This poem was supposed to be written when Edward decided that he had to leave Bella so that she could have that normal human life he thought she was missing because of him. Hope you guys like it even though the poem is pretty short!

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Isabella Swan (Bella) and Edward Cullen.

His Thoughts:

Dark Romance,
To take a bite of the forbidden fruit,
A passionate love that binds two,
To take the risk of leaving all.

Dark Romance,
A sacrifice in life or death,
To sense the adrenaline pulsing through your veins,
The excitement and the fear.

Dark Romance,
To see through all the lies,
The embraces and gestures,
To feel the texture of your lips.

Dark Romance,
To sacrifice everything that you believe in,
To open your heart and find the love within,
To lock away the monster within.

Dark Romance,
The courage and over protectiveness,
To vow that you will cause no harm to the other,
To know when it is the time to leave.

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