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1. The Stern Ojyou-sama


I rose up as I heard my name being called,

"Akiko-sama, wake up now please!"

I sat on my bed and saw it was Kyouko-san, our maid, who has disturbed me from my sleep. I glared at her,

"Your glare doesn't affect me at all, Akiko-sama, I always encounter your glare since you were young, and aside from which, I've been in this Mansion even before you were born,"

I sighed in frustration and got up, going inside the comfort room, where I was greeted by a cold shower, which really woke me up. I went to my changing room after the shower. I raised an eyebrow, seeing my clothes, which were composed of a necktie, coat, slacks and a long-sleeved polo,

"Kyouko-san, why is this uniform of mine composed of necktie, coat, slacks and a long-sleeved polo?" I questioned,

"It seems they interchanged your uniform, Akiko-sama." I heard Kyouko-san chuckle after hearing my complaint,

Anyways, I wore it since I had no choice at all and went to the dining room,

"Ohayo gozaimasu ojyou-sama," I was greeted with the usual long line of maids and chefs,

"Ohayo gozaimasu." I greeted back and sat down on the table, "Itadakimasu."

"Akiko-sama, your parents and Ojii-sama would like to send their regards and best wishes on your first day of school, and your Otou-sama would really love if you reconsider your decision to stay in the Mansion #2." Jun-san, the butler, said,

I sipped on my cappuccino and replied in monotone, "Tell Otou-sama that I won't change my decision at all. And second, tell Ojii-sama, Okaa-sama and Otou-sama that I wish all the best for their day and I would rather want to see them with a good day, but thanks for their wishes."

"Right away as you wish Ojyou-sama. Sumimasen," he said and I sipped unto my cappuccino again.

"Namikawa Akiko, you shall be in Class 2-A, right?" asked a man in his 40's,

I glanced on his name plate on his table,

"Hai Suoh-san."

"Great. I have my son on the same class as well, so I wish that you would get along as well."

"Sou ka desu," and I faked a smile before I heard a knock and I saw a bespectacled boy went in,


"Ah, Ootori-kun, this is Namikawa-kun. Please guide her throughout the day. Although, she would be reporting tomorrow since I want her to more familiarize with the environment in Ouran. Is that OK, Ootori-kun?"

"Of course, Suoh-san." he said, while, faking a smile, "So, shall we, Namikawa-san?"

"That would be most appealing Ootori-san." I replied, countering with a fake smile,

"Until then, Namikawa-kun, Ootori-kun,"

"So long," I replied, bowing down and I left with the bespectacled boy,

"Namikawa-san, you're a girl, right?" he started with a monotonous voice,

"Nice observation Ootori-san."

"No big deal. Namikawa Akiko, heiress to the Namikawa group, has no siblings, and just transferred from St. Lobelia's." he said,

I turned around with a smirk,

"Nice information you gathered there, Ootori-san. But then, I also have my sources," I replied, bringing out my cellphone,

"Ootori Kyouya, 3rd son of Ootori Yoshio, has 3 siblings, youngest among the 4. Top student of the 4th year. And err, Vice-President of the Ouran High School Host Club. Aside from which, best friend of this Suoh Tamaki." I said, reading out all the information I could gather from my sources. He smirked,

"Nice sources, I suppose. Well then, this is Library #1." he said,

I nodded, "Library #2 over there, and Library #3 as well." He pointed the doors,

I nodded while I took note of which room is which.

"The 1st Music Room over there, the 2nd Music Room over there," he paused, I looked at him, "And the 3rd Music Room." He continued,

I wonder why paused before pointing the 3rd Music Room. It must be something for him to pause. Might as well, go there after I familiarize with this very big campus. Much larger than St. Lobelia's. Wow.

"...the gardens. Namikawa-chan?"

"Eh? I'm sorry. But I didn't catch on what you said a while ago. I was thinking about something. I'm sorry." I apologized,

"I see. Well then, since you're busy with thinking on something, I suppose I can leave you."

Is he teasing me?

"Wait! Don't! Don't leave me just for this day. I'm not really good with directions especially since I don't really know which room is which!" I replied,

"So, the stern heiress is pleading? Rare to see." he chuckled,

"Fine! Then don't help me at all! But it would be your fault if I get lost or such!" I replied as I turned my back and started walking,

Wait a minute. Why isn't he stopping me at all! Argh! That's it! I'm leaving. I looked back and saw that he was gone. Screw him. Probably he left me all alone, and moreover, it's almost lunch time and I don't know which way is which and I'm stuck with this maze. Where am I going to turn now. Which way is which! Where am I going to end up now?

Kyouya's POV

I wonder where is she now. I thought she was just going to be fine and she'll be finding her way, out of the gardens. I glanced at the garden, looking for her. And I saw a wall made of leaves. Shoot. She can't be in the Maze. Tsk. Better go in and look for her.

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