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Nighttime at the Possible house

Ron and Kim sat on Kim's freshly made bed and kissed. Ron broke the kiss and said,

"That is some good-bye kiss K.P." Kim hugged Ron and snuggled into his chest.

"You can have more if you stay Ron…" Kim said giving him the puppy dog pout.

"No, no" Ron said shielding his eyes. "I have to get going, you know I have to meet with my staff."

"I know you have a meeting Ron. I don't want to make you late for your new job" Kim said. Ron had explained to Kim the entire situation. He explained his recent transformation and powers, his relationships with the other girls, how he could slip in and out of detention, and how he came to own a strip club.

"I just want to keep you a little longer until you have to go see those pole dancers and strippers. Give you enough loving to keep your eyes off of those floozies." Kim said looking down. Ron lifted her chin up to look at her and said,

"Kim you gave more than enough. The girls at the club are just employees, and if I didn't have to go we would still be going at it."

"No we wouldn't Ron" Kim said. "We only stopped because you ran out of condoms" Kim said sounding irate. Kim reached down and roughly squeezed his member through his pants. "Maybe if you didn't have that little tramp Christina working at your club you would have one more condom available in your wallet."

"Ow! Easy Kim easy!" Ron said starting to feel the pain. "I promise you, I won't have sex with anymore employees. I swear!"

"I'm more aggravated that you ran out of condoms when you were with me than the fact that you had sex with her" Kim admitted biting her lip. Ron pulled Kim into another kiss.

"I promise Kim" Ron vowed. "I won't have sex with any of the girls at the club. I gotta go."

"Alright…" Kim said groaning. "Have a nice day at work…not too nice though"

"I promise! I promise!" Ron said. "Your parents are out of town till tomorrow night right? Why don't you come to my apartment, after work I'll stop by a convenience store and pick up a few boxes of condoms, then I'll come home and we can pick up where we left off."

"That sounds great" Kim said grinning.

"Good. I'll see you when I get off of work" Ron said. He gave Kim a playful pinch as he exited her room.

"Oooh! Ron!" Kim exclaimed in mock anger.

"See you tonight!" Ron called as he exited the house and began his walk downtown.

"I guess I can't be mad at him for attracting the other girls…" Kim thought to herself. She stripped down her clothes and put on some sexy lingerie she had been keeping in her closet for the day she met her special man. When she bought it she had no idea she was going to be wearing it for her best friend Ron. She slipped it on, put her clean clothes back on, and went down stairs.

"Hi Kim!" Mrs. Possible said as she walked through the door with her husband.

"Mom! Dad!" Kim said in surprise. "I thought you weren't coming home until tomorrow…"

"Well the scientific exhibition let out early because half of the experiments and inventions mysteriously disappeared" Mrs. Possible said putting her bags down on the floor. "What's the matter hon? You look startled. Is there something wrong?"

"No nothing's wrong mom, just didn't expect you home so soon or I would have cleaned up some more" Kim said. In secret she had done a lot of cleaning up after her hot night with Ron. They had made love in almost every room in the house except for her parents' room and her brothers' room, which they decided they would leave alone to respect their privacy. After they were done they cleaned everything, much to Kim's relief, until there was no visible evidence left of their hours of passion.

"I'll put away our luggage dear" Mr. Possible said as he carried their suitcases up the staircase.

"Alright, I'm going to take a shower" Mrs. Possible said. Kim's mother went upstairs to the bathroom and turned the hot water on. Kim called to her parents,

"Mom, Dad! My friends invited me to spend the night with them. Is that alright with you?"

"It's fine with me Kimmie-cub. Ask your mother though!" her dad called down from his bedroom.

"Mom!?" Kim called to her mother.

"Kim…" Mrs. Possible shouted. "Could you come in her please?" Kim went up the stairs and into the bathroom where her mother stood by the running shower, fully clothed.

"What's up mom?" Kim asked.

"Did you have fun while your father and I were gone?" her mother asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Um…yeah" Kim said nervously. "Just a quiet uneventful couple of days" Kim lied. Mrs. Possible turned her head to the shower door and held her hand up to the steamy door. On the shower door there was an imprint of Kim's naked body against the door, only visible with the steam of the shower. Kim felt her face flush as her mother confronted her with the evidence of her and Ron's lovemaking in the shower from a few hours before.

"Uh-huh" Kim's mother said as she crossed her arms. "Uneventful huh?"

"I uh…tripped in the shower" Kim fibbed further.

"I might have believed that but your hand is now-where near as big as this print on the door" Mrs. Possible said pointing to Ron's handprint. "From the looks of things you had a very exciting couple of days without us Kimmie."

Kim sighed, bowed her head, and sat herself on top of the covered toilet seat.

"It was a spectacular day mom…" Kim said smiling.

"Spill, I want the details" Mrs. Possible said leaning against the sink. "Who is this new beau in my daughter's life?" Kim sat in silence for a moment and then uttered,

"…Ron…" Her mom stood straight up in surprise and exclaimed,

"Ron! Oh my goodness!" she said giddily. "I thought the two of you might get together one day. I can't believe it, my little Kimmie and Ron Stoppable are an item!"

"We are a bit more than an item…" Kim said motioning to the shower door. Her mother looked back at the door and then to her and said,

"That reminds me" Kim's mother walked over to her to Kim and knelt beside her. "Are you and Ronald…being safe?" her mother asked.

"Of course mom!" Kim said.

"I just want to make sure Kimmie" her mother said. "I'm not really worried about the two of you contracting diseases from each other but I need to make sure you knew about…birth control."

"Yes mom" Kim said taking her mother's hands in her own. "Ron and I are being responsible."

"Good, that is all I wanted to know" her mother said. "I don't want to see my grandchildren running around until after you have graduated from college."

"Oh mom" Kim said blushing, imagining what her and Ron's babies would look like.

"Can I assume this 'sleepover' is with Ron too?" Mrs. Possible asked smirking.

"Yes…" Kim said blushing deeper. Her mother gave Kim a big hug and kissed her cheek.

"Its fine with me if you go, just remember to be safe" her mother told her. Kim smiled at her mother and hugged her back.

"Are you going to tell dad about the…" Kim said gesturing to the shower.

"No, at least I won't tell him that" her mom said. "I will tell him you and Ronald are going out but not till after you get back."

"Thanks mom, you rock" Kim said as she left for her room to back an overnight bag. Mrs. Possible lingered behind to rub off the imprint of Ron's and her daughter's bodies.

"Wow" Mrs. Possible said aloud to herself as she looked down at the imprint of Ron's pelvis. "You've really grown up Ronald."

Kim drove over to Ron's apartment, went up the stairs, and knocked on Ron's door. Bonnie answered the door wearing only a long white towel.

"Hey Kim" Bonnie said cheerfully. "Here to poop on the party?"

"Um no I'm here to join…" Kim said holding up her bag of clothes. Bonnie face lit up and she hugged Kim suddenly.

"Oh my God I can't believe it took you this long!" Bonnie said as she took Kim by the hand and pulled her inside and shut the door. "You're just in time actually Kim. Monique was just getting to know the rest of us in a more…biblical sense." Bonnie said as she dropped her towel and proudly walked her naked form into the bathroom where all the girls were in the Jacuzzi tub. Kim stood at the bottom of the stair leading into the bathroom and stared in admiration of Bonnie's tattoo on the small of her back.

Kim peeked inside the bathroom and saw Bonnie joining the other girls in the hot tub as they kissed and caressed the wet naked body of Monique. She watched as her best female friend forever moaned and gasped as the girls ran their hands over her, leaving not a single inch of her skin unattended.

Kim watched as Bonnie stepped towards the mass of female bodies, took Monique's face in her hands and stuck her tongue into Monique's gasping mouth. As Monique and Bonnie tasted each other, Kim saw Yori's head nestled between Monique's spread legs. Even with her back turned she could tell Yori was expertly using her tongue the way Monique thrusted her hips into Yori's face. Liz and Tara each had one of Monique's milk chocolate nipples in their mouths and they sucked and lathered them as they used their hands to stroke the rest of Monique's body.

Kim watched her longtime friend writhe and moan in bliss. Kim felt her own breathing get hard as she imagined herself in Monique's spot. She had never considered a lesbian experience before then, but just watching her friend's face made her consider the possibility. Just as Kim was entering her own erotic fantasy Monique groaned in satisfaction and let her body go limp in the hot tub.

When Yori was done cleaning Monique, she ran her tongue up Monique's body from her thighs, to her abs, past her navel, between her breasts, and finally up to Monique's mouth to kiss her deep. As Yori and Monique fought for control of the other's mouth, swirling their tongues around on another, Tara, Liz, and Bonnie got out of the tub to greet their new lover. Liz with no apparent shyness walked up and hugged Kim close to her wet naked body.

"I'm so happy to see you Kim!" Liz said.

"Yeah…it's great to be here…with all of you…naked" Kim said feeling a twinge of jealously knowing each of these girls had already had sex with Ron. "I hope we all get along well with each other…" Kim said not really having anything to say. Tara and Bonnie joined Liz and surrounded Kim in a group hug.

"Being here has really opened my mind to new things Kim" Tara said happily. "We hope you'll open your mind too…and your mouth" Tara said as she caught Kim in a surprise kiss. Kim was startled at her long time friend's forwardness but more surprised that she was reacting so much from it. Kim wrapped her arms around her blond friend's neck and kissed her back. Kim couldn't feel Liz and Bonnie lifting her and Tara onto the enormous bed in Ron's room. She didn't feel Liz and Bonnie stripping her butt naked on the bed. All she could feel were Tara's marshmellow lips meshing with her own.

Tara never stopped kissing her as Liz took Kim's hands and pulled them behind her back. Simultaneously Bonnie pulled a pair of fuzzy pink handcuffs from her overnight bag and as Liz held Kim's wrists Bonnie clicked the handcuffs over Kim's wrists.

"Huh…w-wha?" Kim asked momentarily breaking the kiss. Tara muffled her by capturing her mouth.

"Don't worry Kim" Bonnie said with a giggle. "This is a trust exercise. Trust us, and we'll make you feel gooooood" Bonnie said with a sexy purr. Liz left the room and reemerged with several cans of whipped cream, a bottle of cherries, and a chocolate syrup container. Yori and Monique came to the bed and stood with the other girls as each one of them grabbed a can of whipped cream.

"You ready girls?" Tara asked. "Let's make a Kim Possible sundae…" All the girls began spraying Kim all over her naked body. Kim moaned at the cool sensations of her friends laying down lines of whipped cream all over.

"Oh look" Liz said. "Kim looks pretty hungry herself…she needs something to snack on too." Liz took her can and sprayed a small hill of cream between Yori's thighs and topped it off with a cherry. Without a word the other girls lifted up Yori and sat her down directly onto Kim's mouth. Kim felt the cream against her face and the bare skin beneath it. Even as Yori sat on her face Kim still had direct eye contact with Yori and could see her foreign friend with her head thrown back in pleasure. Yori looked down at her friend to see Kim resign her old world view, close her eyes, and begin lapping away at Yori's sex.

"Ahnnnaaa…whooooo…Possible-san…" Yori moaned as she started to gently rock her hips.

Meanwhile the other ladies were finishing their work. Kim was now completely covered in frosting with a trail of cherries leading from her nipples down to the valley of her navel.

"Ok girls" Monique said licking her lips. "Dig in". The others needed no further instructions. They ran their tongues over Kim's naked body lapping up the lines of whipped cream they had drawn all over their friend's skin. Kim could barely concentrate on pleasing Yori, every moment Kim felt another tongue flicking her nipple or running past her navel, driving her mad. Kim struggled to free her hands and use them to pleasure her sisters but with Yori's weight Kim was at the mercy of the sex hungry nymphs around her.

"Hmmmmm-mmmmmm" Bonnie moaned as she used her tongue to dig the remaining cream out of Kim's navel. "Best sundae ever, but the night isn't over yet Kim…" Bonnie promised lowering her face to Kim's vaginal lips. "We're just getting started" she laughed as she licked at Kim's clit and sucked it between her lips like a seed. Kim gasped underneath Yori making Kim take more of her mound into her mouth as Bonnie continued below.

The other girls joined in on the game to slowly torture Kim. The kissed her every body part, ran silken hands down her waist, groped and fondled at her breasts as if they were trying to milk her, and squeezed her butt cheeks in a vice grip. Kim bucked her hips in approval and enjoyed the feeling of utter helplessness at the hands of her friends, her sisters, her lovers. She had no idea surrendering all control of her body would feel so incredible and thanked her lucky stars she had fallen into her relationship with Ron and all of his seduced followers.

Kim felt the familiar pressure building up in her body as Bonnie masterfully prodded her inner walls and scraped her nails on their soft skin. She was at Bonnie's mercy and Kim new she would make her first experience with all of the girls feel climatic.

"It looks like you're liking this Kim, we're gonna have to do list a lot more in the future…" Bonnie said keeping Kim at the edge of her orgasm. "You're ready to blow any second Kim…I could be mean and force you to hold off but I'm gonna be nice…time to come Kim…" Bonnie commanded sticking her fingers inside of Kim. Just as Kim felt her body shaking and seizure Yori achieved her own release and came all over Kim's face, making Kim feel an even deeper hotter thrill shoot through her making her orgasm increasingly more powerful.

Kim now laid back in the pile of female flesh as Liz and Tara cleaned Kim's face. Yori propped herself up on her elbow and smiled at Kim.

"Did you fully enjoy yourself Possible-san?" the beautiful ninja girl asked. Kim barely had the strength to shift her glance in Yori's direction. Kim said,

"What has Ron done to you girls…he needs to give me some too…" she said letting her head fall back on the pillow exhausted. Monique laughed and said in a pleased sexy tone,

"Told you Ronman had some magic. That boy is gonna be busy for the rest of his life pleasing the six of us"

The phone beside Ron's bed rang out. Liz picked up the phone and sleepily said,

"Hello?" As the phone called passed a full minute Liz's face twisted and contorted into a look of shock and fear. "Y-yes! We'll be right down there!" Liz said suddenly hanging up the phone. Liz shot out of the bed and looked around for her clothes.

"What's happened?" Tara asked noticing the horrified expression on Liz's face.

"Ron's was shot!" Liz cried. "He's in intensive care at the hospital!" The other girls instantly forgot their exhaustion and scrambled around the house in a panic looking for their clothes so they could get down to the hospital as soon as possible.

"No…no not now!" Kim thought to herself. "Not after I finally gave my heart to you! Don't die Ron!" Bonnie and Kim both grabbed the keys to their cars and all the girls raced down the staircase to the vehicles. They buckled themselves in and held on tight as Kim and Bonnie slammed on the accelerators speeding them towards the Middleton Hospital.

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