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Naruto stared up at Sasuke unable to believe that the jerk and taken those senbon needles for him. In a shocked, quiet voice Naruto softly said, "Why? I didn't ask you to protect me."

Sasuke fell on his knees next to Naruto and hoarsely whispered, "I can't believe that I'd die to protect you loser. My brother, I never got to kill him for what he did to my family." With that, Sasuke closed his eyes and apparently died in front of Naruto.

This sight shocked Naruto to his core. He just couldn't wrap his mind around the idea that Sasuke could be day. Ever since Naruto had first met Sasuke in the academy he had disliked the other boy. It was always Sasuke who everyone praised, it was always Sasuke who everyone wanted to be friends with, and it was Sasuke that the teachers would always help out. Meanwhile, he was always ignored, he was the one no one wanted to be around, and he was the one that most of the instructors would dismiss as a hopeless case. And yet, Sasuke was the closest thing Naruto had to a friend. The thought of Sasuke dying to save him was just too much for Naruto to bear.

Naruto threw back his head and let out a primal scream of agony and loss. He poured his whole heart and soul into grief cry when suddenly, something within the young boy snapped. A tremendous desire to kill filled Naruto and drove out all rational thought within him. The blond ninja quickly snapped his head back and opened his eyes to look at Haku. Instead of there usual blue, Naruto's eyes were now solid grey with three black rings around his pupils.

Haku unconsciously took a step backwards when he saw Naruto's eyes. It was obvious that Naruto had just unlocked a bloodline. However, Zabuza's apprentice didn't have a clue as to what Naruto's bloodline was or what it did. At least with Sasuke's Sharingain Haku knew what to expect. That bloodline's abilities were known by ninjas everywhere. What Naruto was going to do, or could do, were simply impossible for Haku to predict.

Without warning, Naruto charged bare fisted at Haku. If things had been normal Haku would have been able to doge Naruto's attacks. However, shock of an unknown bloodline limit suddenly appearing and the hateful look on Naruto's face froze Haku in his tracks. Naruto's fists quickly connected with Haku's body and started beating the boy like a punching bag. One of Naruto's punches landed squarely on the hunter's mask and shattered it.

The sight of Haku's face with his bloody lips immediately froze Naruto as his sanity returned. "It's you," Naruto whispered as he tried to come to grips with the situation. "You're the one who was picking herbs before. Why, why are you doing this?"

Haku looked up at Naruto and softly replied, "Zabuza is my precious person. He saved me and took me in. I would do anything I can to help him. I am his tool. However, I failed him because I couldn't kill my heart." Before Naruto could ask Haku what he meant by that, everyone heard the sound of chirping birds. The ice user looked up at Naruto and said, "Goodbye Naruto. Maybe in another life we could have been friends." Haku then created an ice mirror and jumped into it.

Naruto was completely baffled by Haku's actions for a second and then realization dawned on him. The former blue eyed boy whipped his head over to where Kakashi and Zabuza were fighting and saw Haku take a hit in the chest for Zabuza. Naruto watched in shock as Kakashi removed his hand from Haku's chest and the ice user collapsed onto the bridge. Why was this happening? Why were the people that he was closest to getting hurt? Why wasn't there something, anything he could do to help Haku?

Several feet away from Naruto, Sakura was desperately looking into the fog trying to see what was going on. At first Sakura could only see that someone was standing and that someone was lying on the ground. Her heart immediately broke when she saw that the figure standing had blond hair. Why wasn't Sasuke up? Suddenly, a blue spectral figure leaped out of Naruto and flew over to Haku. The only question on Sakura's mind was what was going on?

"What the hell? Where am I?!" Naruto didn't care about his language as he tried to figure out what was going on. One moment he was the bridge and then the next moment he was in this strange cavern that was full of white smoke. This whole experience didn't make any sense to Naruto. His eyes then light up as he remembered Iruka's academy lectures on genjutsus. Obviously, this cavern had to be a genjutsu. Now, if only Naruto could remember how to dispel genjutsus.

As Naruto was trying to remember, a shadowy figure stepped out of the mist. Naruto couldn't see anything about the person except for his outline and his eyes. It was the figures eyes that really grabbed Naruto's attention. They were solid grey with black circles. With false bravado, Naruto shouted out, "Who do you think you are? End this genjutsu now!"

The phantom figure let out a harsh chuckle and then said, "You've got guts kid I'll give you that. However, you're in no position to be making demands, so just shut up and listen! I'm only going to tell you these things once and after that you'll be on your own. You're lucky that Buddha owes me one or otherwise you'd be left out in the cold."

"Now then," the figure continued on, "I don't care who you are or what you're called. All that matters is that you are, as unbelievable as it is my heir. I am the Rokudou Sennin, the person who discovered how to use chakra in ninjutsu and the guy who you ninjas consider to be the first shinobi. A few minutes ago, you activated my bloodline limit the Rinnigan. If you start jumping up and down like a moron over this I will leave you here high and dry." That stopped any outburst from Naruto over the news that he had a bloodline.

The Rokudou Sennin then moved closer to Naruto so that they were staring strait into each other's eyes While still shrouded, he said, "My bloodline has two versions: the wheel of creation and the wheel of destruction. Both versions are almost indistinguishable from each other in what there abilities and there is no way for someone to tell which wheel a person possesses. The wheel of creation focuses on the transmigration aspects of the Rinnigan, while the wheel of destruction focuses on the external aspects of the Rinnigan. Neither wheel will be able to completely match the other in the control of certain aspects. The thing that decides which wheel you possess is what you do when you first awaken your bloodline. If you're able to control your rage without killing whoever caused you to awaken then you've got the wheel of creation. If you kill the person, then you've got the wheel of destruction. Just in case you haven't caught on yet, that means that you've got the wheel of creation version of the Rinnigan."

Naruto nodded his head paying attention to everything that the Rokudou Sennin was saying. He then looked and his ancestor and asked, "Okay, I get that I've got this wheel of creation version of the Rinnigan. However, what do you mean by transmigration verses external?"

A small, harsh chuckle came from the Rokudou Sennin's shade and then he answered Naruto. "At least you're asking reasonable questions brat. The transmigration of our bloodline means that you'll be able to gain extra bodies and control them. You can have a max of six total bodies, one for each realm. The bodies assigned to a realm will receive special abilities for their realm. Also, you'll have all the sensory data that your bodies collect. Unlike someone with the wheel of destruction, you'll be able to assimilate living bodies near death. This means that you'll have to put up with the minds of the original people you assimilate talking to you in the back of you head. But, it also means that you'll be able to fully wield those people's abilities and you won't have to constantly be sending your chakra to keep the bodies alive. I'm not about to explain the external aspects since you can find out about those in the legends about me. Besides, it will take you a long time to just master transmigration."

Naruto wasn't quite sure what to make of his bloodline. On the one hand, it seemed to be very powerful. But on the other hand, taking over other people's bodies was pretty creepy. In a low voice Naruto asked, "How do I assimilate someone?"

Instantly the Rokudou Sennin broke out laughing and said, "It's all natural kid. In fact, you've already assimilated that other brat you were fighting when you activated your bloodline. As soon as I leave you'll absorb everything the other brat knows and you'll instinctively assign the realms. Just a friendly notice, the first time you assimilate someone you get a headache that hurts like a bitch."

As soon as the Rokudou Sennin said that, he vanished into the mists. Naruto was immediately assaulted by Haku's memories. He relieved every moment of Haku's life from the moment of the ice user's birth to the present. The Rokudou Sennin hadn't been lying because the process was extremely painful. Once it was all over Naruto had a better idea of just who and what he now was.

Back in the real world, Kakashi and Zabuza were staring at Haku's unconscious form. Their attention was drawn to the boy's chidori wound which was healing at an inhuman rate. This impossible sight was shocking enough that it freaked out the two highly trained ninjas.

Suddenly, this interlude was interrupted by the arrival of Gato and his mercenary forces. The crime lord sneered and said, "Some demon. You couldn't even take care of these ninjas. Well, at least you've weakened them for my men. Take care of them men and whoever brings me Zabuza's head gets first pick of the village women."

Kakashi turned to his former enemy and calmly said, "Well it looks you're out of a contract Zabuza. Want to help me out?" As an experienced ninja, Kakashi was very familiar with the idea of an enemy becoming an ally and vice versa very quickly. Zabuza was also familiar with this concept and quickly nodded his head. The two jonins were slipping into defensive stances when their senses alerted them to a strange chakra filling the area. Even the mercenaries, who had never been trained to detect chakra, could tell that something was about to happen.

Naruto and Haku both stood up when this chakra reached its peak and they opened their eyes revealing the Rinnigan. Naruto started walking towards Kakashi and Zabuza while looking at the mass of mercenaries. In a voice filled with cold rage Naruto called out. "I am Naruto of the Deva Realm." Haku immediately followed Deva Naruto by saying, "I am Naruto of the Hell Realm. Both Deva Naruto and Hell Naruto then shouted out, "Leave this place or face our wrath!"

Unfortunately for the mercenaries, they had no clue about what they were facing. One of the mercenaries even laughed and shouted out, "Hey what do you freaks think you going to be able to do? Creep us to death?"

This was definitely the wrong thing to say and Deva Naruto's eyes narrowed. He then raised his right hand and said, "You've sealed your fates DIVINE JUDGEMENT!" Instantly the gravitational wave shot out from Naruto and raced towards the mercenaries. The attack quickly caught the mercenaries and knocked them down. Many of the thugs were actually sent into the air from the force of the attack. Unfortunately, that one attack used up almost all of the chakra reserves in Naruto's Deva body. Naruto made a mental note to start seriously training his Deva body in the various chakra control exercises that he had absorbed from Haku.

Since his Deva body couldn't continue on, Naruto decided to attack with his Hell body. Hell Naruto quickly performed the handsigns for the demonic ice mirrors. One mirror formed in front of Hell Naruto and another formed in front of Gato. As soon as the mirrors formed, the ice wielding body jump into the mirror and appeared in front of Gato. He then lifted the crime lord off the ground and said, "Why have you caused all of this suffering?"

Gato's attention wasn't on the young man questioning him. Rather, it was on the horrible spectral form that had suddenly appeared behind Naruto with the kanji for king on its forehead. That hellish creature scared Gato to his core as it seemed to convey the message that he'd better answer Naruto. In a nervous voice Gato answered. "I, I did it for the money! I wanted to be rich. That's more important than a few measly villagers who never would have amounted to much anyway."

That was the worst possible thing Gato could have said to Naruto. Both Naruto's and Haku's lives had been extremely difficult due to circumstances beyond their control. The combined experiences had made Naruto very protective of those who were down on their luck. Hearing Gato so casually dismiss the people of Wave's suffering pushed Naruto's rage over the edge. In a cold voice, Hell Naruto whispered to Gato, "You have been judged and found lacking." The phantom figured behind Naruto opened its monstrous mouth. Gato's soul was then forced out his body and devoured by the hell summon.

Naruto dropped Gato's lifeless body and looked at the terrified mercenaries before him. There was almost no way he could beat them all at moment since both of his bodies had used up all of their chakra. Still, that didn't mean that the mercenaries would know that they could be him. Naruto had his hell body muster as much hatred and killing intent as he could and then shouted out at the mercenaries. "I'll give you this one chance to live: leave and never return to Wave. If you do not accept my gift I will cast all of your souls into hell like just did to Gato."

Mercenaries typically were the scum of the earth. Many would kill, rape, and pillage without a second thought. However, these lowlifes possessed a keen survival instinct and right now it was screaming at them to get out of doge. As soon as Naruto mentioned sending their souls to hell the bandits ran away.

Kakashi, Zabuza, Sakura, and Tanzuna looked on at the scene in shock. What they had just witnessed didn't make any sense to them. Haku had been dying before he had suddenly started healing. What did Naruto and Haku mean by Naruto of the Deva Realm and Naruto of the Hell Realm? Both Kakashi and Zabuza knew that those phrases meant something important. However, neither of them could remember what was so significant about those words. Zabuza looked at Hell Naruto and asked, "Haku, what's going on?"

Deva Naruto quickly spoke up. "Haku, at least as you knew him Zabuza doesn't exist anymore. He was dying from Kakashi's chidori." Hell Naruto then took over, "The Rinnigan allows me to fuse with dying warriors. All that Haku was or ever will be is now apart of me." Switching back to his Deva body, Naruto continued on. "Haku's soul now rests within me granting him life as long as I live. Unfortunately, I don't have enough skill with my bloodline to allow his spirit to come forth yet, if I'll ever be able to do so." Hell Naruto then finished things off. "I just want you to know Zabuza, Haku loved you like a son."

Tears started to well up in Zabuza as he listened to Naruto talk. Despite his usual actions, the Demon of the Mist had loved Haku as if the boy was his son. Seeing Haku's body with the Rinnigan was just too much for the fearsome man to take. At the same time, Kakashi's hairs went on end as he gazed at both of Naruto's bodies. Minato had told Kakashi and the rest of his genin team about the fabled Rinnigan. The Yondaime had even claimed that Jiraiya had even seen the illusive bloodline. At the time, Kakashi had dismissed Minato's tales as campfire stories to amuse Obito and Rin. However, now he was staring at direct proof that the bloodline existed. One thing was for sure, things were never going to be the same for Team 7 ever again.

An hour later Team 7 and Tazuna were back at the bridge builder's house. Zabuza hadn't stuck around for long claiming that it was just too painful seeing Haku's body and knowing that Haku wasn't there. Sakura had been confused about why Kakashi had simply let Zabuza leave until he explained that there wasn't any reason for them to fight the missing ninja.

Sasuke's awakening had been interesting. Naruto had been carrying the boy back to the house with his Deva body when Haku's attack wore off. The Uchiha had taken one look at Hell Naruto and imminently tried to attack him. Kakashi had quickly stepped in and ordered Sasuke to stand down until the situation could be explained.

Once every one was inside, Sakura looked at the two Naruto bodies and then at Kakashi. In a nervous and curious tone she asked, "Uh Kakashi? What's going on with Naruto and why are he and that other boy both claiming to be Naruto?"

Kakashi sighed and said, "It appears that Naruto has awakened the Rinnigan bloodline. This bloodline was said to have first been wielded by the Rokudou Sennin, the first shinobi. I never paid much attention to the legends surrounding the Rokudou Sennin or the Rinnigan since I thought they were just myths. Obviously, that's not the case. According to what my sensei told me, one of the powers of the Rinnigan was the ability to migrate the soul through different incarnations. I think that means that Naruto can possess different bodies. Any comments Naruto?"

Deva Naruto nodded his head and replied, "Pretty close Kakashi. However, I didn't really possess Haku so much as I absorbed who he was. I've got all of his memory, skills, and experience. However, I still have to learn how to fully use everything I learned from him. Also, I need to train my original body in chakra control and get use to the double senses. I know which body is sensing what, but it is a bit of a headache."

Sasuke snorted and then said, "Why don't you go back to a single body dobe? You're less annoying that way." The young avenger was a little peeved to see Haku's body walking around knowing that Naruto was in control.

Hell Naruto stuck his tongue out at Sasuke and said, "Get real Sasuke! You're just jealous that I'm now twice the man you'll ever be!"

Sakura immediately slugged Deva Naruto and shouted out, "Stop that Naruto! Sasuke had a very important point. Is there any way for you to dispel one of your bodies like you did with your shadow clones?"

Both of Naruto's bodies got a far away look as he thought about what Sakura had asked. Everyone looked on wanting to know what Naruto's answer would be. Suddenly, Hell Naruto bit his finger, placed it on the table, and shouted out, "Reverse Summoning: Return to the Bardo." A cloud of smoke covered Hell Naruto and when it cleared up the ice using body was gone. Deva Naruto grinned and shouted out, "All right! It worked."

Kakashi looked at Naruto with his eye smile and then said, "Interesting trick Naruto. As of this moment Naruto I'm giving you a special order. You are not to summon your other body unless I say so for training purposes until we get back to Konoha. Both of your bodies will get plenty of training, but I want to be cautious until a physician at the hospital can give you a complete physical. That means you can't do those new attacks you used on the bridge against Gato's men. Besides, we'll need to get your teammates used to the idea of you having multiple bodies."

Naruto looked at Kakashi and said, "But Kakashi! Wouldn't it be easier for Sakura and Sasuke if I had both bodies out at once?"

The copy cat jonin shook his head and said, "Naruto, having two of you out like that was bizarre even for me. Not that there's anything wrong with your bloodline, it's just something that we need to get used to. Since Tazuna is safe, we'll spend the rest of the mission here in training. Naruto, every day you are to switch which body will be training with the team and which one will be going through independent exercises. When we leave for Konoha you'll have to stick with your original body since your other body doesn't have an id."

Kakashi then turned to Sasuke and said, "You'll also have to train your bloodline Sasuke. Luckily for you, I know more about the Sharingan then I do about the Rinnigan. Remember that you've still got a long way to go before you'll truly be able to wield the Sharingan in battle. There is a major difference between being able to use bloodline abilities and mastering those abilities. You and Naruto are in the same boat in that regard."

Finally, Kakashi turned to Sakura and said, "Your training will be the easiest for me to oversee Sakura. Unless you pull a Naruto and suddenly activate a mythical bloodline." Sakura blushed at being the butt of Kakashi's little joke and quickly stated that she didn't have any bloodlines. After hearing that, Kakashi said, "Now I want all of you to take the rest of the day off and relax. We'll start training in the morning."

Over the next few days Kakashi put his team, especially Naruto and Sasuke, through the wringers. Just like Kakashi had promise, Sasuke and Sakura had to train with a different one of Naruto's bodies every day. By the end of the first week all the members of Team 7 had gotten used to Naruto's dual forms. For independent training, Naruto had his Deva body work on charka control and practiced a few jutsus Haku known while the Hell body mostly stuck to refining what Haku had done. Even though Naruto knew everything Haku knew he still needed some practice with his Hell body to wield it all with the experience that Haku and used. Kakashi had compared Naruto's training to what a Sharingan wielder had to do after they copied a jutsu in order to use said jutsu effectively.

The mission ended about a week and a half after the fight on the bridge when the Great Naruto Bridge officially opened. Naruto had been smiling all the way home ever since he had found out about the bridge's name. Sasuke really couldn't care less about the bridge's name. Kakashi had found it slightly amusing that a genin had such a major landmark named after him. Sakura had been a bit annoyed that the bridge had been named after Naruto instead of after Sasuke. However, she knew that it had been Naruto who had insured that the bridge was built and that he, not Sasuke, had been the decisive element in the battle.

Team 7 had taken a week to walk back to Konoha and the village was just coming into view when Naruto suddenly stopped in his tracks. Sasuke turned towards Naruto and called out, "Hey Dobe. Why did you stop?" Even though Sasuke had kept calling Naruto 'dobe', he said it without the contempt that he used to put in it.

Without looking at his teammates, Naruto blurted out, "Can't you guys see it? There's a barrier or something all around the village!"

Kakashi instantly swung his head around to look at Naruto and he said, "Sasuke, Sakura. Go on ahead to the village gate and check us in. After you do that head to the hospital and tell them to have Naruto's doctor come in for a physical. The Rinnigan might be causing Naruto to see things. I'm going to give Naruto a quick check over to see whether he can make it to the hospital on his own or if he needs to be carried." Kakashi's tone told Sasuke and Sakura that this was non-negotiable and they quickly left to fulfill Kakashi's orders.

As soon as the duo was out of hearing range, Kakashi looked down at Naruto and said, "Do you really see a barrier around Konoha?" Naruto quickly nodded his head and was about to speak when Kakashi continued on. "Listen Naruto, you are never to speak of what you saw. That barrier is an S-class secret that is vital to our village defenses. Only the ANBU, the Hokage, and the senior members of the council know about it. Apparently, your Rinnigan allows you to see it, so you're going to keep your mouth shut and pretend that you were just seeing things from mental stress brought on by the Rinnigan."

Naruto nodded his head so fast it was like he was a bobble head doll. Holding an S-class secret of his own had taught Naruto the important of keeping secrets. After all, he would have just been a regular orphan as far the villagers where concerned if someone hadn't blabbed about the Kyuubi. There was no way that Naruto would let a secret this important be revealed; especially if it involved the village's security. Naruto looked up at Kakashi and said, "I promise I won't say a thing about the barrier."

Kakashi nodded his head and then replied, "Good Naruto. I know I can count on you to keep your word. Remember, its better to be thought a fool to save lives than it is to be proven right and get people killed." With that said, teacher and student started walking back to the village.

Sarutobi stood up on the roof of the Hokage tower staring out at Konoha. He had just come back from the hospital visiting Naruto during the boy's physical. The biggest shock for the old Hokage had been seeing the difference in Naruto's eyes. They made him seem older, wiser. It was as the innocence that had once filled Naruto's eyes had been ripped away. Oh the boy was still cheerful and full of energy. But, that energy and cheer was now restrained by a sense of self control and propriety that Naruto had absorbed from Haku. As wonderful as this new respectful Naruto was, Sarutobi would have preferred the old brash Naruto back.

No doubt half the village knew that Naruto had a bloodline by now. The village grapevine was almost painfully efficient win it came to spreading hot news, and a new bloodline was definitely hot news. Besides, anyone who looked Naruto in the eyes would instantly know that he had a doujutsu. Sarutobi was content with the fact that the Rinnigan's actual abilities were known to just a handful. He had no doubt that the public would go into a panic about a body snatching ninja if they found out about the Rinnigan's transmigration ability; especially when they found out that Naruto had the bloodline.

It wasn't the first time that Sarutobi had felt ashamed of Konoha's citizens. Most of the village's shinobi could tell the difference between Naruto and the Kyuubi, but precious few of the civilians could. How they could praise Minato with one breath and completely disregard his last request in the next was something that Sarutobi could never figure out. Even if Naruto hadn't been Minato's son Sarutobi would have been upset at the villagers' hypocrisy. At least the children were relatively untouched by their parents' blindness.

The old leader looked over to the mountain and stared and the Yondaime's image. Sarutobi then softly whispered, "I don't have a clue why the Rinnigan has appeared again or why your son has it Minato. I only pray that its activation means that good things are coming to Konoha instead of a disaster." Sarutobi didn't have to be superstitious to know that major changes were on the horizon. Each of Naruto's realms wielded incredible power in addition to those bodies' regular ninja abilities. Add in the fact that Naruto gained the knowledge of those he absorbed with the fact that he still had four more realms and you had the recipe for a very powerful ninja. What that power would be used for in the future was something that only the gods knew.

Author's Note: since the Rinnigan allows the user to control multiple bodies, I'll refer to the realm that the body represents when Naruto has more then one body present to avoid confusion.