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I don't approve of violence against women or the pimping of women. This story is pure fiction.

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RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR At Middleton Maximum security prison RRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

"Hello?" answers a voice on the other side of the phone.

"Hey dad. It's me" Big Mike said on the prison telephone.

"Ah, the prodigal son finally calls" Big Daddy said. "How are you?"

"In Jail…" Big Mike answered.

"I suspect as much. So what is it you want Mikey?" Big Daddy said sounding irritated. "Bail money? I'm afraid not if that is your request."

"No, I'd like to arrange a hit; can you give me a loan?" Big Mike asked.

"*sigh* I'll send you a few bills but you'll have to raise the rest of the money yourself. I'm done cleaning your messes. You think six years of high school would have made you smarter" Big Daddy said.

"Don't worry about it. I have other people investing in this. We all hate this guy. I'm taking care of this dad" Big Mike said.

"Fine. Goodbye" Big Daddy said hanging up the phone. Big Mike left the phone to the visiting room. He sat down at the visitors table with Brick and a scrawny looking guy.

"Who's he?" Big Mike asked Brick.

"He's gonna help us take down Stoppable, he's cool" Brick said.

"Yeah, I'm cool" John said.

"No you're not, nerd" Big Mike said taking a seat. "I talked with the big guy. He's sending me some of the cash for our guy who's going to take care of Stoppable. He's going to need all the money up front so I hope you guys have the rest."

"We got it set up" Brick said. "I got most of the football team to donate except for a few wimpy freshmen. John here put up the rest of the cash."

"Good" Big Mike said. "We have our guy, we have the money, now we need to know when and where to send the guy."

"I know the place" John said. "A little after hours club that Stoppable just acquired. I can be he is going to be there tonight. We'll call the guy and send him there tonight."

"Alright, before that, have him break into the evidence locker in Middleton Police Headquarters and steal the surveillance tapes from the school" Big Mike instructed. "Then after he takes care of Stoppable have him go after Stoppable's bitches. With no video evidence and no witnesses I can get out of here early due to lack of evidence."

"Fucking brilliant man" Brick said laughing. "You got a mind for business."Big Mike laughed and said,

"It runs in the family. Now after we take out Stoppable I can take over this town in his place."

"Yeah! And I can get the bar back!" John said happily.

"Haha! Ron Stoppable is one unlucky son of a bitch!" Brick laughed


Ron woke up with Liz on top of him, both of them still connected at the waist. Yori and Tara were asleep on each side of him, Tara had her head on his shoulder and Ron had his head resting across Yori's chest. Bonnie was lying across Tara's stomach with her arm over Liz, making them all in one big giant heap of tangled bodies. On his bedside nightstand Ron's Donald Duck phone suddenly rang. Ron pulled his arm from underneath Tara's head and answered the phone.

"Hello?" he answered.

"Hi. Ron? It's Jason at Smarty Mart" his manager said on the other side of the line.

"Oh…morning Mr. Sanders" Ron said still feeling groggy. He gently pushed Liz off of him onto Yori, got out of the bed, and walked out of the room to not wake up the girls. "What can I do for you?" he asked as he closed the bedroom door and walked into the kitchen.

"Ron…I'm in a difficult position… we have received an anonymous tip that you and another employee have been moonlighting over at another establishment, one with an 'adult' atmosphere. It is my deepest regret that I must terminate your employment at Smarty Mart" John said.

"You're firing me?" Ron asked aghast.

"I'm afraid so…" Jason said. "According to your 'rules of morality and conduct' clause in your contract, Smarty Mart has the right to fire anyone who has broken Smarty Mart conduct rules. Like working at another secret job or visiting a gentleman's club."

"But John was the one who dragged me there! I didn't know that we were heading over to a strip joint!" Ron said trying to defend himself.

"We know" Jason said. "It turns out that the 'anonymous tip' was from John. When we asked how he knew he said that he saw you there. Basically he shot himself in the foot, so to speak, with that story because I had to fire him as well for going there."

"Well that is a silver lining…I guess" Ron said disappointed.

"I'm sorry Ron; I have to let you go. If headquarters found out that I knew about your breach of contract and I did nothing, I would lose my job too. I'm very sorry…" he said sounding sincere.

"It's fine…" Ron said. "I had to leave Smarty Mart sooner or later."

"If it helps, feel free to add me as a reference on your next job applications. I can always tell your interviewer about the great job you did" Jason said.

"Thanks Jason I appreciate it but I recently acquired a new job as of yesterday" Ron said.

"Oh good!" Jason said. "I'm glad to hear it. I hope you have a pleasant career."

"Thanks Jason, I appreciate it." Ron told him. "Goodbye."

"Goodbye Ron" Jason said as he hung up. No sooner had he hung up did Ron get another call. Ron picked it up and said,


"Ron! What happened?!" Kim shouted. "You were supposed to call me when you got home last night."

"I'm sorry Kim I was just a bit busy" Ron said.

"A bit?" Bonnie said as she stepped out of the bedroom naked and feeling well rested. She stepped up and hugged Ron's waist from behind him and spoke loud enough so Kim could hear him over the phone. "Mmmmmmmm….. I'd say you got very busy last night Ronnie" Bonnie said.

"Is that Kim?" Tara asked as she entered the kitchen. "Tell her I said hi!" Liz and Yori filed into the room last.

"Hi Kim!" Liz shouted so Kim could hear over the phone.

"Is that Liz? She is there too?" Kim asked in shock. "Who else are you gonna share your bed with? Huh Ron?"

"Um…that would be me Possible-san" Yori said speaking up.

"Yori too!?" Kim shouted. "UAAGGH!" Kim shouted aggravated. She hung up right then.

"Oh great. Kim is mad at me again" Ron said.

"Forget about it honey" Tara said. "Let's have breakfast."

"Yeah!" Rufus squeaked. "Breakfast!"

"How was your sleep Ron?" Liz asked.

"Pretty good" Ron said smiling. "I had a pretty good headrest" Ron said looking at the blushing Yori.

"I was deeply honored to have my breasts serve as your pillow" Yori said bowing her head. All the girls went into the bathroom to take a shower as Ron cooked stacks of waffles and pancakes. Ron could hear them from the bathroom as they bathed together.

"Wow, Liz your skin is so smooth" Tara said.

"Oooh, stop it Tara that tickles!" Liz giggled. "Besides you need to have a look at Yori's ass. It's so firm and muscular but still soft and bouncy!"

"Aah! Liz that is embarrassing!" Yori laughed.

"You're all so cute…" Bonnie said. "Who grabbed my ass?"

Ron could every word and became very aroused. He knew if he stayed for them to come and eat he would end up in the bedroom with them and never leave the house.

"Ladies!" Ron called to them in the showers. "I'm going to try and meet up with Kim at Club Banana, and then I'm going to the club to attend the new staff auditions." Ron left the kitchen, leaving Rufus to devour an entire stack of pancakes.


Kim and Monique were gossiping as they both folded clothes.

"Now Liz and his friend Yori have joined in! It's disgusting!" Kim shouted.

"You're jelling" Monique said.

"I'm not!" Kim denied.

"Yes you are" Monique said. "Ron is hanging out with other women, having bare-booty-bed shaking-sex with them…"

"Monique!" Kim interjected.

"…and that bothers you" Monique continued.

"It doesn't matter to me!" Kim denied again.

"He's your best friend. You obviously have some feelings for him if it bothers you so much that he's with bonnie and the others" Monique said. "And I don't blame you. Ron has become a fine piece of man. If I were you I'd be out getting back my man." Monique said.

"He's not my man!" Kim shouted. "I have to go home Monique…I've got to clear my head."

"Alright girl, you go ahead. You call me when you're out of denial" Monique said. Kim gathered her purse and left Club Banana. Ten minutes after Kim left Ron walked into the store.

"Is Kim here?" Ron asked Monique.

"Sorry. You just missed her Ron" Monique answered.

"Can we talk Monique?" Ron asked. "My life is a bit hectic right now and I need to talk to someone."

"Sure" Monique answered. "Seems Kim has noticed too, she is a bit upset right now."

"Yeah, that is mostly my fault" Ron said. "I've been neglecting her and now she is mad."

"In a big way Ron" Monique said. "Kim is just frustrated because you're spending a lot more time with your girlfriends than with her. I think she's jealous."

"I can understand that" Ron said. "What should I do?"

"Well first you have to understand us girls Ron" Monique said. As she continued on how girls liked being pampered and respect at the same time and how women need to be paid attention to, Ron completely zoned out. He was still very aroused from that morning and as Monique bent down to pick up another load of shirts Ron got a perfect view of her luscious, bouncy, heart-shaped backside.

"Ron! Are you listening to me?" Monique said. Monique got dangerously close to Ron's face. "This is why Kim is annoyed! You have to pay attention to-mmph!" Monique's last words were muffled by Ron's lips as he grabbed her and kissed her.

The kiss was unexpected but not unwelcomed. Monique was so startled her basic instincts took over and her hips ground against Ron. Monique was telling the truth when she said to Kim that Ron had become hotter. He had grown more muscles from all his exercise on the football field and had been eating less Beuno Nacho so his break now smelled like the minty gum he chewed. Ron moved to take off Monique's stylish belt that held up her shorts when Monique stopped him.

"Not here…" she said. She took him by the hand and pulled him into a changing room. As she locked the door Ron was behind her running his hands up and down her body. When one of his hands traveled past her navel down to her burning bush Monique gasped and reached a hand behind her and grabbed a fistful of Ron's short blond hair. Ron masterfully unsnapped the latch of Monique's bra and her breasts bounced free of their prison as Ron pulled it out of Monique's top.

As he continued to stroke her between her legs he used his other hand to cup Monique's clothed breast, squeezing it over and over, gradually gripping harder on each squeeze. Monique used her grip on Ron's hair to force his face to hers and kissed him hard. Monique never imagined she would ever be in the changing room with a man behind her feeling her up.

Ron's hand left Monique's breast, eliciting a groan of disappointment from Monique until he ran his hand under the hem of her shirt and lifted it over her head. As soon as her head was free Ron hooked his thumbs in the edges of Monique's shorts and panties and pulled them both down in a single motion.

Ron quickly stripped his clothes and pulled a condom from his wallet, tore it open, and put it on. Monique was so riled up she was about to turn around and attack Ron but he wrapped an arm around her waist from behind and kicked her feet further apart. Monique felt Ron's burning steel-hard-on press against her buttock and she knew exactly what Ron was planning. She placed her hands against the wall of the changing room for support.

Monique felt Ron's erection pushing past her vaginal lips at a torturously slow speed. Every moment another inch pushed further into her until finally Ron could go no further. Monique moaned as Ron's full length filled her. She had only had sex once before but she knew already that this would be even better. Ron withdrew himself and teased Monique by slipped his penis in-between her legs and pressing up against her clit.

Monique was so desperate for more she slid her hands further down the wall and tiptoed back far enough so that only her hands kept her from falling over. Ron grinned because Monique had down exactly as he planned. He gripped Monique's hips and slammed himself into her with full force, making Monique wail in pleasure. Ron was done playing now. Grasping Monique's firm hips, he savagely forced himself back and forth into her. Monique closed her eyes and enjoyed the pressure steadily building within her.

"Hello?" a voice called out in the store. Monique hair stood on end as she realized she hadn't closed the store. "Is anybody there?" The customer called again.

Ron never halted his thrusting and didn't slow down at all. Monique looked back at a grinning Ron and glared at him, but Ron only thrusted deeper and faster, making Monique let out little groans. Monique took a hand off the wall to try and muffle herself but it wasn't effective. She picked her bra up from the floor and stuffed it in her mouth to silence herself.

"Helloooo!" the customer called out again growing annoyed.

"Ron you are such a bastard!" Monique thought. "…but this feels soooo good…" Muffled groans went unheard from outside of the changing room as Ron continued.

Finally the customer left out of frustration. Monique was about to spit her bra out of her mouth to scream at Ron when he lifted her up off her feet and pressed her against the cool changing room wall as he thrusted even harder into her. Monique couldn't think, she could only let out a long continuous set of muffled groans as she let Ron have his way with her.

Monique body was on fire and the mixed sensation of the ice cold wall of the changing room caused an indescribable euphoria. As her breasts pushed against the wall and her climax ensued Monique felt as if Ron was trying to hump her straight through the wall. Inside of her, she could feel Ron's manhood twitch and bulge through the condom, getting hotter and hotter as he himself was about to climax.

Monique finally came as Ron thrusted one final time into her, forcing her burning clitoris against the wall's cool surface and making her climax as Ron held her in the hair against the changing room wall. She had another mini-orgasm as she felt Ron's semen pound at the wall of the condom and pool at the tip.

Ron lifted Monique off his descending erection and placed her on her feet. Monique had to support herself against Ron because her legs had become so jelly like that she could collapse any minute. Ron and Monique continued to kiss as they got dressed.

"I'm sorry, that came out of nowhere" Ron said.

"Don't worry about it" Monique said kissing him again. "I guess this means I'm another girl on your arm huh…another notch on your belt…another hopelessly devoted love slave in your personal harem?" Monique asked. Ron looked at her seriously and said,

"Only if that's what you want." Monique looked slightly disappointed and diverted her gaze.

"If I can't have you to myself…then I guess I am" she said after a minute of silence. She wrapped her arms around Ron in a hug. "Besides, hopelessly devoted love slave does have a ring to it." Monique joked as she ground her hips into Ron.

"I wouldn't call you girls my harem" Ron said. Monique laughed.

"Ron, you have half a dozen girls, myself included, willingly sharing you with each other for their chance to give you pleasure. You have a harem" Monique said. Ron got an ashamed looked on his face. "It's fine Ron" Monique said. "We are fully consenting adults who enjoy your company and the pleasure it brings."

"Well adding another girl to my "harem" doesn't exactly help my situation with Kim" Ron said.

"Don't worry so much about it" Monique assured him. "She will get over it, and if all else fails throw some loving her way and see how that works."

"Make a move on Kim!?" Ron exclaimed.

"Sure! Why not?" asked Monique.

"She's been my best friend since Pre-K, I've never thought of her like that…except maybe one time in a dream I had a few years back…"

"Well there you go! If you can dream it you can do it. You never know" Monique said. "Maybe a good shag is just what the doctor ordered."

"Not the two I'm thinking of" Ron said.

"Kim's parents are out of town and her brothers are having a play date. Go talk with her, however it ends it'll be more productive than avoiding her" Monique advised.

"Yeah…you're right" Ron said. "I'll do it. I'll go talk with her."

"Good" Monique said. She kissed Ron and slipped her phone number into Ron's pocket. "Call me later."


Ron walked up the street to Kim's house thinking about what he is going to say. He could see Kim's car in the driveway from down the street. He walked further towards the house and spotted Kim on the other side of the car, washing it. She wore a baby blue bikini top and shorts cut off at the tops of her thighs. Her long red hair was pulled back in a ponytail and suds covered her entire body. She hadn't noticed Ron yet and bent over at the waist to dip her sponge into the bucket of soapy water. As she bent over Ron could see her thong peek up over her shorts showing Ron the pale cheeks of her arse. Ron had to get her attention before he was too aroused to speak.

"Ahem" he said clearing his throat. Kim turned to look at him. "Hey Kim…" Ron said. Kim angrily threw her sponge into the bucket and crossed her arms, unknowingly pushing her breasts up, arousing Ron even further.

"Well look who finally shows his face" Kim said glaring angrily at Ron. "If it isn't Rudolph Valentino. Or should I call you "The Shiek"?

"Stop it Kim" Ron said. "I came over to talk…"

"Oh? I thought you came to seduce me too" Kim said turning her back.

"No Kim!" Ron exclaimed.

"Oh? I'm no good?" Kim asked getting further annoyed.

"No! It's not that Kim!" Ron said.

"Then what? I'm not pretty enough?" Kim said raising her voice even more. "These not big enough for you?!" Kim shouted cupping her breasts.

"No, it isn't that Kim!" Ron tried to explain. "It's not like I'm really trying to seduce anyone! I can't explain it, at the drop of a hat I'm horny as hell!"

"It's called "puberty" drama king" Kim said snidely.

"No! It's different!" Ron denied. "I feel like a shook up soda can every time I get aroused. If I don't have sex I feel I will pop! The problem is the more sex I have the more sex I need to relieve myself!" Ron said.

"Whatever" Kim said.

"I'm serious!" Ron said. Kim looked at Ron critically for a moment.

"Alright…" Kim said approaching Ron. "Show me…" she demanded as she kissed Ron. Ron was taken back by Kim's sudden forceful kiss. His hands knew what to do though, they went behind Kim and pulled her body close to his. Kim's kisses tasted like spearmint and ice cream. Ron could feel Kim's cold wet body grinding against him as they deepened the kiss. Kim's arms shot up and around Ron's neck.

She crushed her body to Ron's not leaving an inch of space between them, Ron lost his balance and fell back on the hood of the car. Kim jumped on top of him like a wildcat and straddled him on top of the car. Kim looked down at him with a look of pure lust that Ron recognized right away. Kim pulled the hair-band out of her hair and shook her long mane loose. The strands came down in a rain and surrounded Ron's face. That curtain of red hair shielded Ron from the entire world and he could only look up at Kim's flushed face and wonder to himself: "why hadn't he made a move on the beautiful woman before?"

Kim was in a lust filled haze. She was with her best friend in the world, straddling his giant erection, dry humping him and squirming on top of her car in her driveway. She had never fantasized about doing Ron in her driveway but it was a fun idea she thought about indulging in later, but she knew her first time had to be special…

"You know Ron…" Kim said breathing heavily. "My parents aren't home right now. Do you want to go up to my room?"

"yeah" Ron quickly replied as Kim dragged him into her house up to her room. Kim pulled Ron into her room and locked the door behind them. "Why did you lock the door?"

"I don't want to take any chances that someone will bother us" Kim said. She pushed Ron back onto her bed and continued kissing him. Their tongues danced wildly in and out of each other's mouths. Kim moved her hand down to Ron's crouch. "Oooh. Someone is happy" she said smiling at Ron.

"You just need to smile and I'll always be happy Kim" Ron said breathlessly.

"That's good to know Ron" Kim said planting kisses down his neck. "I didn't think my smile alone would get you to take my virginity" she said giving his clothed crotch a hard squeeze.

"I never guessed I would have that honor…" Ron said sitting up on the bed. "Are you serious about this Kim? No second thoughts of any kind?" Kim stood up and walked behind the changing screen in the corner of her room. Ron could see her silhouette through the screen. He saw her drop her bikini top and pull down her shorts and thong. He knew behind the screen Kim was standing there in her perky pink birthday suit.

"No man has ever seen my naked body before Ron…Any time I've gone to the doctor I've made sure it was a woman because the only man I ever wanted to see me naked was you" Kim said. She stepped out from behind the screen and very slowly walked in front of Ron until his face was two feet away from her finely trimmed, landing strip shaped, red patch of pubic hairs. "Do you think I have any second thoughts?"

"Before today…I never knew you had any interest in me like that Kim" Ron said. "If I had known, I would have hoped we could have done this sooner." Ron was burning up. He needed to get some cold water before he threw Kim down and made love to her roughly instead of slow and steady like he had been planning. "Let me use the bathroom first Kim…" Ron said.

"Sure" Kim said turning around and sashaying over to her closet. "That'll give me some time to establish the atmosphere a little bit. Don't take too long now…" she said seductively as he made his way into the bathroom.

Ron turned the cold water on full blast in the sink. He took handfuls of water and splashed his face with it, trying to calm down. He closed the toilet seat lid and sat down. He tried to rationalize and down play the situation in front of him.

"Ok" Ron said taking in a deep breath. "Kim is naked in the next room and wants to have sex. This is fine, this is normal. I mean we've been friends since forever. So why not go a step further and take our clothes off and have sex? Its cool dude it's cool. Kim is a very beautiful woman who wants you to have sex with her. Congratulations my friend! But wait…what if this screws up our relationship? What if we have sex and then it gets all awkward? Oh no…a friendship that's been going on since we've been four years old goes down the drain because of a few hours of hot…steamy…naked Kim" he said trailing off imagining Kim and him having sex. He shook his head and exclaimed, "No! I can't let that happen! Our friendship will not die now! I'm going to march out there and reject her advances and say I can't do it! Ok!"

Ron got up and opened the door. In the time he had been in the bathroom Kim had placed candles all over the room and lit them. Incense burned on her nightstand and her radio played soft love music on her dresser. Kim was still naked and in the middle of her bed, holding up a corner of her bed sheet and patting the side of the bed beside her. Ron couldn't fight it anymore; he was going to have sex with Kim that night.

Ron took off his shirt and dropped his pants. He took out a condom from his wallet and was thankful he had had the sense the previous to refill his wallet with them. He put the condom on and slipped under the sheets of Kim's bed. Kim laid back in the bed and Ron gently climbed on top of her. Ron supported himself up over Kim and positioned himself so his erection was directly over her wet throbbing entrance.

"Kim…we'll go at your pace at first…since this is the first time for you" Ron said. Kim wrapped her arms around his neck and said,

"Tonight is going to be a big night of firsts for me Ron. I'm not letting you leave this bed until you have made love to every inch of my body. Starting with this…" Kim kissed Ron hard on the mouth giving Ron the cue to enter her. He slid into her and in a single gentle thrust causing Kim to break the kiss and gasp at the sudden fullness she felt. "Keep going Ron. Keep going…" Kim said as she wrapped her legs around Ron's waist and held him close.

"I know something you might like" Ron said. Ron rolled over so he was sitting on the mattress with Kim on his waist. "You're in control." Kim sighed happily as she started moving her hips.

"Ron….Ron…" Kim said. "We're…we're making love…we're making love Ron" she cooed as she rocked her hips. "Oooh, this is just like my dream Ron. Candles, music, incense, and us."

"I'm so glad this finally happened Kim" Ron said as he started gyrating his hips underneath Kim. Kim wrapped her arms around Ron's neck and kissed him deeply. Kim's soft tender skin brushed up against Ron's hardened muscles that were covered in a soft mat of blond chest hair.

"We could do this every day Ron…uhhh…just you and me and no one else" Kim said in-between tongue kisses trying to convince Ron. Ron thrusted his hips harder up into Kim making her throw her head back in ecstasy. His hand traced her naked spine upward and fisted in her hair, which he used to force her mouth back to him to for another hot breathed open mouthed tongue kiss. Kim allowed him into her mouth and he took the time to explore every curve and tasted everything he could run his tongue over. He pulled back suddenly and said to her,

"Kim, I love you. You're my best friend." Kim's heart thumped hard in her chest. She thrust her breasts into Ron's chest to show him exactly what his words meant to her. "But I also love Bonnie and Tara and Liz and Yori and Monique…you are all so important to me." Kim felt each of the other girls' names hit her heart like a wooden stake and the pain continued as he further explained why she couldn't have him all to herself. Kim stopped her body movements and turned her head feeling like she was about to cry. Ron had added Monique to his harem as well? Ron didn't stop his body for a second. He kept up thrusting into her from below and made his strokes deeper and deeper. He held her chin in his hand and said,

"You are my family Kim, but they are my family too. I won't abandon any of you. I want you to be by my side forever Kim, along with all of our family. Please be with me" Ron said looking at her with begging eyes. Kim buried her face in Ron's neck and stayed silent.

"How many girls do you plan to add Ron?" Kim asked. "Is your harem going to include every girl in Middleton? The country? The world? When will it end?"

"It ends with you Kim" Ron said. "With you at my side I can handle no more women. Your Kimness is all I need to be complete" he vowed.

"Fine" Kim said wiping away her tears. She slowly began moving her hips again. "I'm yours…" she promised with all her heart. "It's going to be odd waking up in your bed beside Bonnie" Kim joked as she repeatedly kissed Ron's neck up to his chin. "Making love to you at the same exact time along with the others in a large sexually charged mass of squirming bodies. Going on picnics with you, swimming, and cuddling by the fire…giving birth to your children at the same time, nursing our babies side by side…"

Kim vividly imagined all of this in her mind as the thrusts of her hips rocked the bed back and forth in a fast see-saw like movement. "aaahh…watching our family grow larger and larger…" Kim continued. "Seeing your empire reach all over Middleton…gah!" Sweat powered from every pore of their bodies and soaked the bed beneath them.

Ron gently pushed Kim onto her back again and knelt between her opened legs. Kim locked her legs around Ron's waist and dug her nails into his back as he lifted his hips and came down harder and harder each time. Kim gasped at every thrust. She left dozens of kisses of adoration all over Ron's torso as he continued to make love to her.

"This is the happiest I've ever been in my life" Kim whispered to Ron as she was reaching her climax.

"Get used to it" Ron grunted out as he reached his own. "We'll be doing this together until the day we die."

"Thank god" she gasped out as she struck her orgasm in Ron's final thrusts. Ron felt Kim's vaginal muscles spasm in her climax and that sent Ron to the edge as well. Right then he came harder than he had ever had before. Shot after shot of his sperm slammed against the condom wall and completely filled it up, causing it to overflow out of the rubber prison. Kim felt the warm fluid hit her insides as it escaped the condom and gasped at the warm white hot flashes that bombarded her brain with pleasure. "I love you Ron Stoppable" Kim said. "I belong to you…"

"I love you too Kim Possible" Ron gasped out. His exhausted body gave out on him and he collapsed onto Kim's body. Kim loved the weight of her lover on top of her and held him close kissing him lovingly as she passed out. "We'll be together forever now…" Ron said happily.

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