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Miles was now standing and leaning on the console of the jet creature. He about jumped when a shark went by, "So um… About what you said about Decepticons not being nice and all… The other guy said you were the good guys."

There was no answer at first from the Decepticon and then, "Information: Decepticons are enemies of the Autobots,"

"Yeah I got that part. The Autobots wanted to destroy the Allspark, and did, taking your boss with it."

"Information incorrect: Megatron wanted the Allspark to turn human machines into his new army."

"What? What do you mean? And who the hell is Megatron?"

"Information: Megatron is Decepticon Supreme Leader."

"Ok, he's the – wait, hold up, he's the leader? As in the big boss man? That's him? He's been in my computer?"


"Ok, so once you fix your boss then what?"

"Megatron will go about his plan, using himself as a spark creator,"

"What about the Autobots?"

"Autobots will be destroyed."

"Listen, why does he want to use earth's machines? Won't that get a little dangerous? Especially if humans don't have this brand on them like a cow?"

"Answer: Fleshling danger, not important."

Miles' stomach churned. There was that flesh word again. For some reason, it bothered him a lot more than before. That could be because he was sitting in one of these giant machines well on his way to the bottom of a trench in the middle of the ocean.

Something was sounding really off about this whole thing. If these were the good guys, then why didn't they care if humans were harmed? "Hey Soundwave?"


"Why do you guys use the flesh word so much? Is it so hard to use what we are? Humans."

"Answer not required."

"Damnit, answer me!" Miles hit the console of the jet. It lurched in the water and then the voice droned out something completely unexpected, "Rumble Eject: Operation: Hold fleshling still."

Ok, that so didn't sound good.

Suddenly there was a spark from behind him and something jumped out, skittered across the floor and landed on Miles hard, causing him to fall into the seat. It was also being very rough with him, "Hey I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hit you, I was just frustrated!"

"Reasoning: Not required. Rumble shall keep you still."

"Man, you really aren't very nice. What… someone shove the equivalent of a suppository up your tailpipe?"

"Shut up, fleshwad!" the little critter – Rumble Soundwave said his name was? – suddenly said, getting right in Miles' face. He was spindly and ragged looking. His arms were tiny but very strong. Miles snorted, "hey, dude, I am like your liaison. You gotta be nice to me!"

"I don't gotta do anything!"

"Ravage Eject: Operation: Guard the human." Another spark from behind Sam and something that screeched like a cat or something hit the floors with a metal to metal clang. Miles then heard the sound of claws walking up behind him. A metal thing sat down next to Miles, looking up at him. The gnarly mouth on it was lined with teeth.

Man, if these were the good guys, they sure were mean, he would hate to see what the bad guys were like – hell what they looked like if these guys were anything to go off of!

The ship went deeper until it finally turned on many lights, illuminating around it's body as it scanned the area. It hadn't taken as long as one would think to go down so deeply and Miles heard whirring and clicking coming from under the body of the jet like thing. He then felt the entire body shudder, almost causing the cat to fall and Rumble did fall, but quickly got back up, standing over Miles, waiting for him to even twitch, "Boss, when can I have at him?"

"Rumble: Stand down."

The ship started to rise from its place, engines whirring as it set a pace.

Another half an hour and they were coming into lighted waters once more. Miles wanted out of this. Even if these were the good guys, he was done with it. They were mean and they were ugly! He couldn't wait until they touched land again. He would kiss the dirt, just to have dirt under his feet again.

When they finally rose out of the water, the jet suddenly rumbled and shot upwards high into the sky. Miles felt like he was being squished by the Gs that Soundwave was pulling as it went up, "Fragile in here. Fragile in here!"

"Fragility is weak." Rumble sneered.

The jet started moving in another direction. Miles grabbed his stomach is it threatened to go all over the jet. He knew if this thing kept up all the strange movements he would lose control, "Man, I will throw up if you don't knock off the shit!"

"If you throw up, I will throw you out!" Rumble snickered. Oh how the thought delighted him.

"Suggestion: Control your bodily functions." Soundwave droned as he flew on.


Hours later, Miles found himself on the dirt. He was visibly shaken by his experience. He now looked apprehensively towards the black Challenger, "Me-Megatron. Can you take me home?"

"Walk," The car spoke.

"What?! I'll die before I get 2 miles!"

"Don't you like my earthly humor? Yes, I will take you home. They didn't harm you too bad did they?"

"If you consider getting threatened to get thrown… or the fact that your Communications Officer is a total bore… no."

Megatron couldn't help but chuckle at Miles' interpretation of Soundwave, "Get in," the boy did as he was told, the door shutting with a click and the car took off, "How did you know my name?"

"Wasn't hard to deduce once he kept saying to get your body."

"Hmm… what else did he tell you?"

"That you're the Supreme Leader of the Decepticons. And that you plan to use your spark – I think he called it – to turn Earths machines into robots,"

"Sometimes he gives too much information." The car turned onto pavement as it continued on its path.

"He's not nice."

"Some say I am not either. I suppose it's all how you look at it."

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