What we didn't see after episode nine.

Disclaimer: I don't own Sanctuary or any of it's characters

The knock on his door frame jolted him from his thoughts once again. The sent of sandalwood drifted into his nostrils; Will. His body hummed in excitement and arousal, and he mentally cursed himself. Not now!

"Henry?" Henry shook his head to clear his thoughts and turned to the door. Will was casually leaning against the door frame, his arms and legs crossed. He looked exhausted; his hair was in a disarray, his eyes were droopy, and even his stance showed he was tired.

"Shouldn't you be in bed?"

Will shook his head, "I'll go in a minute. I wanted to talk to you."

Henry's curiosity spiked, "'Bout what?"

Will straightened up from the door frame and took a few steps into the room, "I heard you didn't want to go through with the surgery." Henry only managed to nod, his eyes focusing on Will's body as it started to move forward again. The sent of sandalwood grew stronger with each step, almost causing Henry to roll his eyes in pleasure.

"I'm glad you didn't," in a quick movement, Will's mouth was on his faster than he could react; demanding, possession and thankfullness all rolling into one hard, clumsy kiss. He pulled back with a slight smile and fled out of the room.

Henry's knees gave out and he slid to the ground. What the hell just happened?