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Anyways, hope you like, even though it's short. But aren't most prologues?

The pain. It was the pain that alerted him to something going wrong. Horribly wrong. Then his HUD displayed warnings he had never seen before and he panicked. Strewn over his HUD were warnings of imminent termination due to an energy overload straight into his Spark – One his own spark could not handle. The last thing he remembered was going after the Allspark which was clutched in Sam's Hand. Determined to get it, he crawled after the squishy as he remembered Optimus calling to Sam to put the cube in his chest, but Sam must been smarter than Megatron gave him credit for, because he had realized if he could do it to one, he could do it to another, and that he did. And that's when it started.

He hadn't much time left, so with one last thought, he considered his options. He could send himself through the internet. It was worldwide, and when he reached a good enough lab, one with robotics, he figured he could rebuild himself, so that's what he set out to do. Megatron's body sputtered and convulsed as it took in the raw energy unwillingly and he cried out silently as his body started to violently shut down. It was a shut down he wouldn't wish on his worst enemy… then again, he just might.

While he lay unmoving as Optimus stood over him, his optics started to go dark as his spark went straight into the net, where it would be impossible to track him and he could accomplish his goal in secrecy. Find the lab that built machines good enough to support his new spark and implant himself into one, thus rebuilding himself once more to lead the Decepticons that were sure to come.

"You gave me no choice, brother," He heard Optimus say as his vision and audio receptors went dead. Little did the Autobot Commander know what Megatron had done, and no one would know – believing he was truly dead. If he could laugh, it would be the loudest sound possible. He could see everything that he wanted to know, browse wherever he wanted to see, and no one would think anything of it other than a normal hit from a visitor as he hunted.