Dark Vengeance

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Author's notes: This idea has been swimming around in my head for quite some time, I know how it all will end but what happens in the middle is something that's still evolving. It all takes place within the G1 universe, and pretty much focuses on the Decepticon High Command and an OC.

It's been a while since I've posted anything on my own, so bear with me if I take a while to update. Enjoy, and while I'm at it, may you have a Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year!

A big thank you to Taipan Kiryu for looking this over, I appreciate your opinions.

Disclaimer: I don't own the Transformers, as much as I wish otherwise. But I do own Shadowstar, so I guess that's a start.

Chapter 1: Deadly Mistakes


The desire pulsed through her like a toxin, unremitting.

So many years had passed, countless lifetimes; time had marched on despite her, yet she had persisted through it all, watching, waiting. Conspiring. And now, for the first time in millennia, she could see the end to the darkness that had consumed her. Mere cycles now separated her from her final goal; she was so close…yet never had vengeance seemed so distant.

Shadowstar checked her internal chronometer, her crimson optics scanning the blackness before her hungrily. Soon. Soon that Decepticon ship would appear, just like the images that played out in her mind, over and over. It would drift noiselessly through the darkness and throw the world into shadow as it descended upon the planet, landing beside the abandoned shipping port with an air of arrogance. They would disembark, strong and powerful, and they would carry out their orders as he watched on.

And she would be watching too. Watching each and every one of them. Rage would flow through her, and yearning; her systems would pulse frantically, her mind focussed, her body poised, watching, waiting…

She stood from the metal crate on which she had been sitting and began to pace, her hands twisting and clenching at her sides with a life of their own. Maybe she had been misinformed, the timing wrong, the location incorrect… Yet as she contemplated this thought a tiny light emerged from the night, a ship… Their ship.

A cynical smirk graced her defined features as she regarded her refection in the lustrous surface of the building beside her; a look so twisted by hate and desire that she barely recognised herself.

But then again, it had been so long since she had truly known herself anyway, what was one more contorted reflection?

Long fingers travelled absently the fine crevice between black armour plates; sharpened fingertips ensured the clasps were secure, a corset holding painful memories against a carapace of black and dark blue. Yes, everything was as it should be; the silence, the darkness, the pain so deep it threatened to drown her in an icy torrent…

With a decisive nod Shadowstar's optics left her two-dimensional companion and scanned the landscape before her, committing to memory every last detail of that littered and abandoned panorama. She had waited too long for this moment, too long to allow a simple miscalculation in trajectory or footing to cause her to fail in a plan millennia in the making. And thus as the powerful ship began its slow decent, the femme allowed herself a few astro seconds of inaction before slinking silently into the shadows.

Dust and debris drifted lazily back to the surface as the Decepticon ship settled down amongst the waste, single ambition leaving no place for grand entrance.

Megatron's burning optics surveyed his newest acquisition with utter distaste as he disembarked, the abysmal environs so below his lofty stance in the universe. But glory did not come without sacrifice, and if he could spend orn after dreadful orn on Earth's miserable surface, he could certainly withstand a few breems on this planet.

He stifled a sigh; how he missed Cybertron.

A treacherous presence made itself felt from behind; the unmistakable whine of his Air Commander grating in his audios, the ever-constant reminder of life's infidelity.

"What a dive," Starscream complained, "Megatron, why must we waste our time with such pathetic planets like this. The energy we will be able to extract from this ghost town is such a meagre amount; we would be better off forgetting about it and focussing on the sources back on Earth. If I were leader, we wouldn't…"

"Silence, Starscream," Megatron interrupted, his voice unusually low, "is not something you hear very often. I suggest you shut your mouth and enjoy the serenity of this planet before I am forced to break the silence with a blast from my fusion cannon…"

"But Megatron, it is pointless to…"

The barrel of Megatron's weapon subdued the Seeker instantly, the gleaming black harbinger of death hovering millimetres from his face, humming sweetly.

"Starscream, make ready the energy extractors, I tire of your words. Skywarp, Thundercracker, start preparing the energon cubes."

A second presence made itself known from behind; the cold and unfeeling voice of his Communications Officer echoing about, the perpetual reminder of life's steadfast loyalty.

"Cloaking frequencies are now in place, Lord Megatron, all activity on this planet now undetectable by the enemy."

Megatron's optics narrowed, "Good, good…"

He moved slowly from his position, leaving his subordinate behind, his crimson optics scanning the sky beyond.

The stars… one of them was Cybertron, glittering silently in the darkness.

Shadowstar felt her processor shudder as she levelled her weapon, in a matter of astro seconds the dark hand of revenge would restore the universe to its proper order; there was no going back now. Her finger caressed the trigger as she waited for the perfect moment, the clear shot that would bring his proud structure crashing to the ground in a wondrous display of defeat.

And they would follow him, into the dark pits of death, forever condemned to pay their penance for their part in his crimes. She watched them hungrily, like a predator stalking its prey, knowing full well that death was at hand.

But their passing would not be quick. No, that would be too kind, too merciful for beasts such as they… Shadowstar smirked as her plan played out in her mind for the umpteenth time. She was so close…

So close…

Slowly, carefully, she edged her way ever closer, her back grazing the wall, sending cold shivers through her structure. The laser-fire would strike his chest; the night awoken by the scream of tearing metal, and energon would spill forth like purple rain. He would fall to his knees and it would pool beneath him in shimmering puddles, his face contorted by raw fear and pain.

And before they could react she would renounce her cover of darkness, stepping into the light in a blaze of laser fire, sending her demons to the grave before they even realised her presence.

It was too easy. Arrogance had sealed their fates long ago, their selfish structures parading over a land that wasn't theirs, lost in their own false sense of security. Despite what they believed, they were not infallible; and Shadowstar was the one who what going to prove it.

Justice finally restored.

She knelt down, taking shelter amongst the waste, aligning her aim. She could feel her energon pump beating furiously behind her armour plating, her body temperature rising in a rush of hungered anticipation.

Her finger grazed the trigger, a lover's caress.

And then it squeezed.




And again.


The fickle hand of fate had other ideas, arrogance clouding arrogance, a deadly mistake.

A burning crimson visor fixated its gaze upon the shuddering femme, an arm raised, a finger pointed.

Haste. Shadowstar looked down at her weapon…the safety still in place.

Arrogance. A fatal mistake.

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