Summary: Bella is a young and troubled single mom in desperate need of money. Edward is the son of two millionaires, and in desperate need of tutoring. Both are students at Harvard. How will they react to one another? What will they learn? Read and review. My summary is not the greatest.

Lessons Learned

"Hawaiian Flight 412 to Seattle-Tacoma- Boarding will commence in 5 minutes- Hawaiian Flight 412 to Seattle-Tacoma" The noisy airport was very air-conditioned, and I shivered, and bent down to get a jacket out of my bag.

Suddenly something flew past my left ear, and landed under the seat across from me. I looked around for its origin. A young woman with her back to me set an infant- a girl- on her hip and stood up. "Abra, wherever did you throw your whale? And we've got to get on the plane in five minutes, too!"

She turned towards me, and I was startled. She looked much too young to be a mother. To put her age at twenty would be a stretch. A thick braid the color of dark chocolate reached down her back, a red elastic tying it off. Several inches of thick curls fell beyond that. Not spotting the toy she turned back around, and after a few more minutes of looking, sat back down again to pack up her things.

"Hawaiian Flight 412 to Seattle-Tacoma, boarding commences now for all passengers who need assistance or extra time boarding- Hawaiian Flight 412 to Seattle-Tacoma."

I watched her as she boarded the plane, and seeing her walk down the gangway, I darted forward and picked up the toy. It was a small blue whale, made of soft terrycloth, obviously well loved. I would return it to her.

"Hawaiian Flight 412 to Seattle-Tacoma-Now boarding passengers in rows 25 and up- Hawaiian Flight 412 to Seattle-Tacoma."

I picked up my bags and walked to get in line. The trip had been a last minute one, and I all the first class seats had been taken. All that was left were a few in the back of the plane. I checked my boarding pass. 27B. Great. A middle seat. And the flight looked really full, so I wouldn't be able to negotiate a window seat. Oh well.

My turn came up in line and I handed the flight attendant my boarding pass. "Ma'am? Could you tell me the seat number of the young woman with the baby? The baby lost her whale, and I'd like to return it to her." I held up the toy.

She nodded absently and typed something into her computer. "Isabella Swan, seat 26A. Next!"

I grinned. I had gotten her name too. Isabella was a pretty name. I recognized it from somewhere, but I couldn't recall where. I was so caught up in thinking about her that I almost bumped into the person standing in front of be on the gangway. Why was she so fascinating to me anyway? What was it about her- 'Snap out of it Edward' I thought to myself. 'You are going to return the whale to her and then you are going to forget all about her.' But somewhere inside, I knew I wouldn't.

The line inched forward, seemingly in slow motion, until finally I stepped into the plane. As the line moved forward, I realized what was holding us up, and became quite annoyed at the woman. Until I realized- it was she. Isabella. She stood in row 26 looking rather forlorn as she held her suitcase and the baby, unable to put the bag up on the luggage rack.

"Allow me." I said, and she looked grateful as she handed me her suitcase. I lifted it easily up to the luggage rack, and pulled the whale out of my pocket. "This wouldn't happen to be yours, would it?"

Her relieved smile lit up my day. "Oh Abra, this nice man returned your whale! Wasn't that nice of him?" The baby buried her face in Isabella's shoulder. She turned back to me. "Thank you so much Mr.?"

"Cullen. But that's my dad. I'm Edward"

She smiled again, illuminating her whole face. "You've just saved me from dealing with countless hours of this little one's crying."

I nodded, and walked back to my seat.


Several hours later, I closed the book I was reading and tucked it into my bag to think for a while. Could Isabella really be the baby- Abra's- mother? She certainly acted like it. She was so young! Maybe she was older than she looked. Or maybe she was just an aunt or a cousin. But why would an aunt or a cousin be traveling by herself with a baby so young? It didn't make any sense. I watched through the space in between the seats as she interacted with her daughter. I couldn't shake the feeling that Isabella was Abra's mother.


I exited the plane, knowing this would probably be the last time I would ever see her. She had somehow retrieved her bag from the luggage rack and was packing things into a baby bag with one hand, holding the little girl on her hip with the other. I wished I was leaving the airport to go home to our house in Forks, but I was going on to Boston, to go back to college, and my parents were living at their house in New Hampshire now, the house in Forks would be empty.

My parents had a number of houses, a house in Forks, Washington, where I had grown up, a house in rural New Hampshire, in a small town on Lake Winnipesauke, a house in New York City, a house in Miami, flats in London, Paris, and Rome, and a house in Rio de Janeiro. My father, Carlisle, was a successful businessman, he had been a surgeon for many years, but had started a network of hospitals across the country specializing in cancer research, and had helped many people, in addition to making a huge pile of money. Esme, my mother was not the society wife everyone expected her to be. She was a well-known architect, and she had designed all of my father's hospitals, and many other important buildings. I had two siblings, Alice and Emmett, who were both older than me, at 25 and 27. I was 23, and in my second year of medical school at Harvard.


I stopped at a Starbucks to wake myself up with a latte before continuing on to my next flight.

"JetBlue Flight 746 to Boston Logan. Boarding will commence in five minutes. JetBlue Flight 746 to Boston Logan."

Just as the intercom turned off, Isabella Swan rushed into the seating area, looking harried. I couldn't keep my eyes off of her. Was she really going to be on my flight to Boston as well? This was good luck, such as I'd never had before.


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