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"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear, Jamie, Happy Birthday to you!"

"Quick, blow out the candles before Dad does," April smiled at her younger brother, pushing her dad back playfully as he tried to get at the cake. He did that every year.

Jamie thought about his wish for a minute, obviously spending the time to make it a really good one, and blew out his two number one candles. Was he really already eleven?

His family clapped around him as her mom turned on the lights, getting together the knife and plates. Jamie wanted the piece of cake, of course, in the center. Her mom just smiled and cut a huge chunk of it out , setting it down in front of him.

"Happy Birthday, sweetie," she smiled, giving him a kiss on the forehead.

"Mom," he smirked. "I'm getting a little old for the kisses. I'm eleven now."

"You're telling that to the woman who gave you that sweet piece of cake," her dad said, pointing to the massive pile of chocolate on his son's plate. "Besides, eventually you'll want kisses…not necessarily from your mom but…ouch." He rubbed his side in pain caused from the jabbed elbow his wife had planted teasingly into his side.

"So Uncle Sam," April started between bites of cake, taking a seat next to him at the dining room table. "What's new?"

"Not much," he smiled. "Oh. Your Aunt Ruby and I bought a house."

"Oh really," her mom butted in. "Where?"

"Not too far from you guys actually." In fact, they had moved into the same town.

"We got sick of being away from you guys," Ruby smiled. April always liked her Aunt. Well, she wasn't always officially her 'Aunt,' not until Uncle Sam finally married her a few years ago. Apparently, for a few years, they had a lot of relationship troubles.

"How's school," Sam asked April. She sighed. High School. That was a subject she hated. It wasn't that she wasn't good at it. In fact, she was great. Her average was As and Bs and it made her parents happy. However, April hated being there. She considered it a waste of her time. In her heart, she always felt like…well it was hard to describe. That she had a different calling. A different view of her own future. Her parents just wanted her to go off to school, have dreams of college and a career like her twin, Dylan. He had everything planned. He wanted to go to Stanford next year like Uncle Sammy, maybe even get into law school.

"It's fine," she finally answered, taking a swig of her soda. "How's your job? Getting a lot of new things for the shop?"

"Uh, yeah. That last trip was pretty good," Sam answered. "Dean and I found a lot of new things to sell in the garage."

"Cool. I can't wait to get my hands on them," she smiled.

"I still can't believe you work in the shop with your Dad," he laughed. "You don't seem like the kinda girl who'd want to do that."

She loved working in the Winchester Body Shop with her dad. Put a little Rush or AC/DC on the loud speakers and give her an old, classic car and she was heaven. It was something that kept her interested; a break from her mundane life. Plus, she loved spending the time with her dad. Honestly, she always thought he was the coolest person she'd ever met. He taught her everything she knew about cars. Dean Winchester knew a hell of a lot about motor vehicles. Unfortunately, the one car she wanted to drive was off limits; Dylan and April were forbidden to drive the '67 Impala that sat in their driveway. The rule was it was Dad's to drive; period. If they wanted a car to drive, they had to get one themselves. So, she did. April had gone to her Uncle Bobby's not that long before and found an old red Mustang. She fell in love with it. So, she spruced it up and got in running. It was cherry. Even her dad was impressed.

"April," Jamie said, pulling on her arm. "Come on!"


"Outside! Dylan wants to play football," he said, pointing outside. Her twin brother smiled at her through the sliding glass doors, waving the football in his hand. "I want you on my team, April."

"And who's on Dylan's?"

"Uncle Sam," he smiled.

"Well that's fair," she said, giving her Uncle a playful sneer. "Oh, you're goin' down, Sammy."

Her Uncle chuckled and told her it was on.

The game went surprisingly well, besides the fact Jamie got a bloody nose. They couldn't help it, they were all competitive. And, for a little kid, he surprisingly didn't cry. Must be something do with the fact that he was eleven instead of ten. April threw the football most of the time, sending Jamie deep down the lawn. He'd run as far back as he could and she'd apiral it away. He'd catch it. Touchdown. When they were on defense was when she had the most fun. Most of the time, she blocked her brother. When Dylan would try to make a move around her, she used her secret weapon; if you tickled him right under his right rib, his knees would buckle.

"Not fair, April," he'd laugh as he fell to the ground and she would pick up the ball, running it to the other end zone. She and Jamie would do their victory dance. They beat Dylan and Sam, 28 to 14.

"Game over," Sam panted, sitting down on the grass. "I need a break."

"You're outta shape," Ruby said, walking away from the sidelines and taking a seat on the grass beside him. "I was cheerleading for you, ya know." He took her hand and squeezed it.

April took in the scene. Her aunt and uncle sat on the grass, talking with Dylan as he pushed Jamie on the swing set. She could swear Jamie was trying to go over the top bar.

She looked around for her parents, finding them still in the house. April could view them through the window in the kitchen as Mom cleaned up from the party. Dad was behind her, whispering in her ear. Abby smiled as he continued to talk, about what April could only imagine. Abby finally spun around to face him, Dean taking her face with his hands. April could make out three words. I love you. Her mom said it back.

April sighed to herself. She felt lucky to have parents like hers. Most of her friends came from divorced homes that were always torn between their two parents. April could count on her hands and feet how many different times weekends were ruined because of the flip-flopping between folks. But hers…they were special. They looked at each other with fresh eyes every morning. Even after about eleven years of marriage, they were still madly infatuated with each other. There wasn't a day that she didn't see them hug or kiss one another. Sometimes, it got annoying, like how her dad always patted her mom's behind when she was making breakfast, but most times…she only wished that she could find a person to love her like that. She wanted to find her soul mate like her parents had found theirs. But she was only seventeen; there was plenty of time to discover that.

"April," her mom called from the doorway. "Could you do me a favor and get something from the basement for me? I'm still cleaning up."

"Sure," she muttered with a roll of her eyes.

"Ha ha, you have to go into the basement," Dylan teased. She stuck out her tongue at him.

Yes, she had to go into the overly, creepy basement. All her mom wanted was for her to grab a box labeled party decorations so she could put away the stuff from Jamie's party. Little did she know, that little trip to the basement was about to change her life.