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Chapter 10 – More added...

Isaribi had just returned from a mission and met Naruto at the tower. She walked home with him. She knew something was bothering him, so took his hand. Naruto smiled at the girl who wore an opened back one piece swimming suit and cargo pants.

He had to admit she was sexy and the suit revealed every inch of her developing chest. Isaribi raised an eyebrow when she felt his gaze lingered a bit too long on her breasts. She smiled and winked at her husband. She leaned in and whispered, "Want to see me under the clothes?"

Naruto's eyes went wide and a look of confusion appeared on his face. He then asked quietly, "Are you sure?"

(Soft Lemon)…

She nodded in reply and he opened the door to the house. She grinned mischievously as the door closed behind them. She quickly wrapped her arms around the blonde and kissed him passionately. She was surprised by the return of passion, but wasn't going to complain. She then asked, "Had a hard day?"

Naruto looked down and sighed. He then replied, "You have no idea…"

Isaribi then jumped into his arms and said, "Take me upstairs. We can work off some of your frustration and then talk about it."

He carried her up the stairs, brought her into his room and closed the door behind them. She immediately kissed him and pulled his shirt off, only breaking the kiss to allow the shirt to pass between them. She kissed his neck as she worked on his pants. "You really want to go through with this?" he asked, trepidation apparent in his voice.

She broke the kiss and replied, "I've been waiting for this since Yoshi-chan and you did it, but given the surgery and the missions… oh yes right there." She moaned loudly as he had pulled her suit down to her waist and had one of her nipples in his mouth and was gently sucking and licking it. She gently ran her hands through his hair and gasped in pleasure. As his kissed moved back up to her neck she said, "Even though we are in our younger bodies we know that we're older and thus we can perform our marital duties."

She kissed his neck and worked her way down his chest and then pulled his pants and boxers down in one pull. She smiled at the sight of her naked husband. She watched as he did the same with her suit and pants. The both stepped out of their clothes and moved to the bed. Naruto climbed on first and then she followed. The again kissed passionately. She was kissing him on her hands and knees while his hand was rubbing between her legs.

Naruto looked at her worriedly, but she kissed him and pushed down. She stopped and gently bit his lip. When the pain subsided she began to push down further. After feeling better she began to move back and forth which he pushed up into her. This continued for a while and the kissing continued unabated. Isaribi found out the hard way that Naruto's having had more girls than just her had pushed his stamina past hers by a long ways. She hit her climax and collapsed upon the boy. She smiled wearily and said, "Please finish, but I will do what I can, since I'm already there."

He quickly arranged her legs on his and rolled on top of her. Just as the built up pleasure had hit its high point, her breathing became erratic and she felt herself clamp down on him yet again, while this was happening he made one final thrust and felt his own release. He collapsed on her, but she pulled him further into herself, she felt the minute twitches that was his release continue. Each one sent a shiver of pleasure up her spine. Finally she released him and he rolled to her right. Both attempted to catch their breaths. Isaribi smirked and turned to Naruto.

She then said, "How about we try it with me transformed." Naruto looked at her and shrugged. She waited a couple minutes for them to catch their breaths and then she kissed him. She noticed him rising to the occasion and said, "Why Naruto-kun… who knew you were such a stud."

Naruto rolled his eyes and then pulled her on him. She then noticed her skin became ten times more sensitive and with him running his finger around her nipple she was in heaven. She began to move back and forth and saw his eyes widen. "Oh Kami, that feels incredible," he exclaimed.

They continued for another minute before they both climaxed and she lay on his chest. She smiled and looked up into his eyes. She then said, "I love you Naruto-kun. Hinata-chan may have loved you the longest, but you saved me… you saved us all. I will give you this every night if you were but to ask me too." She then felt something pushing into her via her vagina. Her eyes glazed over and she saw Naruto's teeth elongate. The kissed each other's neck and then gently bit down on the other's shoulder. The both climaxed yet again. She knew now that she had a bond with the man that she loved. She licked the blood off of her lips and saw him do the same. She was still in her Kaima form, but lay down on his chest. After a few minutes she felt him slip out and she slid to the side.

(End soft lemon)…

Isaribi continued to rub his chest, but then asked, "What's got you so troubled?"

Naruto sighed and ran his hand through her hair. He then replied, "Sasuke ran and Sakura wanted to go with him."

Isaribi sighed contently and said, "We knew he would, but there's more. I know, because this bite has brought me closer to you."

Naruto nodded and said, "Yoshiko called it a mating mark. I'm yours and you're mine is the simple answer, but also you are part of my family. First there was Yoshiko, then Hinata, Kyuubi…"

Isaribi pushed up onto her elbows and asked, "Kyuubi?"

Naruto nodded and replied, "Yeah, it was a way that Yoshiko, Hinata and I got more control of her. It's different from last time when I forced my will upon her. This time she tried to take the dominant position in the relationship of host and beast. She lost and is subservient to Yoshiko and Hinata. I've also marked you, Koyuki, Haku and the other girls. Well not Midori. I think the Kyuubi did something and called all the girls that have ever had anything for me, whether mild or strong."

Isaribi giggled, while Naruto gave her a confused look. She sighed and then explained, "Is that such a bad thing? Look you had a bunch of us after you in the past life and now you have more. We all love you and I'm sure Midori will come around when she gets older. So far no one has had a problem with you having multiple wives, except for the council, who we blocked while the Third was around. I know you had a soft spot for him and that brat Sasuke too, but one has passed and the other you have stopped from killing you."

Naruto looked into her eyes and said, "But haven't I killed him with us capturing him?"

Isaribi shook her head and replied, "No, he made his choices long ago and you've done everything you could to try to save him and he just doesn't want to be saved. He thinks that killing you is a way to get what he wants. You wanted to try to shoulder the burden of the world and to do that you will need a lot of support. They say that wives help their husbands shoulder their burdens. I have a feeling that you will be called to the land of Birds and Vegetables soon. Do you think they will share our bed?"

Naruto chuckled and replied, "Haruna more than likely will. Just ask Hinata how she reacted to me coming back here after protecting her and saving her country."

Isaribi leaned up and kissed him. She then said, "I can't give you any more tonight, but give me a week and I could spend the whole night with and wouldn't care how many times you brought me to climax."

Naruto then said, "Yeah, I'm kind of tired too, but doing it while you're transformed was… just wow…"

Isaribi smiled and said, "I know and when we marked each other… I don't ever want you to feel alone."

There was a knock at the window and it was opened. A young person wearing a bandana and a fur lined vest entered the room. The person blushed and said, "I said I wouldn't let you be alone Naruto-kun and I meant it."

Naruto's eyes went wide and he whispered, "Amaru…"

Isaribi sat up and looked at this person and asked, "Who is the boy?"

Naruto chuckled and replied, "That is Amaru-chan, container of the Rebi the Zero-tailed beast. She became a close friend before Pain attacked."

Isaribi was shocked to see Amaru take off her vest and then shed her shirt. Amaru then asked, "Can I become one with you Naruto-kun?"

Naruto looked at Isaribi who just shrugged and asked, "How old do you think you are?"

Amaru smirked and replied, "I'm a seventeen year old girl trapped in a fourteen year old body." She had at this point taken off her pants and panties. She then sat down beside Naruto and said, "I think Kyuubi sent my memories back to me, so I had Shinno come to Konoha under the pretext that I wanted to visit. I don't think he is ready to have Sky country attack just yet and it is an honor to see Tsunade again. So who is the girl sharing your bed and is she willing to share you?"

Naruto chuckled and replied, "Isaribi, Amaru, Amaru, Isaribi. She along with quite a few other women are my wives."

Amaru raised an eyebrow, but then kissed Naruto and asked, "Is there room for one more?"

Isaribi nodded and replied, "As long as you love Naruto-kun you are welcome to join the marriage." She then giggled and said, "All you need to do is consummate the marriage and acquire his mate mark and you are married to the most eligible married man in Konoha."

Amaru looked down and blushed. She then said, "We played around last time, but Hinata wouldn't let us go all the way. Will she stop us this time?"

"No, I would be glad to have you as a sister in this marriage Amaru-chan," Hinata said from the doorway along with a tired looking Yoshiko.

Yoshiko smirked and said, "And here I thought we would be able to get some Naruto time, but since we have a new initiate. It is good to see you again Amaru-chan. I'm Yoshiko, but have the merged soul of Tsunade and am biologically the daughter of Tsunade."

Amaru looked surprised and covered herself in embarrassment. "I'm sorry Senju-sama," she said apologetically.

Yoshiko walked over to Amaru and pulled her arms down and away from the girl. "You have nothing to be ashamed of. We have all made love to Naruto-kun and taken his mark. If that is your desire, we can leave so that you can consummate it in peace. I know that I had Hinata with me when we fulfilled the contract with the Shinigami. I'm guessing that is when your memories came back to you."

Amaru nodded and replied, "It wasn't that long ago and I remembered it all. What happened that caused us to go back?"

Yoshiko scowled, while Hinata and Haku entered the room and closed the door behind them. "Uchiha Sasuke and Haruno Sakura killed Naruto, Shion and their unborn baby," Yoshiko explained.

Isaribi got up, put on a silk robe and walked, more like limped to the bathroom. "I'll just go clean up," she explained.

Amaru looked worriedly into Naruto eyes and asked, "You don't mind being with me, even if I'm still only in a girl's body?"

Naruto leaned forward and kissed her passionately on the lips. Amaru melted into the kiss and followed him back to the bed. Yoshiko touched Amaru's lower stomach and smiled at the girl. She then said, "You will not have to worry about getting pregnant now. He is yours to do as you like for the next little bit. Do you want company or do you want to be alone?"

Amaru looked up and blushed profusely. She then asked, "Can I have him alone?"

The girls looked at each other and then turned to Amaru, they all nodded together. Haku helped Isaribi out of the room with the others.

(Yet another lemon)…

Naruto looked worriedly at Amaru and said, "Amaru…", but she put a finger on his lips and then replaced it with her own lips.

She broke the kiss and said, "I wanted to be with you since that day, but our lives got… complicated. Now with a fresh start I can be with you and show you the love that I wanted to. The playing around was me being shy and not able to show the depth of my feelings for you, like Hinata-chan who hid hers for years… I love you Naruto and want to be your wife. Will you have me?"

Naruto looked at the girl and his eyes became teary. He wiped a tear that fell, but it was followed by another. Amaru wiped the tears away and gently kissed him. She gently lowered him back down on the bed and then climbed on top of him. They continued the passionate kisses while she felt him become they became connected. Naruto's hands were working feverishly, one massaging her ass, while the other was working on her small breast. As the two got into a rhythm his hands moved to her hips and their breathing became in sync. Amaru felt her teeth elongating and could feel his doing the same. She moved her kissing down his neck and she saw several marks on his shoulder so she decided to add her own. She unconsciously added chakra and bit down into his shoulder, while she felt him do the same. She felt a wave of pleasure wash over her and she felt herself clamp down internally and with her jaw on her lover. She then felt him release into her and that pushed more pleasure through her. She threw her head back, while she released her grip on his shoulder. She collapsed on to him and whispered, "If it would have been that good back then I would have taken you the night we got back from you taking out that flying castle."

Naruto was gasping for breath and smiled warmly at the girl in his arms. He finally got his breath under control and said, "I would have liked that, but I'm also sure that if Sakura would have found out she would have killed me sooner and Hinata-chan might have asked to share the bed with us."

(End Lemon)…

Amaru giggled at his comment and then looked lovingly into his eyes and said, "The reason I was so… difficult was that I knew that I liked you, but couldn't admit it and I knew deep down that we were alike on some level. It just turned out that we were both jinchuuriki. Now what are we going to do about my sensei?"

"I don't know, but I think we should bring the others in on it, so that we can plan out what to do. I know that soon I will be heading to Bird, Bear, and Vegetable countries. I have to help them deal with problems there. You could stay here while I'm gone," he suggested.

Amaru shook her head and replied, "No, we have other places to go and he has some things to teach me over the next few years. I'm glad that that we were able to be with each other and I love you Naruto-kun."

Naruto smiled and said, "I love you too Amaru. I love all my wives."

Amaru giggled and said, "Yeah, over and over and over… right?"

Naruto then wore a maniacal grin and asked, "Does my Amaru-chan want more?"

She blushed and nodded. The two made love a couple more times before they finally finished. Amaru snuggled up to Naruto, but noticed his gaze and followed it. She saw the girl from before and saw her beautifully colored scaled skin. Naruto waved Isaribi over and the girl slid into the bed and snuggled up to the other side of Naruto. Isaribi smiled at Amaru and asked, "He's just too loveable isn't he?"

Amaru blushed, smiled and nodded into his chest. The girls pulled up the sheets and settled in for some sleep.


Yoshiko walked Shinno into the Senju guest house, bowed and said, "Shinno-san, I have made accommodations for yourself here and Amaru-san in the main house. I will work with her tomorrow on some interesting healing techniques while you talk with my mother. Have a good night."

Shinno bowed and smiled at the girl. "Thank you very much for your hospitality, Yoshiko-sama. We are indebted to you. I look forward to the progress that my apprentice makes under your tutelage."

Yoshiko left the guest house and went directly to her mother's room. Tsunade was looking over some paperwork, but put it down when she saw her daughter. She waved her in and Yoshiko closed the door behind her. "Is Amaru-chan settled?" Tsunade asked.

Yoshiko blushed and replied, "Oh she is quite satisfied."

Tsunade glared at her daughter for a second and then said, "I can't believe that you were me from three years in the future."

Yoshiko giggled and said, "No, I'm both you from the future, but am more myself than you, since the you from the future merged and allowed me to be the dominant personality. Now down to business. You have two daughters of Daimyos here, right?"

Tsunade nodded and replied, "Yeah, from Haruna from Vegetable and Toki from Bird. Are you expecting them to join your little harem?"

Yoshiko replied, "Haruna, most definitely, but the jury is still out on Toki. What are we to do about the shinobi from the other villages?"

Tsunade sighed and then replied, "Well the girl from Taki is a jinchuuriki and wants asylum, I'm going to allow it, but she also wants to talk and 'do things' with Naruto. I'm guessing that she wants to join your little harem. The two from Kumo are here for information, but the girl seems off for some reason. I think we should have Naruto meet with them, since they are jinchuuriki. Tsukino is from Tsuki and she seems to not want to take no for an answer about having Naruto as her husband. I'll leave her to you. The pair from Kiri are a strange pair, both are jinchuuriki, but one is the Mizukage or former Mizukage."

Yoshiko shook her head and then looked at her mother. "There's more isn't there?" she asked hesitantly.

Tsunade pinched her nosed and replied, "Yeah, a girl from the Star village, Hokuto I think her name was, but she wants to also join your harem. She also admitted that she had her memories to me. That along with Tatsushiro Akari from the Ryu clan and a woman from Sound asking for asylum, Guren was her name, if I recall. She also brought a boy with her, not sure if she wants to join the harem, but it is a possibility in the way she kept licking her lips when she mentioned Naruto. Oh and your father got a message from his former students who claim that they are part of Akatsuki. They want to meet and discuss them leaving Akatsuki. Even stranger was a message crow from Itachi that stated if we don't release his brother then he will have no choice."

Yoshiko looked confused and asked, "No choice… to what?"

Tsunade shrugged and replied, "That's just it, the message stopped there. I guess we will have to deal with this in the morning. Try to make sure that husband of yours has some strength because I think he's in for a long day of consummation of marriages with more women. I'm glad Anko is busy. So are there any other women I should know about that my son-in-law is going to bed with?"

Yoshiko took a thinking pose and began, "Let's see, Senju clan, me, Yuki clan, Haku, Hyuuga clan, Hinata, Uzumaki-Namikaze clans, Amaru, Isaribi, Anko, Guren, Hokuto, Midori, eventually and maybe Fuu from Waterfall, Ryu clan, Akari, Tsukino might be her own clan, the daughters of the Daimyos, Daimyo, and priestesses Koyuki, Shion, Haruna, and Toki, and finally Sasame from the Fuuma clan. I think that is it, but when Sasuke's defection and imprisonment become known Naruto may become more a target for his fan girls, but I wouldn't be opposed to Yamanaka Ino, Temari of the Sands or Tenten joining us. I am disappointed in Sakura though. She was my apprentice in the future and she was looking like she was going to become even a better medic than I was, but her aiding Sasuke in killing Naruto, Shion and their unborn child."

Tsunade sighed and said, "It saddened me that he had to see his 'wife' and child die before his eyes. Now did you make sure that Koyuki wasn't pregnant?"

Yoshiko nodded and replied, "Yes, I put the chakra into her and ran diagnostics on her while she was here and just before she left. We also kept her away from Naruto for five days before she left, so she got her jollies and then we were with him all the time. He slept with us and not her until she left. Also I asked Naruto and Kyuubi, both said that he was a good boy."

Tsunade sighed and said, "You know I don't really approve of girls that are twelve or thirteen are having sex, even if they are taking precautions?"

Yoshiko nodded and replied, "Yes, but we also know that the girls that are sleeping with him are mentally older and ready for the responsibilities. They also are getting stronger by getting and showing that they love Naruto. Are preparations ready for the Fuuma clan arriving?"

Tsunade nodded her head and replied, "Yeah, they are getting part of the old Uchiha district. You know that with Naruto marrying all those girls and being the husband of so many clans he will garner political enemies?"

"We already have Danzo to deal with, but I understand. How is the Haruno clan handling Sakura's incarceration?" Yoshiko asked dryly.

Tsunade laughed and replied, "They wanted her released, but when the evidence that she would have left if Sasuke hadn't knocked her out, they asked for a lighter sentence and psychological help for the girl. I still haven't decided on what to do." Tsunade then began to shoo Yoshiko out of her room when Jiraiya entered, by saying, "My turn to have some fun and we should be adding within the year."

Yoshiko eyes lit up and she asked, "Really?"

Tsunade nodded and replied, "Yeah I checked and Shizune double checked, I'm only a few weeks along, but you will have a sibling in about nine or so months. Now go and let me play with a pervert for a while."

Yoshiko giggled and left the room. She smiled at the idea of having a sibling. She quietly entered Naruto's room and saw that both girls were asleep, but he was awake. Yoshiko smirked as did Naruto. A puff of smoke and Naruto was standing beside her naked, but also he was in the bed with the two girls.

Yoshiko asked, "Didn't get enough?"

Naruto grabbed her and kissed her gently on the lips. She pulled the strings on her kimono and allowed it to fall to the ground, revealing her clad only in panties. Naruto broke the kiss and asked, "How long have you been wanting it?"

She smirked and pulled him out of his room and into hers. She glanced out the window and Naruto followed her gaze and he noticed two people in the tree watching. They spent the next hour making love in full view of Fu and Yugito. Neither could break away and watch the blonde pair making love. Fu eventually touched the window and entered the room.

She saw that they had noticed her, but they both wore warm smiles and didn't seem to hate her like most others. She knew that they were like her, but watching them and then smelling the lingering smells in the air, caused her to take off her clothes and move in between the pair and curl up with them.


Shizune entered Naruto's room to find Naruto curled up with Isaribi and Amaru in the bed. She then moved down to Yoshiko's room and found Naruto with Yoshiko and the Taki girl in Yoshiko's bed. All three of them were curled up together. 'I hope they get it out of there systems, since he is going to be away for a few years training. I'm sure Jiraiya-sama will train them hard,' she thought to herself while she quietly closed the door.

She turned and was confronted by a naked young woman wearing a Kumo headband. The woman blushed and said, "Can I go to Naruto-sama?"

Shizune giggled and then said, "I would wait until after breakfast before you partake of Naruto-kun. You will also have to clear it with both Tsunade-sama and Yoshiko-sama."

The woman bowed and replied, "I have already cleared it with Hokage-sama, but have yet to talk to Yoshiko-sama. Kirabi has told me that if I do this then I should be able to bring Konoha closer to Kumo and help avert the coming war."

"Well, Naruto-kun is finicky with his wives, but is also accepting, since he doesn't know you I would go out on a date before you bed him," Shizune explained.

"The Taki jinchuuriki has already bed him and I see no reason not to do the same if it will help me along," Yugito said in reply.

"Yugito-san, while I find you a gorgeous woman, I would like to get to know you better and I may have slept with Fu, but I didn't have sex with her. She has an aversion to most people and felt comfortable with Yoshiko-chan and I. I'm not opposed to having you as a wife, I need to know a little about you, since we only met when you were called to the battlefield by Madara. Bee I know and trust, you I don't know. Fu is still sorting out her memories and is confused. She was used and wants to find someone to be with. Right now she wants companionship and we will give that to her. You are already a known force and have your own agenda. I want to understand that agenda so that we can either be allies or lovers, but that is up to you," Naruto explained in the doorway with only a bathrobe on and Yoshiko standing behind him.


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