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Chapter 2: Sins of the Past

"Megatron, we are not alone," Soundwave spoke, his voice harsh and emotionless.

Shadowstar's structure shivered as she felt the gaze of a dozen mechs fall upon her, unyielding scrutiny baring down on her with crushing force. The weapon in her hand slipped from her grip, falling in slow motion to the ground, the sound of defeat ringing out in the deafening silence as the barrel struck the hard surface.

It felt as if the fluids in her body had ceased to cycle, her energon pump frozen in time as the objects of her hatred advanced towards her with slow, steady footsteps. She felt cold, icily cold, like death himself had already claimed her fragile spark… It was only a matter of time now before she felt that asphyxiating hold, the heat of a laser blast as it tore through the remains of her once-proud structure. Fate had spared her once before, she was certain it would not be so forgiving this time. What had she done?

"Show yourself" Megatron barked; she could already hear the familiar sound of his fusion cannon humming into life.

Air cycled frantically through her vents as she struggled to maintain her composure, plans millennia in the making tossed aside in a single instant. She looked down at her chest, fingers grazing the warm armour plating like lost thoughts, struggling to find recognition.

No. She would not allow herself to be defeated. Not again.

Slowly, with a dozen burning optics watching her every move, Shadowstar stood up and moved with proud elegance to stand in open view of her captors. So she had made a mistake…it didn't mean the end of her ambitions, not in the slightest.

Hungered weapons gleamed in the darkness as they trained upon her body, a macabre guard of honour marking her path with languid irony. Sacrifices had already been made, dignity relinquished long ago…what did it matter if the rules had to change? The outcome would still be the same.


"My, my, my, this is a surprise…" Starscream spoke sweetly as the femme passed his position in the rank of mechs now surrounding her, "seeing you functional again… And tell me, have you done something different with your paintjob?" the Seeker laughed acidly, fully comprehending what lay hidden beneath that black armour.

Yet the attention of the femme remained fixed on a single being as she continued past the flyer, the one mech that now held her very existence in his powerful hands.


His carapace shone menacingly under the dim light of the planet's feeble satellite, he seemed to draw himself to his full height as she approached, his crimson optics burning with something she couldn't describe.

"Shadowstar…" his voice was cold, demanding; raw power exuding from the very tone of the word. "It has been a long time…"

She fell to her knees and bowed her head in reverence before him; long lost rituals given new life in the face of unrepentant self-preservation.

"My Lord…it is an honour to be in your presence once again…"

"Is it? It seemed to me that you had a weapon aimed at my very structure, and that, my dear, would be treason."

"I…" Shadowstar paused, keeping her optics firmly fixed on the ground beneath her. "Please…please forgive me, my Lord… I have been searching for you for so long…I…I couldn't believe that I had finally found you. I had to be sure it was you, not some trick of my mind…but now I can see…it really is you, my Lord."

"Is that so…? Tell me, Shadowstar, why I shouldn't kill you here and now; I already have an army of dysfunctional soldiers, why do I need one more?"

Shadowstar felt her spark flutter, fear and desire mixing freely throughout her systems. Words dripped like venom from her lips, cynically sweet as a million unspoken curses tainted her breath.

"I am forever yours to command, Mighty Megatron," she cooed softly, "I have always been yours…"

He looked down at her with conquering optics, a delicious game of exploitation reinstated. A patronising smile twisted his lips. "Your loyalties could never be questioned, my dear…unwavering devotion is never forgotten…"

"Thank you, my Lord…"

A cold laugh escaped his vocaliser, echoing strangely in the silent evening. "But one question does remain," Megatron moved closer to the femme, his hand cupping her chin and lifting her face so that their optics might meet, "why, if you were still functional, did you not return to me? You claim to be loyal, yet for millennia you hid yourself from me, and your cause. Why should I believe you?"

Shadowstar could feel the warmth of his touch, an ironic contrast to the bitter cold of the darkness embracing them. She lifted her hand and placed it over his own, rubbing her cheek against his palm. "My Lord, I was weak, helpless; I did not want to burden you…" a blatant lie, hidden in the melody of a lover's tone. "But I am here now, and I will not leave you again…you know I would do anything for your approval."

"Do I?" he paused; it seemed to Shadowstar that his stare penetrated her very essence. "That may have been true once, but now…"

She felt his grip tighten on her chin; silver on dark blue.

"Soundwave, come here," Megatron commanded, not taking his optics off the femme for a second. "Tell me, does she speak the truth?"

The commanded mech stepped forward, his crimson visor burning with something that could be interpreted as hatred.

Interpreted. It seemed some things never changed; Soundwave's cold façade was one of them. She had never liked his silences or emotionless exterior; it somehow felt dangerous, unforgiving… To assume he had no emotion was to take a loaded weapon and aim it at one's own head.

Shadowstar kept her gaze fixed on Megatron as she felt Soundwave approach from behind, his strong hands taking a firm grip of either side of her head. She knew what was coming, she had been there so many times before; yet all the preparation in the universe couldn't have stopped her from flinching as she felt the first tendril of his telepathy snaking its way into her mind.

Images flooded her vision as the telepath continued to work; he seemed to pay no mind to gentility as his invisible hands groped each and every one of her thoughts and memories, holding on to those of pain and anguish just that little longer than others.

Eternal breems seemed to pass, reality giving way to a tirade of devastation. She wasn't sure if she screamed out loud, but either way she was certain her aggressor had heard her.

Her vision began to blur as her most recent memories were re-lived; plans and schemes revealed without compassion or regret. She tried to fight it, tried to repress the truths that would surely condemn her to death, but no matter how hard she fought, Soundwave easily overpowered her.

What was the use in fighting the master of the mind in his own dominion?

Shadowstar felt his tendrils withdraw, a knife going against the grain, ripping and tearing without remorse. Her processor seemed to shudder in protest and her body fell forward limply, exhaustion taking hold with a suffocating grip. Megatron's grip on her chin remained firm, forcing her to remain upright.

"She lies," Soundwave finally spoke, his voice even. Shadowstar could feel his unremitting stare fixated on her back; it didn't matter that she couldn't see his face. "Recommended course of action: execution."

Megatron lifted his gaze from the shivering female to meet the visor of his subordinate, scrutiny in the crimson stare. "I must say, Soundwave, I expected as much…your suggestion is duly noted."

His optics fell upon Shadowstar again, a murderous expression twisting his features. "So…are you going to tell me the truth, or am I going to have to rip your spark out with my bare hands?"

Silence lingered painfully as Shadowstar contemplated her response, fear and uncertainty clouding her thoughts. The game was up, her true intentions revealed…she felt a fool for thinking she could possibly hide the truth from them…from him…

"You left me for dead," she finally stated, her voice low and harsh. "You saw me fall, heard me screaming in agony…and still you left me. You could never understand, mighty Megatron, what that feels like… What it feels like to watch on as the only ones you have ever cared about turn their backs on you… I gave everything for your cause, everything, and still you walked away."

"Casualties are a necessary part of war. You know that I never go back for the fallen…they only weaken the empire. That you thought things would be different for you only goes to prove your stupidity, and your weakness."

An ironic laugh escaped Shadowstar's vocaliser as she glared at Megatron, her fear dissipating into the night as resignation settled in her spark. So what if he killed her? At least he would know her angst before he took her life away. "Yes, I can see how foolish I have been… thinking that the empire would do anything to save me…"

She dimmed her optics, admitting defeat only to engage in another more dangerous battle. "And there you have your answer, Megatron…" she spat, "the empire…" Her crimson optics reignited, filled with renewed vigour.

Megatron's optics brightened in rage at her words, the grip of his hold threatening the integrity of her jaw. "Explain yourself," he commanded.

"What is the one thing that drives this empire, Megatron? What caused the first rebellion, and every attack that has followed since? Revenge. It's the reason why you continue to fight, and it's the reason why I want you dead. You could say that I'm continuing to uphold the Decepticon cause…"

Shadowstar lifted her hand and placed it over Megatron's again, her touch so gentle. "But…if you were to take me back…" she moved her free hand to her chest, to the place where the purple insignia had once been, "I would be more than willing to forget my petty hurts"

He stared at her for countless astroseconds, an unforgiving examination. Finally Megatron drew his hand away, his fingers lingering momentarily over her lips. "Stand up, Shadowstar, your digressions are forgiven." His optics travelled the length of her body before he turned away, "your place in my empire is restored, do not make me regret it. Starscream, make ready energy extractors, the sooner we secure what we came for, the better."

Shadowstar shivered as Megatron walked away, relief and twisted satisfaction flooding her processor. Justice would be restored after all.

What did it matter if sins of the past were revisited?

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