Warning: Some of the humor may offend you





9:00 P.M.

Anavel Gato and gang couldn't believe their eyes. Just after they stepped out of the bus, Saji Crossroad's apartment burst into flames. All of the guests ran out of the building screaming and calling out for their mommies. Klaus Grad was drunk and running around naked. He keeps yelling about Macross 7 being the best Macross series ever and Frontier is nothing but a big pile of moe doo doo. Oh and he wants Macross Zero to be written out of continuity because it was also a big pile of doo doo and not worthy of the awesomeness of Roy Focker. Lacus Clyne is screaming like crazy and is dragging Kira around like a dog. "I'm free! I'm free!" Lockon cried happily after taking off his restraints. Tieria Erde, still wearing a dress, is chasing him with hungry and lustful eyes while cackling like an idiot.

"What the hell is going on?" Norris Packard asked and took off his Santa cap.

"I knew I should have stayed home today." Lunamaria Hawke shook her head. "What was I thinking? Going back to this blasted place and not expecting craziness. I really am an idiot. A big freaking idiot! No I'm the queen idiot of the Planet Idiot."

"No." Shinn Asuka placed his hand on her shoulder. His face then started sparkling like one of those bishounen characters you usually find in shoujo anime and manga. "You are not the queen idiot of Planet Idiot. You are Princess Mayu Asuka, beloved little sister of Shinn Asuka who has an adorable big brother complex. A complex that is so cute that big brother couldn't help but dote on you."


"What is wrong with you, boy?" Gato raised one of his eyebrows.

"Anyway, we have to do something about this situation." Meyrin Hawke said in a determined voice. "It looks like it's up to us to save day."

"Indeed Mademoiselle." George de Sand agreed. "We must rectify this travesty of a party. I must fulfill my duty as a warrior for Neo France."

"Georgie boy, I didn't notice you're here." Meyrin giggled.

"Ah such tragedy," The Frenchman lamented. "I didn't appear on the Halloween and Thanksgiving specials. Oh and it seems I only have a minor appearance in this story as well. Nevertheless, an appearance is an appearance no matter how small."

"Don't sweat it, Frenchie." The red haired girl patted his back. "You still have your role on the main story of Happy Fun Times Meisters."

"I supposed." He sighed. "But I fear I'll disappear into obscurity once that dreadful School Days story arc is over. Seriously, what was that idiot of a writer thinking when he came up with that crappy story? He must have been chewing on wires again. This is what happens when fan wank gets the best of you, though I admit this shitty parody fanfiction was made out of sheer self gratifications of idiotic and asinine proportions."

"Whoa!" Shinn held up his hand. "Too deep! You guys are going in too deep with the fourth wall breaking. You're making the writer cry and you know he's a big pussy. Anyway, let's focus on the task at hand."

"But we have to know what's going on first." Gato cracked his knuckles. "But knowing Saji-kun, it must be about love and passion."

"Whatever." Norris wore his Santa cap again. "I can't believe I let you idiots talk me into doing this. I should be at the Sahalin residence right now and enjoying a Christmas feast with my beloved Aina-sama. But alas I was sucked into this mess."

"Stellar thinks you guys are thinking way too negative." The blonde girl said.

"I think Stellar is an idiot and likes ripping off Four Murasame." Luna sniped.

"Stellar is not an idiot!" The female Extended pouted. "Just because Stellar gets confused sometimes when she takes her happy pills doesn't make Stellar an idiot. Though Stellar admits when Stellar blacks out Stellar wakes up in strange places. One time Stellar woke up inside White Base and saw Bright Noa having S and M play with waifu. One time Stellar woke up inside Archangel and saw Mu La Flaga dressing up like Murrue. One time Stellar woke up inside the Freeden and saw Jamil Neate talking to himself in the mirror. He keeps saying that he's the best Char clone ever and that-

"Okay enough." Luna covered her mouth. "Stop before you give me brain damage."

"Hey something is happening." Meyrin pointed to the burning apartment.

Out of the flames, Louise Halevy and Flay Allster engage into an epic cat fight. "Take this!" The blonde Spaniard attacked with a devastating punch. "The School of the Undefeated!" But Flay quickly blocked it and countered with a punch of her own.

"You're a thousand years way too early to tango with me, blondie." She snickered. "The Winds of Love!" The red headed girl attacked with a palm strike.

"Zenshin!" Louise ducked to avoid the attack. She pulls her arm and gives Flay a thundering uppercut that sent her flying.

"Naïve! Too naïve!" She quickly recovered in the air and gave Louise a bone cracking drop kick. "Keiretsu!" The blonde haired European dropped to the ground like a sack of potatoes.

"Like hell that's gonna stop me." Louise stood up and wiped the blood on her mouth with her hand "Have some of this!" She ran like a ninja and attacks her with another punch. "Tempa Kyouran!" She shouted but the red headed girl once again countered it with another punch. Both hands meet and the ground shook hard upon impact. Both girls smiled as a bright and murdering aura emanates from their petite bodies. Everybody stood in awe after seeing such awesome display of power.

"Look!" Saji popped out of nowhere and pointed at the burning building. "My apartment is burning red! This apartment of mine is burning red! The roaring flames are telling me to call the insurance agency! My erupting burning apartment!" He tried to imitate Domon Kasshu of G Gundam.

"Bummer." Shinn scratched his head.

11:15 P.M.

Saji is standing in front of what was left of his apartment. The firemen have finally left and thanks to their efforts they managed to prevent it from spreading to the other apartment buildings. The young man sighed and sat on the ground. Behind him is Louise, the girl is fidgeting nervously and thinking of way to approach him since she's somewhat responsible. Mustering all of her courage, she sits next to him. "I'm sorry." She said and turned her face away from the boy. "I'm really sorry, Saji."

"Louise." He looked at her with sad eyes and the girl felt even more guilty. "It's okay." He forced himself to smile. "I know you didn't mean it when you used a Molotov cocktail to attack Miss Allster."

"I'm sorry." She apologized again.

"Oh what a despicable girl." Kinue suddenly appeared behind them. "If I were you, Saji, I'll dump her and go back to my loving sister."

"Or hook up with your female classmate instead." Christina pushed the older woman away. "It'll be just like those visual novel games except without save points."

"I'm sorry, Sierria-san, but I don't play those games."

"But I do!" Lockon Stratos a.k.a Neil Dylandy appeared. "I got a hankering for childhood friends who are a bit of a tomboy."

"I see." Tieria nodded behind him and started taking notes.

"I got a hankering for childhood friends that are female, Tieria."

"Don't worry!" He gave a thumbs-up. "I think it's implied in the second season of Gundam 00 that GN particles can turn me into woman."

"That's fudged-up."

"Hey who needs hard science? It's all about GN particles now." The purple haired Meister chuckled. "If GN particles can send people to the Newtype world then I'm sure the particles can turn me into a real woman."

"DO NOT WANT!" Lockon pushed Tieria away.

"Oh Saji!" Mama Halevy grabbed the boy and smothered his face with her boobies. "I'm sorry for having such a pyromaniac daughter! I'm sure Louise got that from her late father. Oh I never felt so ashamed before. Come, my dear boy, I'll take you to Spain so you can live with me instead."

"Mama!" Louise protested. "He's my boyfriend and papa is still alive!"

"Don't you dare kidnap my cute and adorable baby brother, cow bitch!" Kinue gritted her teeth. "He's staying with me."

"I won't let that happen." Christina clenched both her fists. "I won't allow it. I won't allow Saji-kun to be entangled in such a shameful and taboo relationship."

"Beat it, bridge bunny." Kinue hissed. "Go hump your cyborg boyfriend instead of stealing other people's brothers." She pointed to Lichty, who is lying on the ground. Several wires and machineries are now sticking out of his body after receiving such brutal treatment from Lacus' men.

"Why can't man love machine?" He moaned in a deep mechanical voice. "Why? I have a soooooooul so please love me."

"That's…really creepy." Tieria backed away. "Hey Lockon, let's kill it with fire."

"Way ahead of you, Trap-kun." Shinn poured gasoline all over Lichty while Stellar pulled out a box of matches.

"Stellar wants a Viking cyborg funeral."

"Leave the poor cyborg alone." Lunamaria confiscated the matches before they could set poor Lichty on fire.

"Oi Saji." Gato approached him.


"Stop moping around, boy. Here I brought Santa Claus." He presented Norris Packard. "Now cheer up and sit on his lap."


"Sit on his lap, boy."

"Can't I just sit next to him or something?" He gulped.

"Whatever." He shrugged. "Just tell him what you want for Christmas and he'll probably give it to you. Probably."


"Just do it." He slapped the back of his head. "C'mon and be done with it."

"Ah Christmas presents." Amuro Ray, Char Aznable, Relena Peacecraft, Lacus Clyne, Kira Yamato, and some of the other guests came back.

"Indeed." Flay also returned. "I'll get my beloved Saji right after I receive my present."

"Okay, maggots." The pink princess gathered everyone. "Line up like good little boys and girls. No pushing and no cutting in line or else your buttholes will have a close encounter with my foot. Also, I'll tie you up on the hood of the Eternal and re-enact Garma Zabi's death. Oh and don't get mighty cocky just because I'm lacking a Pegasus-class vessel. I'll have Kira wear a box and write the name White Base on it. Hell, I'll even throw in a purple wig and have Char here laugh like a complete ninny. It may be a ninny laugh but it's still an evil laugh."

"Okay kiddo, what do you want for Christmas?" Santa Norris asked Saji.

"A new apartment." He sobbed.


"A new apartment with a Jacuzzi and a room for that portal device Ian Vashti made back at the main story. The one we used when we went to the Hentai game world to save Louise and the others."

"Oh yeah that reminds me." Lockon scratched his head. "We need to finish that story arc soon."

"Uh…I can't give you a new apartment but I can give you a new pair of socks." Santa Norris handed Saji his gift. "It's one hundred percent cotton, kid. Go knock yourself out." He winked.

"I…uh…well…uh…Waaaaaah!" He ran away crying.

"Okay who's next?" He asked.

"Me." Lacus raised her hand. "This Christmas party is for me anyway so I-

"Nena Trinity!" The youngest of the Trinity sibling shoved Lacus away and hopped on Santa Norris' lap. "Give Nena her present."


"Bitch!" Lacus stood up. "Nobody shoves me and gets away with it."


"Hey Kira do something!" One of the AEUG grunts said.

Unfortunately, the Ultimate Coordinator is busy wooing Flay Allster back. "Did you see that? Saji ran away like a wussy. How can you like a guy that? He's not gonna bring you happiness but only misfortune. Please come back to me, cupcake. I swear I'll kill Lacus next time." He begged.

"Go away." She said coldly and kicked him on the face.

"We are fudged." George sighed. "Oh well it was a good run."

Lacus then pulls out her cellphone and called the PLANTS. "Activate Neo GENESIS now and aim it at Earth. Burn this wretched planet to a crisp. I don't care if I'm still here, I'm motherfudging evil so I'll probably live."

"Okay Nena wants lots of pink frilly things for her Haro. Oh and make Setsuna fall in love with me." She told Santa Norris.

"Wait a minute…you put frilly things on your Haro too?" Lacus asked Nena.

"Why yes." She answered cheerfully.

She pulls out her cellphone again. "Okay maggots, scratch that. Don't fire the death ray. Everything is cool here." She said and everybody sighed in relief.

"Well then I just got the thing for you." Santa then gave her a pink ribbon.

"Yippeeeeee!" She shouted and jumped off his lap.

"Oh and for Mistress Lacus." He searched his sack. "A new Haro unit."

"Oh diddly doo!" The pink haired princess gasped after receiving her Christmas present. "It's another pink Haro. I can't have enough pink Haros. I'll name him Thanatos and he's my fifteenth pink unit. Thank you, Santa-san." She bowed.

"Okay who's next?"

"Me." Setsuna F. Seiei sat on Santa's lap.

"This one is easy." He then gave him a Master Grade Gundam Exia model kit.

"Santa is…Gundam." He said and hopped off his lap. He hugs the box as he walks away.

"Now how is that possible?" Asked Shinn. "There's no MG line for the Gundam 00 kits yet."

"Oh quit whining." Amuro bonked him on the head. "Don't get conceited just because your precious Destiny Gundam got the Master Grade treatment. Talk to me when your units get the coveted PG make over."

"Nobody makes PG anymore, doofus."

"My Strike got the PG treatment." Kira said happily.

"Shut-up!" Both Amuro and Shinn shouted.

"Heh." Char scoffed. "Your PG units can't compete with my recent MG Sinanju. That kit is one sexy beast." He gloated.

"Char, you didn't even pilot the Sinanju." Kira told the Red Comet.

"Oh yeah? It's pretty obvious Full Frontal is me. They're just teasing the fans. You know Bandai and Sunrise like to tease the fans."

"Right." Shinn frowned. "They like teasing the fans until they are nothing more than a blubbering pile of wreck. I bet on the 30th anniversary this year there won't be an animated version of Unicorn Gundam, just another RX-78 Gundam MG rehash and a thank you message from Tomino-sama."

"You sound bitter, Shinn." Amuro smiled.

"And for the legendary Red Comet." Santa Norris gave Char two DVD box sets. "Merry Christmas, sir."

"Holy shit, Batman!" His eyes brightened up with excitement. "Chocotto Sister and Moon Phase! Thank you very much, Santa-san!" He hugged Santa Norris tightly. "My lolicon Christmas dreams have been granted."

"Right." A sweat drop appeared on Amuro's head.

"It's time for my Christmas wish!" Tieria jumped repeatedly.

"God help us all." Lockon's face turned white as snow.

"I want Lockon to BLEEP mewhile I BLEEP him in the BLEEP, then I bring out the BLEEP and BLEEP his BLEEP so he can BLEEP me withhis BLEEP while everyone watch me BLEEP his BLEEP! If that happens it will be BLEEP swell."

"…" Everyone looked at each other with horrified expressions.

"That wasn't a Christmas wish." Lunamaria said. "It was more like he's describing a Gundam 00 yaoi doujin."

"Oh silly me." Tieria bonked his own head while acting moe. "But I don't need a Christmas present since I already have the thing I want here." He clung to Lockon.

"Okay!" Nena brought out the bag of mistletoes she's carrying. "Time to spread the Christmas love."

"Oh there's enough love here." Char hugged his DVD sets.

"Agreed." Tieria snuggled Lockon.

"Get offa me, freak boy." The Irishman said in disgust.

"Setsuna-kun!" She pointed to the Krugis boy. "You won't escape this time."


"Hey I'm back." Saji appeared. "I'm feeling kinda better now." He said and wiped his tears with his hand. "I guess I feel better."

"Mistletoe barrage!" Nena began throwing mistletoes at everyone.

One landed on Saji's head. "Huh? What the heck is going on?" He asked.

Louise and the other girls' eyes flashed brightly. "Saji-kuuuuun!" They charged at him with murderous intent. All of them ready to give the boy a Christmas kiss.

KEEEEERIIIING!!! A white bolt flashed across Kira's forehead, signaling a Newtype flash. "Danger! Saji-kun is in danger! Reverse gangbang imminent!"

"We can see that, dumbass." Amuro bonked him on the head. "And don't do that again. It's annoying. Just because you're the Ultimate Coordinator doesn't mean you're a Newtype."

"He's mine!" Kinue jumped at her younger brother. "Onee-san will give you something nice so sit still."

"Back off." Flay sent Kinue flying with a round house kick. "He's mine now! All of you bitches can fudge off to hell!"

"He's my boyfriend!" Louise karate chopped Flay on the head. "I had him first!"

"But that doesn't give you the right to monopolize him!" Chris tackled the blonde European. "I'll do everything in my power to make sure my love reaches him."

"Yeah!" Lacus cheered loudly. Her mouth is foaming and eyes twitching. "That's right! Entertain Lacus! Give me blood! Blood I say! Kill each other and entertain me, you pitiful maggots!" Flay then punched Christina on the face, breaking her lip and nose. The former Ptolemaios bridge operator retaliates by clubbing the red headed girl with a rusty pipe, spraying blood all over Lacus who is standing nearby. She continued to laugh maniacally and smeared the crimson liquid all over her face. "That's what I'm talking about!"

"Okay this is getting out of hand." Lunamaria raised one of her eyebrows. She glances at Shinn, who is busy recording the brutal skirmish with his video camera.

"I am so gonna send this to Newtype Magazine." He chuckled.

"Meyrin, be a dear and hand me my bat." Luna ordered her younger sister while smiling.

"Here you are, Onee-chan." She handed her a bat wrapped with barbwire and rusty nails. "Go crazy."

"YOU IDIOT!!!" Luna bashed Shinn's head with the bat. "Looks like I need to educate you more."

"No please! Calm yourself, Princess Mayu!" He begged. "Calm yourself!"

"Princess Mayu is not here right now." She grabbed the video camera and shoved it inside Shinn's mouth. "So if you have a message then say it after the beep." She then repeatedly beat the ZAFT pilot with the bat.

"Sacre bleu!" George gasped in horror.

"Don't worry." Meyrin waved her hand. "He'll live. Shinn has enough plot armor so he's going to be fine."

"But Mademoiselle Meyrin, that only applies when he's piloting a Gundam." The Frenchman reminded her.


"Ah young love." Amuro sighed. Behind him, Nena is chasing Setsuna since one of the mistletoes landed on his head just like Saji. The young Meister's face is still without emotion as he runs away from the psychotic Trinity girl.

"Just like back in the day." Char smiled at him. "That time when we fell in love with the same woman."

"Yeah, but I accidentally whacked her."



"Bwahahahahaha!" They both laughed after the long awkward silence.

"Oi." Relena called out to the others. "I think we should do something about those girls." She pointed to Louise and the others.

"Screw you!" Lacus gave her the finger. "Don't you dare destroy my entertainment, you blabbering stalker!"

"What did you say!?" She approached the pink princess and their foreheads clashed together. Their faces are so near to each other that they look like they're kissing. "Did you just call me a stalker?"

"Yes I did." She replied. "I know all about you, bitch. You have been stalking Heero Yuy for like years now."

"That's none of your business, pinky."

"You know…lesbian porn sometimes starts out like this." Klaus Grad suddenly appeared out of nowhere. The top Katharon member is still naked and STILL wearing a pink wig. "C'mon guys, you have to agree that a Relena X Lacus pairing is mighty effing epic. The epicness would be so high that the Gundam franchise would implode from the sheer awesomeness of it." He then puts some lotion on his hands. "Mighty epic indeed." He said and rubbed his hands.

"Klaus, what the hell are you babbling about and why are you still naked AND why are putting on some lotion?" Asked a very nervous Lockon.

"Relax." He told him with a smile. "Don't sweat the small stuff. Just turn around and pretend I'm not here, Lyle."

"I'm Neil, you idiot."

"Lockon-chan! These people are scaring me." Tieria hugged him from behind.

"And you're scaring me!"

"That's it!" Amuro raised his hand. "Kira, do your thing!"

"Roger!" He saluted and VESTIGE by T.M. Revolution suddenly plays in the background as the brown haired Coordinator goes into SEED mode. "Locking on to the targets." He said and pulls out a tranquilizer gun. With the music still playing, the Ultimate Coordinator shoots Louise and the girls with ease. Heck, even without the invincible Strike Freedom, Kira Yamato can beam spam the hell out of anyone. In a matter of seconds, all of the girls drop to the ground snoring into dream land.

"Thank goodness." Saji sighed in relief. "Thanks a lot, Kira-san. If you--urk!" He dropped wordlessly to the ground after Kira shot him with the last syringe of the tranquilizer gun.

"Monsieur Kira, why did you do that?" George asked.

"I…dunno." He shrugged. "Somehow it felt justified."


"And so ends the Christmas party." Amuro looked at his wristwatch. "It's midnight so…MERRY CHRISTMAS!"


"Hey guys we brought beer." Apolly Bay and the rest of the AEUG crew returned while carrying some beer kegs.

"Oh yeah!"

"Well this finale sure sucked." Lunamaria said and tossed her bat away. She then faces the readers and bows down in apology. "I'm very sorry for this, everyone. We're very very sorry. Please feel free to lynch the writer."

"Just in time." Mr. Bushido and his comrades also came back. "We just got back from the ice cream parlor. We kinda felt sorry for Joshua for killing his cat so we treated the bastard some ice cream. Now let us celebrate with alcohol."

"Merry Christmas!" Nena shouted while dragging a bounded and gagged Setsuna. His face is full of lipstick and kiss marks.

Meanwhile, Fon Sparks sneaked back to what was left of Saji's apartment and peed on the ruined Christmas tree. Suddenly he noticed something glowing on one of the charred rooms. It was none other than the portal device Tieria and friends constructed back on the main Happy Fun Times Meister story. The one they used to travel to the Hentai game world to rescue Saji and friends. GN particles spread everywhere as the device created another portal and sucked everyone in.

"Uh…guys." Lockon muttered while the bright light engulfs them. "We got a problem here. A real big one."

"This won't end well." Shinn said and gulped down his beer.




"Wake-up, Rin-chan. It's time to wake up."

Saji opened his eyes and sat up on the bed. "Damn that Kira. Why did he shoot me too? I think I'm gonna puke." He rubbed the back of his head.

"Wake-up, sleepy head."

The young man turned his head to the direction of the voice only to discover a strange girl standing beside him. She has an orange shoulder length hair and a cute face that could bring any man down to his knees. He didn't recognize the uniform she's wearing. "Uh…who are you? Where am I?"

"Oh don't tease me like that, Rin-chan."

"Rin-chan? My name is Saji Crossroad, not Rin-chan."

"Stop it." She giggled. "Hurry up and change or else we'll be late for school. Breakfast is already ready downstairs."

"RIN-CHAAAAAAN!!!" Four girls suddenly barged inside the room. One is a red head, the other's hair is blue, another one is green and the last one is dark. All of them are also wearing the same uniform of the orange haired girl. "What are you doing, Rin-chan? Get up already or the teacher will have your head." The green haired one pointed at him.

"What's going on? Who the heck are you people?" He stood up.

"Huh!? Did you hit your head or something?"

"Rin-chan, you're scaring me." Orange haired girl said and backed away.

"I'm scaring you? I'm the one who's scared here! What happened to the Christmas party? Where's Louise? Where are the others?"

"Yo." Lockon entered the room. The Irishman is wearing a white high school uniform and is carrying a brown school bag. "Hurry up, Rin-chan."

"Lockon-san!? What's going on here?" He asked.

"Well…the fire in your house kinda damaged the portal device Ian made and somehow…uh…well…reality kinda collapsed and…well…this happened."


"But it's cool." He gave a thumbs-up. "We're now living in a really awesome universe. I mean we're with characters from Shuffle here. You know I'm a big fan of the game and the anime. You also get to be Rin-chan, you lucky bastard."

"Please tell me you're joking. How can reality collapse?"

"Take a peek outside, kiddo."

Saji looked outside through the window and saw Tieria on the street. The purple haired Meister is now all buffed and dressed up like Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star, complete with the seven scars. He then started doing all kinds of martial arts moves and breaking down the walls and stuff. Louise and the rest of the Gundam girl pass by. They are all wearing the school uniform from Maria-sama ga Miteru so that means they're all probably lesbians now. "No." He muttered softly. "This is not happening."

"You gotta accept the fact, kiddo." Lockon smiled. "Ya gotta at least enjoy this new world and trust me it is damn enjoyable."

"Ano…" Someone entered the room. "We need to hurry up." It was none other than Shinn Asuka and for some reasons he's a she now. A she with a plumpy chest and a sexy figure.

"Oh yeah. Shinn is now a girl due to the effects of the GN particles. I guess Tieria was right after all." Lockon laughed.

"Please don't look at me like that." Female Shinn covered her chest and blushed. "It's embarrassing."

Saji didn't say a word. The poor kid just snapped and jumped outside through the window. "Drama queen." Lockon scoffed. "Anyhoo ladies, let's hurry up so I can finally unlock some awesome H-scenes and get the good ending."




"I have to admit that was bad." Saji nodded his head in agreement. "Really bad."

"I think a part of me just died." Louise said in disgust. "I mean talk about insulting the intelligence of the readers."

"Well…some parts of the story weren't that bad thanks to a bunch of people." Lockon chuckled nervously. "In fact if these three people didn't contribute then that idiot of a writer would have completely turned this fanfiction into a shitfest of craptacular proportions. And that's why we need to properly thank them. Take it away, Shinn and Nena!"

"Roger that, Lockon." The ZAFT pilot saluted along with the female Gundam Throne pilot. "A Happy Fun Times thanks to Ominae and Cielo for their awesome ideas. Thanks a bunch, guys. You two have been a great help to the Happy Fun Times Meisters cast."

"Also a very very special thanks to High Lady Solaris for her epic contributions." Nena said. "We're sorry we didn't use all of your ideas but we would definitely appreciate it if you work with us again."

"We also like to thank the reviewers who bothered reading this story." Saji added. "Thank you very much for your reviews and criticisms."

"And that's it, maggots." Lacus Clyne said. "I know it's late but Happy Holidays! We hope 2009 would be a great year for all of us."

"Gundam." Setsuna popped out of nowhere.

"Ah maybe now we could finally finish the main story." Lockon sighed.


Well the finale wasn't much. Sorry about the delay since I was really busy with work. This rant would be short because I need some sleep. I have been sleep deprived from the last few days. Anyway, I would like to say that I would be focusing more on Apollo of the Sky and HFTM this year. I really wanna make Apollo epic and fangasmic. That's why I need to improve my writing and English skills. As for HFTM, expect more weirdness and asinine stories. There's also that Magical Girl Tieria story I've been working on. Well that's all I'm gonna say. See ya!