By: Maraluch

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This is a full length novel (100,00 words+) which was painstakingly typed out from a mile-high stack of handwritten notebooks. This is the final revised version. I've taken the past year to tweak a number of things which annoyed the crap out of me. I hope you enjoy the changes, if you read it the first time it was posted here on FF.

Chapter One


The Prince of San Francisco leaned back into his chair and cocked his head. His voice was even and betrayed none of the turmoil he felt for the man in front of him. "Well, where does this woman live?"

His own voice soft under the Prince's eye, Daedalus answered, "On the Westside." The Nosferatu's mind stumbled and he blurted, "Julian, I want to be the one to introduce her to Kindred. Your Embrace would give her the things all Nosferatu long for: the ability to walk among mortals and in sunlight. But I want her to know the Nosferatu Clan best. She is too beautiful to hide in darkness."

Once again reminded of his friend's endless admiration for beauty, Julian's retort was amused. "Old man, I'm already convinced you're enthralled with her. If she accepts then I will offer my own blood to her. I understand your reasons for coming to me. But you surely must understand if I am reluctant to let you show yourself to her."

"This isn't like Elaine. She isn't like Elaine. She's..." he sighed. "She's an artist of a different sort. And her mind is open. She's hungry for knowledge the way we thirst for blood. She'd make a good Childe to you."

Julian blinked at this admission. "And yet you want her for yourself." The statement was blunt. Not hurtful, but just to make them both aware of the possibility of future disagreement.


Julian reached forward and pushed a button on the desk. "Have Jeffrey bring the car to the front." Receiving the Gangrel guard's affirmative reply, he returned his gaze to the Nosferatu Primogen before standing. "You know that I wish for your happiness more than anything. I hope that this is the one."

"Yes, I know. The constant parade of women in your bed has finally turned me into a jealous monster."

Stopping halfway to the door of his study, Julian Luna turned with a start. Failing to keep his composure, the laughter burst from him. "Daedalus."

"Yes, my Prince." Daedalus' dark green eyes glittered.

"Get in the car." The Ventrue was still attempting to control his mirth as they climbed into the darkly tinted car.