Tiva - Chapter 9
By Taygeta

Notes: Thanks for reading folks! This is the LAST chapter. Hope you enjoy the ending :)

Next thing McGee knew he was being hauled into the elevator. If it wasn't Tony and Ziva doing the hauling, he'd be worried for his life.

Because it was Tony and Ziva doing the hauling, he was wondering already what the afterlife would be like.

"Let me," said Ziva as she pressed the stop button.

The elevator powered down.

McGee wondered if that would be the last sound he would hear.

Tony smiled his non-smile, the kind of grin he gave people in the interrogation room. Ziva was silent, in that deadly assassin way McGee had learned to fear. McGee had often wondered if NCIS would lead to his untimely demise, but he hadn't anticipated it like this.

Death by shipper. What a way to go.

"What do you know, McGee?" said Tony.

At the question, McGee wondered what he'd prefer – death by Tony and Ziva or death by Abigail Scuito. Of the two options, he was wondering if it was too late to retire. He didn't sign up for this. This was not in the FLETC handbook.

McGee pursed his lips and took a deep breath, "Only what Abby read from your lips afar…really afar…when we were at lunch today."

"And that is?" asked Ziva with her arms crossed.

McGee looked at them some more hesitantly before admitting, "That you and Tony have been seeing each other and you guys didn't want us to know."

Tony glanced at Ziva, "You're right. He does know."

McGee looked at them and thought it was nice to hear the confirmation. He couldn't help but smile.

"What are you smiling at Probie?" asked Tony.

"Well, I don't see what's so wrong. So long as you guys are happy?"

"Happy? Happy?!"

McGee frowned, "Am I missing something here? You guys aren't happy?"

Ziva gave Tony an exasperated expression, "Someone at lunch was explaining to me his brilliant idea of how to get Abby to stop spying on us by saying we're dating."

McGee's jaw dropped a little.

"And," continued Tony, "Abby must have left before getting the gist of the part that I was joking."

"Oops," said McGee channeling Abby.

"So now, thanks to Mr. 'This is how it would go down in a movie' here, we are now a couple. Gibbs will kill us," said Ziva.

"Before we have a chance to clarify the matter," said Tony. "Just like in – "

"Don't say it," shushed Ziva before he had a chance to utter the name of whatever movie was on his mind.

McGee retorted, "Come on guys, you don't REALLY think that Gibbs is going to kill you guys for breaking the 'rule'. It's there for a reason, but I don't think he's going to kill you over it. Well, especially since you're not actually breaking it."

"McGee, how many people think we're breaking it?"

"Abby, Palmer, Duckie, and at some point in time – me."

"Oh God," said Tony. "That only means one thing…"

"What?" asked Ziva.

"The entire NCIS staff knows."

McGee looked around the elevator, "Um – guys – how long do you think we can stay in here before – "

"No time for those logistics, McGee. You need to help us out of this," said Tony.

"You write books, make up a story," demanded Ziva.

"You wrote us, how would you unwrite us?" said Tony.

"Why do I have to be the one thinking the way out?" asked McGee. "This isn't my fault."

"You let a cute gothic girl have so much sway over your opinion?" countered Tony.

McGee sighed, "Fine…fine…" His mind was in a scramble. "Well, what if you guys just broke up?" His brain shuffled some more, "And what if you guys did this in front of Gibbs, so that we know for sure that he knows?"

"Okay," said Ziva turning the elevator back on.

"Okay?" asked McGee slightly bewildered by the quickness of Ziva's agreement.

"Perfect idea, Probie," said Tony as the elevator began to move back to their floor.

As the doors of the elevator opened, McGee watched it all unfold as he followed them out slowly.

"There's only two things you know Tony," said Ziva loudly as she walked off the elevator.

"Yeah? What's that?" said Tony with an edge toward his voice.

"How to spout USELESS facts about movies and bore women to death."

"Oh yeah?" said Tony with a huff. "Well that woman at the bar seemed quite lively."

Ziva's eyes narrowed. "I didn't notice…"

"Maybe it's because you were too busy making eyes, " Tony did a motion with his fingers in front his eyes, "with the kung fu expert that was sitting next to you."

She smirked, "Oh yes, Ryan, that reminds me to give him a call later."

McGee looked at Gibbs who was taking this all in.

"Everything OKAY, folks?" said Gibbs. The way Gibbs said okay could make someone's skin crawl…and everyone's skins crawled.

Tony sat down with a "Yes, Boss, everything is fine here."

Ziva nodded and glanced at Gibbs, "Just as it should be."

Gibbs looked at McGee.

"Just as it should be," he repeated before sitting down.

After sitting at his desk for ten minutes, he heard his phone ring.

"McGee," he answered.

"I heard…isn't it terrible?" pouted Abby.

For a second, McGee wondered if she should know the truth, but thought better, "Yeah…and after all that work…"

"I guess Tiva's just not meant to be, McGee," she sighed.

"Guess not," he responded looking over at Tony and Ziva. "Guess not."


Their glasses clinked.

Ziva smiled as a movie on TCM played in Tony's apartment.

"Here's to a job well done, Ms. David," said Tony, raising his glass. He glanced at the screen before returning to look at her, "You don't really think I really have useless movie facts do you? And that they bore women?"

"Perhaps I was exaggerating a bit," she admitted. "And you don't think I'd fall for someone just because they had kung fu skills do you?"

"I'd like to think there's more that catches your eye, " he replied.

"Good," said Ziva. "Because I admire all kinds of skills."

Tony looked at Ziva and wondered at the suggestive qualities that could be involved in her preference to 'all kinds of skills'.

"You really think they believed it?" asked Tony as Gregory Peck crossed the screen with lines he had memorized before in this movie.

"I do. As we speak, McGee is spending time with Abby playing computer games, to take her mind over her failed matchmaker attempts."

"Well, I'm not happy that Abby needs to be cheered up," said Tony, "but it really was for the best."

"You know, they're going to find out eventually," said Ziva setting her glass down.

"Sure, but for now, I kind of like having – Tiva – just be…Tiva," he replied, referencing the name that Ziva hated.

Though hearing it in that context, she didn't mind so much.

"Me too," she admitted as he pulled her closer. She leaned forward and whispered, "So let's just be…Tiva…"

And as they kissed both proved that science was often a mystery that – for now – the theorizers needn't know was true.