Author's Note: Yeah, here's the sequel. Idea behind this whole thing is take Brain Damage, cut out all the stupid stuff like terrible comedy attempts, unfufilled plotlines, and streamline it into something bigger, better and more badass then ever before. So if you haven't read Brain Damage, don't feel obligated to start there. Trust me, you'll hate the first chapter and probably stop there, thus never reaching what's right below you here. And if you have read Brain Damage, congrats. You're gonna love this, as the fan favorites are back and better than ever. If you read please review. I, like all authors, love and adore feedback.

StarCraft: Brain Storm

Chapter 1: LNN Live

Toji cleared his throat, readied his microphone, and looked up at the camera sitting on Houston's shoulder just in time for the green light. "Good morning, Korpulu Sector, Toji Suzuhara reporting live from Korhal IV. Things are a mess here, as you can see in the background. Ever since the war and crumbling of the Dominion three years ago, this planet has been in a constant state of turmoil. Today is no different.

"Even with the Swarm destroyed and the Protoss alliance shattered, war continues. Terran factions are scouring the surface of this world, engaging and slaughtering each other over whatever technology they can find. Stay tuned for constant war coverage as this situation develops. Until next time, this is Toji Suzuhara, LNN news. Back to you, Mike."

The camera's live feed dropped, Toji lowered his mic, and a Siege Tank shell landed thirty feet to his left, spraying a wave of super-heated plasma across the area. Toji jumped out of the way, but Houston wasn't as lucky. The blue energy washed over the cameraman, boiling his body beneath it till it vaporized. Toji started to move forward to save the camera, which had fallen to the ground in the commotion.

Suddenly, a massive armored hand gripped the back of Toji's duster and yanked him back.

"You stupid fuck!" a voice shouted in his ear, "Do you want to die? That tank's got us zeroed in by now. We need to get moving!"

Toji looked over his shoulder to see the CMC suited man gripping him. Major Goss, the man in charge of a mercenary team hired by LNN execs to watch Toji's ass during these war reports.

"Ayanami!" Jim shouted, firing a quick burst one-handed from his Impaler. The spikes hit a marine wearing yellow armor, blowing him apart in a spray of bright red bloody organs.

"Yeah?" the blue-haired medic replied, jogging up to Jim with her own Impaler cradled like a child.

"Get Suzuhara to the dropship!" Jim instructed, tossing Toji like a toy.

Ayanami caught and plopped Toji on her shoulder in one fluid motion, demonstrating that she was more than comfortable in her armor. "What are you going to do, Jim?" she asked, fearing she already knew the answer.

"That Crucio is pissing me off," Jim grumbled.

Ayanami took the hint and moved off to the dropship waiting three heavily destroyed blocks away. As she vaulted a ruined statue of Arcturus Mengsk and disappeared from sight, Jim turned to look in the direction of the Siege Tank. It was laying beyond a skyscraper that had crashed onto its side, creating a natural barrier to direct fire but still allowing the high-arcing plasma shells free reign over the immediate city.

Jim wasn't sure what faction the tank was from and more importantly, he didn't give a damn. It was going to erupt into flame as payment for the shit it had caused him.

"Nick!" Jim shouted over his radio.

There was a loud whoosh, followed by a clang and accompanying vibration of the pavement and Jim looked right to see the wry Reaper standing next to him, smoke belching from the recently used jumpjets on his back.

"We killing the tank?" Nick asked, pulling a D18 from his belt.

"Its like you know me," Jim replied and checked his rifle, "Jump the building. I'll move through it ground level."

"Got it," Nick said.

They both broke into motion at the same time, Jim striding forward on foot while Nick leapt into the air on twin columns of fire. Jim entered through a window and thundered down a corridor on what would have been a wall had the building still stood upright. A marine dropped down out a door above Jim, an old UED gattling cannon in his hands.

Jim activated the psi bayonet on his Impaler with the flick of a switch, lighting up the corridor with an eerie blue glow, and jammed it into the enemy marine. The bayonet sliced through armor, skin and bone without pause and emerged from the marine's back in a fountaining spray of vibrant red. Jim ripped his rifle free with a bit of effort and moved past the dying man.

He burst into daylight just in time to see Nick tackle a Firebat, obviously out of ammo. The Firebat struggled against its attacker, trying to get one of its napalm hoses in line with Nick's head. Nick landed six punches to the other soldier's helmet, shattering the visor and breaking the man's face. Behind the two, Jim could see the Crucio Siege Tank transforming back into its mobile set up.

"Nick move!"