said, getting both of the girls' attention. "What are you two doing?"

"Nothing…"Both of them replied.

"Well Kim, we have a mission to go on. Drakken apparently got a hold of some sort of radar/beam thingie and is about to take over the world. Can your scratch fest be put on hold until then?" Ron asked.

"Yes" Kim said standing up and smoothing out her uniform. "Let's go" she said. Ron and Kim walked out the door to their mission.

"Damn Bonnie" Crystal said. "What flipped your bitch switch today?" Bonnie covered her face and let out a long frustrated muffled scream.

"Since Ron turned eighteen, we can't have sex until my birthday" she explained. "Damn Ron! He has sex with me almost every hour when were at home and then he quits cold turkey!"

"Yeah..." Tara said feeling just as frustrated. "We're so wound up now that anything is setting us off. We need sex bad…" Tara took Bonnie's hand in her own and told her, "I can't take it anymore Bonnie…come with me." Tara pulled Bonnie into the cheerleader's locker room and the rest of the cheerleaders slowly followed them.

In the cheerleader locker room Tara layed several towels down on the floor and gently pulled Bonnie down with her. The rest of the cheerleaders looked on as Tara kissed Bonnie passionately and worked her way down between Bonnie's legs.

"Wait you guys are gonna have sex now?" Hope asked.

"School is out for the day…" Bonnie said breathless as Tara pulled down her panties. "It's time to feel good."

"But you and Tara are girls!" Marcell said. "Are you guys bi-sexual?"

"We've already had sex with Ron together…we have always been like sisters… no we developed a bond that is going deeper than friends…" Bonnie panted as Tara put her hands on each side of her sex. "Please Tara…" she begged. "Make me feel good…AAAAAHHHHHHH" she shouted as Tara started to play with Bonnie's clit.

"Tara…Tara…" Bonnie chanted as she ran hands over her blonde female lover attended to her. Tara's tongue would circle around Bonnie's opening and then dive in unexpectedly. She widened the passageway for her tongue with her fingers. She ran her index fingers along the wall of Bonnie's insides and massaged it in circles as Bonnie kneaded her own breasts.

"This is kind of making me hot…" Jessica said. "Does this make me a lesbo?"

"You are both disgusting…" Liz said as she stepped over Bonnie and Tara to get to her locker and change. "That is the grossest thing in the world" she said.

"No…" Bonnie argued still panting. "It's the most beautiful thing in the world…I just wish Ron could join in…" Bonnie said feeling deflated. "Oh Ron…Ron…Ron…" Bonnie and Tara were now completely undressed and their two hot sweaty squirming bodies were all over the locker room floor. The cheerleaders' breathing was ragged and some silently began touching themselves.

"I've had enough…" Liz said picking up her backpack. As she stepped over Tara and Bonnie to leave both girls on the floor got a look up Liz's skirt and noticed the many bruises around her thighs and waist. Tara grabbed Liz's foot holding her still.

"Liz…where did you get all those bruises?" Tara asked. Liz snatched her leg away from Tara's grip and tried to make it to the door. Bonnie ran up behind her and grabbed her arm.

"Let go of me! Get off! Get away from me!" Liz screamed and demanded as Bonnie lifted up Liz's skirt to reveal an entire rainbow of colorful bruises. "Stop!" Liz sobbed. "Let me go! Don't look at me!" she screamed as she sank to her knees and started crying.

"Oh Liz…" Bonnie said running her fingers over the bruises. "What happened…god there's so many…" Liz kept crying and rested her head against Bonnie's naked shoulder. Tara and the other cheerleaders gathered around and tried to comfort their hysterical friend.

"I was working after school…trying to catch up…I needed help in math" Liz sobbed. "I left…left the classroom and ran into…Brick. He and his football friends had come out of detention." Liz painfully explained as her tears ran down Bonnie's chest. She hiccupped as she continued on. "He…*hic*asked if I wanted to go out…I told him no. *Hic* he grabbed me by the hair...and dragged me into the boy's l-l-locker room and locked the door." Liz's sobs got worse and worse and she cried so hard she had to gasp for air.

"He raped me… along with a few of his friends…" she admitted in an almost whisper. All of the cheerleaders felt their hair stand on end. They all attended the many mandatory rape prevention meetings their high school held but they never felt they would actually have to defend themselves against anyone in their school.

"It was so disgusting and violating!" Liz sobbed. "When they left me I ran home and into the shower and I scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed but I couldn't fucking get clean *hic*!" Tara and Bonnie sandwiched Liz between themselves and hugged and stroked and comforted the crying girl.

"Liz…" cooed Tara. "It's ok…it's ok…Lizzy, Lizzy, Lizzy, Lizzy…I'm sorry. Brick isn't going to get away with this and he's not going to hurt you again. Do you want us to call your family? Or the police?"

"No! Don't call!" Liz cried. "You know my parents own a restaurant! Brick's mother is a restaurant reviewer, if I complain against her son she'll give us so many bad reviews our business will fail! Going to the cops wouldn't help either…I washed everything out in the shower*hic*…a rape kit would turn up nothing. Even if I pressed charges and showed my *hic* bruises…Brick and those bastards have rich families. They'll hire big time lawyers *hic* and they'll convince everyone that I'm a slut! They won't get charged with anything and then they go free to do even worse to me the next chance they get!" she exclaimed. She began sobbing uncontrollably again and the rest of the girls could only hold her.

"I wish Ron was here. He would know what to do" Tara said.

"No! You keep him away!" Liz screamed. "I'm done with all men! Especially the kind that turns you two into raving nymphos!"

"It's natural for men to have a high sex drive…" Bonnie said. "It's nature, we can't stop them from ogling at legs, hips, thighs, and breasts. But we can still appreciate the guys like Ron who keep it in their pants until we're in the bedroom."

"He is a very generous lover…" Tara said chiming in. "And now we have a higher sex drive because he has a lot of stamina to dish it out." Tara turned around and showed off her new tattoo. "Wanting to show off how much we love him and each other doesn't make us sluts."

"Come on" Bonnie said pulling Liz to her feet. "We'll take you somewhere safe."

Inside Dr. Drakken's new lair

Kim and Ron split up inside of the mountain side lair. Kim would try and find the laser and Ron and Rufus would try and disable the lair's power as a distraction. Ron eventually found the power core and managed to shut it down.

Ron was making his way down a hallway when he heard what sounded like moans of pain. He ran to the first door he saw, thinking that Kim had been captured and was now being tortured. He cracked the door and peeked in to see Shego on her bed…naked.

She hadn't noticed the power out at all. Her room was lined with lit candles and a battery powered tape player lying on a dresser was loudly playing slow R&B music. Shego had handcuffed herself and was stroking herself with her restrained hands. Ron felt mesmerized as he watched the villainess writhe and squirm on her bed in pleasure. He didn't know what to do except whip out his cell-phone and recorded the scene.

Unknown to Ron, someone had followed him into the lair. A black garbed figure snuck up behind Ron and tapped him on the shoulder. Ron never sensed the person following and almost cried out. The figure covered his mouth and pulled him away from the door before he alerted Shego. The figure pulled the muffled struggling Ron into a storage room across from Shego's room.

"Calm yourself Stoppable-san" the masked figure said. The robed person pulled of her mask to reveal herself.

"Yori…" Ron said surprised. "What the hell are you doing here?"

"I did not want you to come in here without back up Stoppable-san" Yori explained. "I followed you in to watch your back and make sure you were not spotted. While you were at the door way I heard a guard coming from down the hall. So I grabbed you to make sure you were not exposed" Yori lied. She had followed Ron inside of Drakken's lair with the intention of being his back up, but he pulled him into the storage room because she was feeling jealous of how Ron was staring at Shego.

"Oh…thanks. I didn't hear or sense any guard coming…" Ron said feeling embarrassed.

"It may have been because you were too…tense" Yori said glancing down at Ron's erection showing through his cargo pants.

"Oh!" Ron exclaimed feeling embarrassed. He tried to cover himself with his hands but Yori took hold of them.

"Do not worry Stoppable-san" she said. "I am here to help you…" Yori told him as she sank to her knees. She placed her hand on his waist and traced her hand down to his crotch. She unzipped his pants and reached inside to pull out his erection. Ron backed up and pushed her hands away.

"Wait! Hold on there Yori!" Ron said feeling surprised. "What are you doing?"

"I am helping you Stoppable-san" explained Yori. "You cannot be at your optimal fighting condition when you are burdened by an erection. As your friend and ally it is my duty to help you." She scooted closer to him and tried to reach for his crotch again.

"Yori no!" Ron cried as she pulled out his naked erection. Yori paused for a minute and gazed at his penis before she began to stroke it. "Uhhh…" Ron moaned as she continued her ministrations. "Yori…you have to stop…this is illegal. I'm not a minor…" Ron couldn't fight back against her as long as she had his manhood in her grip. "You don't have to do this…" he said in a pleading voice.

"I am of proper age Stoppable-san… and I wish to help you however I am able." Yori said as she continued to pump with her hand. "You may do with me whatever you like…unless…" She said momentarily stopping her hand. "…You find me unacceptable and displeasing to look at." Ron looked down at her face and saw wide soft brown puppy dog eyes.

"No it's not that Yori" Ron said taking a good look at her and admiring her beauty. "You're real pretty…" Ron's erection twitched in Yori's hand as it grew larger. The bulging appendage pointed straight at her and Yori had a good idea what to do.

Yori spit out her tongue and licked the tip of Ron's penis, eliciting a moan from Ron. "If you really feel so Stoppable-san, then please feel free to use me until you are done." She broke eye contact as she looked down at Ron's manhood, closed her eyes, and welcomed the warm appendage into her moist mouth.

Ron gasped as he felt Yori's head bob back and forth, back and forth into his pelvis. "Oh Yori…" Ron moaned as Yori swirled her tongue over the length in her mouth. "That's so good…" Ron's hand instinctively shot out and gripped Yori's short black hair by the back of her head. Yori felt a deep pride when she heard his moans. It meant she was satisfying her lover the right way like she should.

"It is my first time doing this Stoppable-san" Yori said taking a breath. "I hope I am doing well." She took another breath and continued.

"Yori..." Ron rasped out. "You're not just good…you're the best…Uhhhh…" Yori felt her heart skip with joy when she heard that. She decided to take him deeper in her mouth. She opened her throat and shoved her face down to his pelvic bone, taking in his entire length. Ron gasped at this feeling and felt he could climax at any second. Yori was on the verge of gagging. Half of Ron's erection was down her throat and the other half filled her mouth completely. She suppressed the feeling and continued as she drifted off into her imagination.

She imaged Ron and herself sitting beneath a tree having a picnic. They would kiss and make love under the tree until dusk. Her imagination forwarded to their wedding ceremony. It was a breathtaking wedding with the perfect blend of traditions from Yori's homeland and Ron's Jewish roots. She imagined the two of them years afterwards, with their children sleeping soundly down the hall from them as they made hot wet passionate love in their marriage bed. And at the end of her dream, the two of them would be under the same tree where they had their picnic, both of them old and wrinkled, and filled with devotion and love for each other as they made love one final time before they entered the after-like together.

Yori could feel Ron's tension and knew he was about to climax. She withdrew his penis from her mouth, took a long deep breath, and slid his rock hard erection the full length down to her throat. Ron climaxed at that very moment and sent rope after rope of sperm down Yori's throat. After his seventh shot down Yori's throat Ron's week long sexual tension was over.

Yori pulled her head back; slowly pulling Ron's shrinking erection from her throat. As it plopped out of her mouth a small trickle of Ron's climax spilled out of the side of her mouth. Yori's monkey ninja powers could pick up on Ron's pleasure and she herself felt the effects of his orgasm and sighed contently.

"Stoppable-sama…" she said contently looking up at Ron.

The alarm suddenly sounded for Drakken's lair. The alarm system announced,

"The lair will self destruct in one minute. Everyone please evacuate the base. Have a nice day."

"Stoppable-sama! We must go!" Yori said as she grabbed Ron's hand and led him towards an escape route.

"Kim must have found the weapon and destroyed it" Ron said. "Get to the car!" Ron ordered pointing at Kim's SLOTH. Ron saw Kim sprinting out of another of the emergency exits towards the car.

"Where were you Ron?" Kim asked feeling annoyed. "I was waiting for you to come help me destroy the machine but you never showed up! And where did she come from?" Kim said pointing at Yori.

"She followed us in for back-up K.P." Ron said. "I didn't know either till we crossed paths. We were keeping an eye on Shego so she wouldn't sneak attack you." Kim sighed and said,

"Alright. I see your point." Kim looked at Yori in the rear view mirror. "What's that on your chin Yori?" Kim asked. Ron turned red and Yori tried to lie quickly,

"Oh…it is...lip-gloss. My lip-gloss is running."

"Yeah, that happens when you wear make-up and then run around a lot." Kim said believing the lie. "Here…" Kim said reaching back and wiping the warm fluid off of Yori's chin. "Let me use your excess…" Kim applied the fluid just like real lip-gloss and ran it over her lips. Ron looked back to Yori in shock and embarrassment and gave her a look asking,

"Should we tell her?" Yori shook her head and both watched as Kim applied the "lip-gloss". Kim touched her lips with the tip of her tongue and said,

"This is an odd flavor Yori. It tastes kind of bitter." Yori answered,

"It is different, but I like it." She looked at Ron and smiled, making Ron blush again.

Back at Ron's Apartment

After Kim dropped off Ron and Yori, the two of them went up to Ron's apartment to get relax. Ron knew he had a busy day tomorrow. His manager at Smart Mart had called him and requested a meeting with him. After that he needed to be at his club. The grand reopening was days away and Ron still needed to interview potential employees, upgrade the kitchen and bathroom facilities, repair the lights, and many more chores his new managerial position detailed.

He opened the door to his apartment and called out,

"Tara! Bonnie! I'm home!"

"We're in the bedroom Ron!" Bonnie called out. "We want to talk with you!" Bonnie called back. Ron sighed and realized it was probably another attempt to seduce him into sleeping with them. After the oral sex he had received from Yori he didn't know how much will power he had left. Ron entered the bedroom with Yori right behind him to help defend him from the sex deprived girls.

Ron flipped the light switch and illuminated the room to see Liz from the cheer squad sitting on his bed in a see-through silk robe with only her frilly pink underwear and bra on underneath.

"Liz!" Ron said surprised. "What are you doing here!"

"She came for some fun Ron" Tara said stepping out of the bathroom with Bonnie. Both walked up to Ron and kissed him. "We won't get too deep into details but she is kinda having a hard time and we thought you could break the streak by showing her a good one." Ron could feel Liz's despair with his powers, he established a link with her feelings and after looking at her bruised and battered thighs he could guess what happened.

"Are you eighteen?" Ron asked Liz.

"Yeah, I'm old enough." Liz said.

"Alright" Ron said. He turned to Bonnie, Tara, and Yori and said, "I'll see you all in the morning then." The three ladies felt Ron's feelings and left him and Liz alone as per his wishes. Tara presented him with a large box of condoms and kissed him one last time.

"Rock her world Ron, but be gentle…" Tara said. Ron nodded and Tara left the room and closed the door behind her. Ron turned to stare at Liz.

"So…how do we start this?" Liz asked looking uncertain. Ron stepped up close to her and said,

"Like this…" He grabbed Liz and held her close as he kissed her softly waiting for her to loosen up. Liz deepened the kiss by opening her lips and letting Ron explore each other's mouths. Liz wrapped an arm around Ron's neck and the other around his back to hold him close to her. Ron untied Liz's robe and pushed it off of her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Liz took this as her cue and began unbuckling Ron's belt to drop his pants.

While Liz undid his belt, Ron moved his hands to Liz's panty covered butt and moved upward towards her bra, tracing her skin as he went. Ron loved running his hands over Liz's silky smooth skin and only stopped momentarily to unsnap the bra that got in his way. Ron broke his kiss with Liz to rub his face against the soft skin of her shoulders and kiss his way down between her breasts. Liz felt embarrassed about her bust size, besides Kim, she had the smallest size of the entire cheer squad, and she held her clinging bra to her chest with her hand.

Ron felt her embarrassment and placed a hand on top of Liz's as it clutched her bra. Ron looked Liz in the eye with a serious look on his face and asked her softly,

"Please. Let me see…" Liz's voice froze in her throat and granted him his wish. She released her bra from her grip and let it drop to the floor with her robe. Ron ran his hands over Liz's sensitive chest and began kissing and suckling her salmon pink nipples. Liz tried to stifle the moans and gasps coming from her mouth but could only thrust her breasts further into Ron's palms. While his mouth continued its manipulation of Liz's nipple, Ron ran his hands down to Liz's underwear, hooking his thumbs underneath the elastic at its sides. He stopped momentarily to look at Liz for some sign of approval to continue.

Liz kissed his lips once more and said, "Yes…go ahead." Ron slowly pulled the underwear down to the floor until he was face to face with Liz's bruised vagina. Ron paused suddenly and stared hard at Liz's opening. Liz began to panic.

"Oh no, oh no" she thought. "He is totally grossed out! He's not going to continue!" All of her worries were crumbled when she heard Ron mutter,

"Beautiful." That one word made Liz feel like she was floating on air. Ron didn't hesitate at all and kissing and licking and sucking away at Liz's slit. Ron pushed her back onto the bed until she had her back on the sheets and her knees were bent on the bed, exposing herself fully to Ron. As he continued Liz reached down to hold his head in place but Ron stopped her hands.

"Keep your hands at your sides" Ron ordered grinning. "Don't move them. Restrain yourself for now and the pleasure will be more intense later…" Liz didn't argue and kept her hands at her sides. When Ron stuck his tongue inside of her, Liz wanted to grab his head and force it down into her trimmed patch of red hair until she screamed in release. But she did as he told her and fisted the sheets in anticipation of what was coming.

Liz gently bucked her hips silently begging Ron to enter her, but he continued to assault her clit with his tongue over and over. He took his time with her and stimulated ever nerve and weak-spot he could find. His triumph was sealed when he found Liz's one true weak spot and stroked it with his tongue. Liz screamed her head off in ecstasy as her first orgasm came crashing down on her.

Liz lay gasping on the bed looking up at the triumphant looking Ron smiling down at her. She opened her arms and gave him a pleading "come to me" pose. Ron stripped off his shirt and dropped his pants and boxers. He opened the box of condoms and put it on and then crawled on top of Liz. She instinctively wrapped her legs around his waist and held him there making sure he couldn't torture her anymore.

He dipped the tip of his now steel hard erection into Liz's moist nest of curls. Liz raised her hips higher in preparation of Ron and let out a satisfied groan as Ron slid his entire length inside of her. To Liz, the pain of her bruises and the nightmares she had of Brick and those other guys were now a distant memory. She was now locked into her own world filled with only her and Ron, both stuck in a rhythm as old as the human race.

Liz was in heaven…She felt no pain, knew no sorrow, and experienced only pleasure. She envisioned herself alone in a warm pond surrounded by nature and all its beauty when she felt the presence of others around her. She imagined Ron joining her for a swim, accompanied by his own band of nymphs that served him. As Ron and her joined together and made love in the swirling water, his nymphs Bonnie, Tara, and Yori, joined around them and touched and stroked and kissed every available inch of Ron and Liz's bodies.

She came back to reality as her body and Ron's increased the pace. The bed was rocking now, the headboard slammed against the wall, Liz felt like Ron was trying to impale her on his penis. Liz couldn't get enough of it. Ron was as close to her as physically possible with her breasts to his chest, her hips to his pelvis and her mouth locked on to his, but she still wanted him closer.

"Harder Ron…harder!" she demanded as she clawed at his waist. Ron obeyed her and began slamming himself as hard into her as he could go. At times he worried that he was hurting her but she only replied,

"Yes Ron! Hell yes! Ugh…Ugh…come on…Ugh…UGH!" Ron pulled himself on his knees and continued to slam into Liz as she lay on the bed. Liz could feel her own climax coming and looked up in admiration at the man rocking above her. She began chanting as Ron began his final viscous thrusts,

"Just a little more…a little more…little more…and…" Ron pulled out of her and then shoved himself even further into Liz than ever before, causing Liz to hit her orgasm. "RRRROOOOOOOOOONNNNN!" When he heard his name being shouted out he climaxed as well. Thankfully Tara had bought for him the expensive condoms with the extra room in them. For the second time that day Ron reached his orgasm and shot out half a dozen blasts of sperm. Although Liz was safe from them, Liz felt every one of the shots hit her, sending shivers of warmth spreading through her body.

Ron picked Liz up put her in the bed and pulled the covers over her. Liz wanted to have sex again but her body wouldn't listen, not that night, she was too exhausted.

Yori suddenly poked her head in the room and asked Liz,

"May I have a turn with Stoppable-sama as well?" Liz nodded happily at her and she fell asleep to the sounds of Ron and Yori making love.

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