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The girl woke up on the thin, hard mat feeling incredible sore. Light was shinning in from the window so it must be morning she figured. She looked down at the journal and remembered how the previous night she stopped reading right when Raimudno was going to hear a big secret. So she picked it up eagerly and continued reading...

~Page 3~

Before I go on explaining Jacob's big plan, I have to tell you about the other servants on the ship, otherwise it would just confuse you later on.

Besides me there were five other servants who were forced into this hard, hellish life like me. Since the servants were on the ship a lot longer then the slaves who got sold all the time, I'm guessing they were all sorta friends. But I never knew that much about them the first few months I was on the ship. They were pretty good at being discreet.

I first saw them when the pirates forced all the slaves up onto the deck for an hour of exercise. They do this once a week. If the slaves were in better shape, then the pirates could sell them for more. It disgusted me every time I thought about it.

But there was one good thing that came from it. While the pirates were busy with the slaves up on the deck, the servants were let out of their cages unattended (they didn't really care too much what we did as long as we didn't escape). It was like an hour of recess for us.

I got to walk around, stretch and explore the part of the ship I was on. It was almost...kind of fun. But the best part was, for a full hour you didn't feel like a caged animal. You remembered what it was like to be free again and have your own life back. That was the best! That one fast hour...then you'd hear the whistles and yelling and dash back to your cage. Then you remembered that you weren't free and it was almost like getting captured all over again...

(The girl looked at the page a little closer and could have sworn she saw small, wrinkled spots on the paper. Were they dried tear drops? Feeling sorry for the boy, she continued reading...)

...So, anyway, it was on one of these days that I saw the other servants, all huddled together in a circle. They were talking softly and I was standing too far away to hear what they were saying. I didn't have anything to do and I was really curious about them. I mean, why were they servants and not slaves? Did they tick Jared off like I did? Were they not willing to give up their will like me? I was really curious.

So I walked up a little closer to them. "Um hey guys." I greeted, awkwardly. They all quickly snapped their heads towards me, glaring angrily.

"What do you want?" This really pale boy with bright red hair and red eyes snapped at me. He broke away from the group and stepped closer to me, as if he was going to start a fight.

"Were you spyin' on us or something? Cuz if you were I'll beat you up so bad that you'll be begging for Jared to do it." He was my height and looked like he was my age, but he didn't look tough at all. I could take this kid, no sweat.

"Hey back off!" I snapped back and met his intense glare with one of my own. "I didn't do anything to you, so just chill out!"

That got the punk really angry, and it looked like he was going to hit me but one of the other servants cut him off.

"Jack, you stupid boy, shut up and get back over here." An older girl, , said in a really commanding, nasty voice. I guessed she was the leader from the way Jack followed her obediently and from the authority I heard in her voice.

I saw, for the first time, a girl in her early twenties who had long, dark read hair and was the tallest of the group. But the most memorable thing about her was the long scar that ran along the right side of her face, through her right eye which was completely white. Instinctively the hair on the back of my neck stood up and my stomach turned to stone.

"What're you staring at boy?" she snapped, glaring at me with only one eye but with enough malice for two. "And what're you doin' over here anyway? We got a lot of work to do and ain't nobody ruinin' it. Got it?"

I had a feeling they were hiding something really important just like Jacob, and it turns out I was right. But first I had to get them to trust me, which wasn't easy but if they were doing anything that could help me save Omi or myself, I was determined to do it..

"Got it." I said putting my hands up defensively. "I wasn't tryin to be nosey or anything I was just wondering what you guys were doing over here. And, if you guys have a lot of work to do maybe I can help."

Everyone in the group looked around at each other, as if deciding whether or not to tell me. This one big guy with blonde hair seemed to be the first one to make up his mind. He turned to the red-haired woman and said "I don't think he meant any harm, lil lady. 'Sides, we could always use more help."

Jack laughed a little at that, while the woman seemed to think it over. She looked around at the group and each person just shrugged back, except the blonde guy who nodded in encouragement. The woman turned around and looked me right in the eyes.

"Ok kid," she started, putting her arm across my shoulders and leading me closer to the group, "what I'm about to tell you is extremely important information. So if you tell anyone, even chrome-dome, what I'm about to tell you, I will personally hunt you down and rip you to shreds before they can throw me over board. I mean this is so important that-"

"Hey I'm not a two year old," I said sarcastically "I can keep up. Very important information, don't tell. Got it. So what is it?"

"Well I can see why you're a servant." She laughed a little "You see there's a reason all the prisoners on this ship are either servants or sold as slaves. The slaves you see are-"

"Oh some on Wuya" Jack whined, rolling his eyes "just tell him already."

Wuya glared and scowled at him before looking back and me. She looked like she was about to say something else but then one of the servants called to us "Hour's up! Back to the cages!"

Before I could even blink, most of the group sprinted away from where they were a second ago and were back in their cage. I started to sprint back too, when I heard "Hey partner!" from behind me. I spun around and saw the blonde kid calling me.

"Meet back here next week and we'll fill you in."

I nodded and dashed back to my cage, barely getting there in time. I didn't know it then, but that meeting would completely change my future. But you'll find more about that out later. I'm trying to go in order, so I have to tell you what I learned from Jacob.

"It's like this," Jacob said that night in a low whisper, "Me and some of the other pirates are planning a mutiny. We're going to rise up against Jared and take control of the ship! But we need your help."

"Me?" I asked, probably a little to loudly because after I said that the one person I hated more then anyone else came running in.

"Jacob!" Jared yelled. "What the hell are you doing?!"

"Captain!" Jacob jumped up and stood as tall as he could, and saluted Jared.

"You didn't answer the question." Jared snapped "What do you think you're doing talking to this worthless piece of trash?"

"Hey if you think I'm trash you should look in the mirror! That's what it really looks like!" I snapped back, then I spit right in his face.

I don't think I'll ever regret doing that but my punishment for that was really bad. I can't even talk about it, it was that bad!

But I can tell you, it made me bleed for a few days straight. I bet there are still blood stains on the walls left over from that beating...

The girl turned around to look at the blood she spotted on one of the walls when she was first thrown in the cage and shuttered. She felt really bad for Raimundo but was curious about him at the same time. What were the other servants planning? Did Jacob get caught for planning a mutiny? Was Raimundo still alive?

All these questions ran through her mind as she turned to the next page of the then her cell door opened.

"Come here girl!" a pirate commanded, smiling cruelly, "Time for you to meet the captain."

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