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Author's note: Rilian and Eustace's ages would be a lot closer to each other, since your age changes when you enter Aslan's Country. So in my mind (and for the benefit of this fic) Rilian would be early to mid-twenties and Eustace would be in his late teens. Also, I apologize if Alberta and Harold seem too nice. I've always viewed them as people who were not so much mean, but forward thinkers (at least by 1940's standards) so I decided to go with that.

Alberta was quite pretty, Rilian had to admit. Or she would be, if the constant sour look on her face would go away, and she would perhaps smile a bit. She looked a lot like Eustace, with her dark hair and big green eyes. On her son the shared features were almost feminine, but on her it fit.

"You need a hair cut."

Rilian's jaw almost drops when he hears that. She hasn't seen her son is almost twenty years and the only thing she can think to say is that he needs a haircut?

Eustace, to his credit, seems unfazed. He had explained to Rilian that with their Narnian garb and the swords they carried at their sides they would probably be looked at funny when they were in the mock-up of England that was here, but he didn't expect it to extend to his parents. He just tugs on a long lock of hair that's touching his temple, offering his mother a shrug. "I wear it in the traditional style of the Narnians."

Alberta rolls her eyes, clearly not thinking too highly of the Narnian fashions. Harold chooses this time to enter the house, making Rilian sigh in relief. They have been waiting on Eustace's father to return, and the faster they could eat and be back within the confines of their chamber in Cair Paravel the better. Sitting with Alberta is nerve wracking.

"Harold, dear," Alberta calls to the hallway, "come meet Eustace and his boyfriend."

Rilian chokes when the words flow from her mouth so easily, and Alberta's eyebrow raises at him, "You alright?"

"Well, er," Rilian laughs nervously, "When Peter's parents found out about him and my father..."

Alberta rolls her eyes, clearly not fond of the comparison to her relations, "My sister never could see the bigger picture. All that traditional nonsense taking up her brain."

Harold enters the room then, nodding at his son and his lover perched on the sofa. "Boys," he clasped his hands together behind his back, "Shall we eat then?"

Alberta nodded, "Everything is ready, we've just when waiting on you."

The three of them stand, following Harold into the dining room. Rilian is surprised when both Eustace and his father sit before his mother even has her chair pulled out (honestly, Eustace's manners are proving to be nonexistent here) and even more surprised when he sees the square, white blocks that are supposedly their dinner for tonight.

"Um, excuse me, and I don't mean to be rude, but what is this?"

"That's Tofu," Alberta pointed out, "bean curd. We're vegetarians, you see."

"You're what?"

"They don't eat meat at all, Rill," Eustace explains, "Kinda like how we don't eat talking animals because it's wrong, except they think eating any sort of animal is wrong. Tofu is a substitute for meat."

"No... meat?" Rilian furrows is brow, "How can you eat no meat? We eat meat everyday."

"I bet you do," Harold snorts, picking up on the double entendre of Rilian's words.

Rilian squeaks, mortified, and covers his face with his hands. Eustace throws his head back and laughs at his boyfriend's expense, and Alberta quirks her lips in what could almost be called a smile. Rilian sees this, and choses to grin back anyway, realizing he was right.

Alberta was quite pretty when she smiled. Getting her to do so, however, was half the battle.