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Gabriel watched his daughter as she sat there on the deck. She hadn't moved since she stepped out several hours ago. Now the sun had fallen over the horizon as night moved across the sky. He knew her heart was still shattered and scattered to the wind. He personally wanted to smite the hunter for what he did but didn't realize Dean had been set up to be found as he was. All the Archangel had foreseen was the heartache and not the real reason behind it.

Castiel was standing beside the Archangel watching his charge sitting out there in shorts and long sleeved ASU shirt. Her hair falling around her face as the cool breeze had kicked up.

"She's so sad, Gabriel. You didn't see her in Denver, the pain and heartbreak," Castiel said quietly. Gabriel merely nodded as he kept his gaze fixed on the hunter.

"She was ready to give him everything she had to offer." Castiel secretly wished he could feel and experience all she had to give but told no one, not even Gabriel.

"Brooklyn will recover, Castiel, as long as you are there by her side as her angel, guardian and friend," Gabriel said encouragingly as Castiel let a small smile creep up on his face. The Archangel turned and stepped outside.

"Is this seat taken?" Brooklyn looked up to see the Archangel shaking her head as he sat down beside her. Gabriel wrapped his arms around her comforting his daughter as he felt her body racked with sobs.

"It's alright, don't hold anything back, Brooklyn," he whispered as she continued to sob. "You know, you are never alone, my daughter. I am always going to be here for you. All you have to do is call for me and I will be there. Also know this, someone else will always be looking out for you," the hunter knew Gabriel was talking about Castiel. Brooklyn lifted her head to see the angel with those puppy dog eyes looking at her. She just looked into those bright sad eyes as she felt the sobs begin to cease.

"Come now, let us go inside. I am sure something warm to drink will help," Brooklyn nodded as Gabriel walked with the hunter in the house where Castiel was waiting with open arms.

Dean woke up in Sioux City, Iowa feeling a warm body next to him. He looked over seeing the redhead from the night before. He did a double take thinking it was his beloved Brooklyn only to be sadly disappointed. It wasn't her, his Brook. It was the bartender that he had hit on while slamming shorts of whiskey. It seemed the women he had been screwing had hair or features similar to her. No matter how drunk he was or how hard he tried to forget, Brooklyn would always be there in the back of his mind. Her ghost haunted him wherever he went, drifting with him from town town in his dreams and his nightmares. Sometimes when he would lay there wide away Dean would look over and see her there beside him with that soft warm smile and warm delicate skin. He would reach out and just as his fingers touched her, the mirage would vanish leaving him with another night of anguished torment and no sleep. Why didn't he fight for her? He wanted her back, back in his arms and heart. Back beneath him crying out his name as they made love and in his fierce yet protective hold as they slept together. There's a hole in his soul and it's killing him.

He figured it was a punishment from the dickwad god that Cas was such a good little soldier for. Cas! He had remembered slamming the angel after he had called that night. He didn't mean it, he was so drunk and hurt over losing the greatest love he had ever experienced. He hoped Cas wouldn't hold it against him.

He crawled out of the arm draped across his body as he crept into the shower anxious to get away and to the next hunt. He scrubbed his body hard until it was raw and red. He waited for a pair of hands that would never come to lather his body. How his missed those moments in the shower where they would lather and clean each other's bodies laughing smiling and sharing kissing in between. Now he would have to settle for solo showers and releasing his sexual frustration on his own.

"God I'm so sorry for hurting you and for destroying us, Brook," he whispered as he stepped out not holding back the tears.

Somewhere in the heavens an angel was crying over the destruction of Dean and Brooklyn's love. She had watched them since the day they met watching them thrive and grow together. She thought they would be together forever as the emotional bond connecting them was tight and nearly unbreakable.

"Soon, my dear, you will be needed," a voice had told her as she continued to watch the older brother torture himself over the loss of his love. Little did the angel know that Dean would find love again and his heart would be whole….

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