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I suppose it was, hmm, at least sometime later that night. By then, I was so exhausted that I had barely gotten into my bed before I had completely fallen into a deep sleep. Prince Francis, I assume, despite his excitement upon knowing his mother's upcoming arrival, had also fallen asleep.


My sleep, of course, was short-lived. After taking a quick glance at the alarm-clock...the numbers 3:34 A.M on display in bright red colors, I headed out of bed, out of my room, and downstairs to where his highness was still nesting.

However, to my surprise, Frank was no longer on his nest, but rather standing next to it and glancing at it with a bewildered look on his face. I myself got as close as I could to the nest without the prince's motherly instincts kicking in...for my own safety, of course...and noticed that a couple of the eggs were rocking back and forth.

Just then, a small cracking sound was heard as the tip of a tiny beak emerged from the egg dubbed "Lucille".

"Th-They're hatching..." Frank whispered wiping a few tears of joy from two of his four green reptilian eyes.

He then used his own beaked muzzle to gently crack open the egg. It wasn't long before a Transylvanian hatchling was stumbling about in the nest covered in soft downy gray feathers. I must admit that the tiny infant was quite cute...though I suppose human babies themselves are cute in their own way, as are kittens and...

Sorry, rambling again. Anywho, I gently picked up the newborn and carefully examined it to make sure it was healthy before handing it back to Prince Francis. Instinctively, the hatchling hid under the warmth and safety of Frank's plump feathered body.

"Congratulations." I told the prince, "It's a girl."

Frank nuzzled his offspring, "Lu-Lu."

"Lu-Lu?" I asked in confusion, "I though her name was Lucille."

"It is." his highness pointed out, "I just like to call her Lu-Lu too."

Before long, the other eggs hatched as well. Along with Lucille, Frank's offspring included two males and another female. All four of his offspring were in good health and all of them were currently nestled close to their mother for warmth and protection.

"What are you going to name the other three?"


I sighed, "Your other children. What are their names?"

At that moment, the expression on Francis's face was that of confusion with a slight hint of despair. It was as if I had asked him to tell me the very secrets of the universe itself.

"I...I don't know..." he looked at his other offspring seemingly lost in thought for quite some time, "Hmm...I'll call you Bob, and you will be Rufus, and my other daughter? Uh....hmm....Madeline. Yeah..that works."

"Ok..." I wrote down the names of Frank's offspring on a sheet of paper, "Well, I suppose you won't need me for the rest of the night. Do try to get some sleep, your highness."

He yawned sleepily in response, "I suppose you're right. Good night, uh..um.."


"Right, Harvey. Goodnight." Frank yawned again, "Oh...one more thing..."

I paused from only making it up three steps before looking over at the prince.

"Yes?" I asked.

"Thank you. For, helping me through this." his highness replied before laying down in his nest and falling asleep with his children curled up next to him sleeping as well.

"You're welcome." I whispered as I resumed my way back into my own room and bed, "Goodnight, Dr. Furter."

Author's Notes: Thanks for the reviews, everyone. I apologize that it takes me so long to create new chapters...been rather hectic here. Anywho, Frank's babies have just hatched. What adventures await our pudgy sweet-transvestite and his babies? What will happen when the Queen arrives? Who drank my soda? All this and more will be revealed in the upcoming chapters. Stay tuned!