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I tottered down the damp street, my shoes making loud slapping noises as they hit the ground. I heard him crying, down there in his pathetic basket. Of course I loved my baby. More than anything. But I couldn't take care of him. I was sixteen for Christ's sake! My freedom isn't supposed to be gone this soon!

I felt the tears gather in my eyes as I walked closer to the tall, seemingly isolated, brick building. I looked up through my bleary eyes to check once more if this was really the place they claimed to raise children suitable for society.

The black, dull, letters read:

"Chicago Orphanage"

I quickly ran up the remainder of the steps, not thinking I could bear to look at that dreary sign.

I let the fat tears roll down my cheeks as I looked upon my beautiful child. He had warm, green orbs. The same exact eyes that had stared upon me while being raped. But his were different. This child's eyes reeked innocence and wonder. I snatched a piece of notebook paper from my worn purse and used the pen that was constantly behind my ear to write down this perfect child's name in my best practiced script.

I laid the piece of paper inside the basket with the baby and tried to let my eyes and soul soak up the absolute euphoria this child gave me. I gave the child a once over, my eyes skimming over the fitting name now laying across the baby's chest.


"Just know I love you, my darling." I whispered to his now sleeping form, my voice cracking pathetically.

And then I made the biggest mistake of my life.

I walked away.

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