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As they hunt a werewolf in Marquette, Michigan Dean and Sam get more than they bargained for when several werewolves show up. But all is not lost as a stranger arrives to help…

Dean hated the winters in Michigan as he and Sam trudged through the snow tracking their latest prey. A series of attacks in and around the Marquette area indicated a werewolf was in the area. Dean had griped about driving to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in the dead of winter. He hoped that Sam would find a case somewhere warmer. But, no, they were driving through the great state of Michigan in the middle of January tracking a damn werewolf. Dean kept a death grip on the wheel as the roads were deteriorating the further north they headed. His baby was not built for this condition that was for sure.

Sam looked out at the white that blanketed the ground. He had heard his brother griping about how they had to drive up in the damn snow in the middle of damn winter. He merely rolled his eyes at his brother's temper tantrum.

The Impala eased into the parking lot of the hotel as Dean parked her and killed the engine. Stepping out the brothers were greeted with a blast of ice and snow. Dean pulled his collar up closer to his throat attempting to thwart the cold that tried to invade. Running in to the lobby he plunked down a credit card needing a room. Mr. Jeffrey Banks would be paying for this round as Dean signed the credit card slip and grabbed the key. Luckily the room was close by and they didn't have to walk too far in the brutal winter blast. As he unlocked the door Dean saw a black Chevy Avalanche with Arizona tags parked next to his car. Why would anyone want to be here when they can stay in sunny Arizona, Dean thought to himself as he stepped across the threshold. Slamming the door behind him and locking it, Dean tossed his bag aside and turned to placing salt lines at the door and windows. Satisfied with his work, the elder Winchester collapsed on one of the beds. Sam had slinked in to the bathroom and got the first crack at the shower. "Hey, Sammy! Don't hog all the hot water in there, Sasquatch!" He yelled at his brother. Running his hand over his face he turned on the TV to see what was on. The weather man was hollering about more snow all week. Dean made a faux freak out face at the TV. "We're all gonna die! It's the Snowpocalypse!" He mocked the weather man. The turning of the door knob and steam wafting out gave way to Sam stepping out in his sleep pants and shirt. "Did you leave any hot water in there?" Dean asked.

Sam ignored the question and grabbed the phone book searching for the pizza joints. Dean got up rummaging through his bag and found a clean change of clothes. He headed into the bathroom as he could smell two days of driving with no showering in between. The water was warm but not as hot as he would have liked. At least Sasquatch saved him some hot water. He decided to linger in the shower until the water began to turn cooler. Seeing as that was his signal shower time was over he turned the water off, stepped out and dried himself. Feeling worlds better Dean exited the steamy room and saw Sam putting dinner on the table. Little did he realize his world was about to change.

The next night they trudged through the knee deep snow following the strange animal tracks. They were able to come up with a general area where the creature was hiding at or at least retreating to when things got hairy so to speak. They continued on until they reached a clearing. The flashlight illuminating the way as they realized they were in the middle surrounded by tall ancient trees. They remained in complete silence as Dean killed the light. They listened as a low rumbling sound became audible as the werewolf appeared before them. It stood upright like a man but silver fur covered its body and teeth that formed into sharp points designed to tear apart flesh.

Dean raised his shot gun prepared to put a silver bullet in its brain. Pulling the trigger he grazed the left side of the beast. Howling in anger the creature leapt upon the hunter tearing the front of his shirt ripping into his flesh. Dean cried out in pain as the creature pinned him down. Sam reacted by firing off several rounds. The creature dodged the hunter's weapon landing behind the taller Winchester. Sam could feel the hot breath of the creature upon the back of his neck as he remained frozen in place. Thinking fast Sam rammed the butt of the gun into the beast buying him a few seconds to roll out of the way and fire off two more rounds. This time one of the bullets found its target as it embedded into the creature's shoulder. It cried out in pain as its eyes reflected the rage it was feeling towards the hunter. Dean tried to stand to help his brother but was knocked back down to the ground as a second werewolf appeared from the woods. Apparently it was not happy that the hunters were hurting its mate. The older Winchester grabbed his shot gun only to have it knocked out of his hands by the creature. "Heel, Fido!" He yelled at the monster. The creature pounced on top of him preventing Dean from moving. Using all of his strength he pushed upward to keep the beast's teeth away from him. All it took was one bite and he would wind up like the Lassie reject before him. As he fought the smaller one, Sam was beginning to lose the battle against the larger creature. Sense it had the upper hand, the werewolf jumped knocking Sam down into the snow. He fought with all of his strength to keep the thing from biting him.

The smaller monster was slowly inching its way towards Dean its teeth bared ready to strike. Feeling one last burst of adrenaline he managed to position himself and kick the creature square in the chest. This only angered the monster. Making one last attack, the werewolf leapt. Dean braced himself for the impending attack only to hear several shot gun rounds go off hitting his would be attacker. The beast cried out in pain making a horrid inhuman sound. He rolled to the side as the corpse landed with a thud in the snow. The other creature heard its mate as it took its last breath. Turning away from Sam it eyed the killer and made a dead run for her. Unimpressed with the charging animal, the unknown assailant maintained her aim and calmly fired off two more shots hitting the monster between the eyes.

Sam looked over to his brother who was lying in the snow bleeding and unconscious. He got up and rushed to his brother's aid. "Dean…Dean…" Sam pleaded with his brother to wake up. He jerked his head up to the sound of footsteps crunching in the snow. Looking up he saw a woman standing over him. She kneeled down to the wounded man. "We need to get him back to town. Follow me" She said with a tone of authority. Sam collected his brother and put him in the woman's truck. It was the same one Dean had seen in the parking lot at the hotel. "What's your brother's name?" Sam stood there for a moment drawing a blank. "Uh, Dean. His name's Dean," He finally managed to say. She nodded. "I am at the same hotel as you. Meet me in room 225" She shut the door and drove off. Sam ran to the Impala and headed back to the hotel.

Dean slipped in and out of reality as he felt small soft hands tending to the gashes the werewolf inflicted. He kept hallucinating about his mom and the night she died. "Mom…" he muttered as he slipped back out of consciousness again. Sam opened the door to find Dean on the bed with the woman cleaning and tending to the wounds. She turned to face him. The light highlighted her grey eyes and auburn tresses. She turned back and went to cleaning and bandaging his wounds. The sweat dripped down his face as fever set in. "Do you have anything for infection?" Sam nodded and went to grab the medical bag they had in the car. When he returned she had put his brother under the blankets making sure he was comfortable. Sam handed her the bag as she pulled out a syringe and a bottle of antibiotics. She drew up several ccs and recapped it. Then she found a tourniquet and tightened it around Dean's arm. Tapping the syringe to remove the excess air she pricked the needle in his vein injecting the clear fluid into his body. Getting up she fetched a cold wash cloth and put it over his head. She felt him stir as the cool cloth touched his forehead. Leaving it there she got up but felt Dean's hand shoot up and weakly grab her wrist trying to pull her back. He had managed to open his eyes to reveal two beautiful bright green orbs gazing up at her. Her eyes locked with his as they sat there lost in one another's stares drawing one another in closer. "Who…Are…You?" He asked weakly. Holding his hand she replied softly "Brooklyn. Brooklyn Ravenwood" she continued to hold his hand feeling the fever rage through his ravaged body. She could feel something inside her awakening as she continued to hold his hand and look into those green eyes. Though the fever made him weak, Dean could see the one before him, the one who saved him and was nursing him. As she felt something awakening Dean could feel something in his soul stir as his hand remained in hers.

Sam watched the pair and wondered what the Hell was going on. "Your brother will need to stay here a few days until the fever breaks and he gets his strength back. Sam, I need you to get some food items like soup. Anything that he can ingest that will help. Here take some money" She pulled out some cash out of her pocket and handed it to him. Sam nodded and started to leave. "Thanks, Brooklyn" Sam said as he stepped out. Brooklyn continued her bedside vigil. She knew who the man was. He was Dean Winchester, womanizer extraordinaire and one of the damn best hunters around. She could not help to run her hands through that short blonde hair. She could not explain why she wanted to but just felt the urge to do it. Oddly enough Dean reacted to the sensation as if it was relaxing him. Taking her other hand she gently massaged the sweat soaked scalp watching a small smile cross his stricken face. She could not help but to smile back at the ill man. "Brook…" He mumbled before he slipped away into a deep sleep. She continued to hold his hand in between both of hers. She kept by his side all night.