Tiva - Chapter 1
By Taygeta

"You see it, don't you?"

Timothy McGee raised his eyebrows and then squinted. He looked in the same direction as Abby and saw nothing special. It was just the pod area he shared with Ziva, Tony, and Gibbs.

Gibbs was out for a few days visiting his father for the holidays – on call, of course, for anything. Ziva was working on some paperwork and Tony was pretending to work on some paperwork as he played an unauthorized game on his desktop. There were a couple of other NCIS workers milling around, but most were also out for the holidays.

McGee pursed his lips, "See…what?"

Then he felt a punch in his arm and the motion of being dragged to the side. Beneath the stairs, his view of the pod was pulled away with the rest of him.

"Don't stare!" Abby said authoritatively in a hushed voice.

McGee raised his eyebrows and then squinted again – this time at a more focused target: Abigail Sciuto. Lest his dark-haired ex have reason to hit him again in the arm, he mimicked her hushed volume of voice, "Stare at what, Abby?"

"Oh come on…Tony? Ziva?" she said with a wide, red-lipsticked grin. "They even have the perfect combo name – Tiva. It's like Brangelina…NCIS-style…but without the adopted kids and the having the babies and the Jen fiasco…though I guess the Frog's daughter might be a tabloid-worthy comparative…"

"You mean – Tony and Ziva…together?" McGee stifled a laugh. "No."

Abby cocked her head and raised her eyebrows in the way that he knew could only mean that he should have just said "Yes, ma'am." But it was too late for that. The Abby lecture would be coming soon enough.

McGee found himself being dragged again by Abby, toward the elevator and to her lab he suspected. He had to admit, he liked it when she paid this much attention to him. It reminded him of the days when they dated – days he often missed more than he liked to admit. But he had to go and date that cheerleader and she had never quite forgiven him for that – in that romantic nights in the coffin (and out of the coffin) respect.

In the lab, he watched while she typed quickly.

"Don't look… crazy secret passwords…"

"Abby, I respect you as a cybergeek – and then some – but you know that if I really wanted to I could probably – eventually – break your crazy secret passwords."

"I know. I'm just letting you know not to try because not only can I kill you and not leave forensic evidence…I can also make your life a living hell by stealing your identity and slipping it into the global market so that you have to deal with credit card fraud and at least 50 guys trying to pass themselves off as Timothy McGee throughout the world."

McGee looked up at the ceiling of the lab, "Point taken."

After more loud clacks of her keyboard, Abby said, "You can look now."

McGee glanced at her computer screen. His eyes widened and he instinctively walked closer, "What is all this?!"

"It's my theory."

"Your theory?"

"I call it…Tiva!" she said with a grand gesture of her arms, nearly knocking McGee in the face by the movement.

McGee's jaw dropped, "Abby, you have photos of Tiva – I mean, Tony and Ziva and a compilation of stalkerish notes. When did you have the time to do this?"

"Not stalkerish, McGee – observant, like the scientist I am. And it's only been in our slow periods the last couple of months. A lot of my notes from before that is just from memory and conversations with people. I am not the only Tiva theorist in this building, McGee – let me tell you."

"But why? Why this? Why them?"

"McGee, don't you know that love is a chemical reaction? But more than that, it's a chemical reaction of circumstances? Think about all the crazy things that have to happen for two people to collide and to be colliding?"

"Love? Between Tony and Ziva? I mean…yes, we all love each other. We're family, okay? But Tony and Ziva in this coupling sense – isn't that kind of their business? In fact, I'd rather not think about this."

McGee watched as Abby once again through him her authoritative look that he knew was going to rope him into a scheme.

"Why are you showing this to me, Abby?"

"Because – you – are going to help me."

McGee could feel the uneasiness rise from his stomach, "With…?"

"Making Tiva into more than a theory."