StarCraft: Brain Storm


Six miles away, Katsuragi crawled out of her wraith where it had crashed into the side of a hill. Having been flung across all that distance by the carrier's explosion, she was surprised that she was alive, let alone conscious.

"Hyuga!" she shouted, shaking the helmsman awake, "Get up!"

"Have we landed ma'am?" he asked.

"Yeah, now get out!" she said, pulling him out of the backseat and standing him on the grass.

She pulled her helmet off and wrapped her arms around him, pulling him into a hard kiss. Hyuga responded instantly, filling her mouth with a flood of regurgitated breakfast that he'd been holding in throughout the entire air battle.

"Gah!" she shouted, pulling back, "What the fuck!?"

"Uh," Hyuga started, "Sorry?"

Katsuragi slammed her fist into his face, knocking him into back into sleep.

To be honest, Hyuga thought the wet Aiur grass felt great on his face.

Closing Thoughts: Yup, he threw up in her mouth. And nope, that's not how I'm ending the whole thing.

There will be a third Brain story. You can be sure of that. It will have Brain in the title, but other than that, I'm not sure what will be going on. Nick'll probably get nuttier, as you guys seem to like that, and Jim will wake up at some point. But I'd better get some reviews on this thing, because it was fucking hard to write! I mean it, you lazy shits.

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