A/N #1 – Okay. I was bad, I'll admit it. I downloaded a copy of the pre-air version of the series ender, Enemy at the Gates. Am I still planning on watching it when it airs? Damned straight! Did it ruin it for me, seeing it now and not two weeks from now? No freaking way! I have time now to write and I won't then. After watching the ep I was left with several questions, the last being, So...what reason would there be for Sam to be in an overly large BDU shirt? Why intentionally make her look pregnant? If you don't want to be spoiled...then skip this till the show airs. You've been warned. Really, I mean it.

A/N #2 – According to my research, Odysseus' heroic trait is his mētis, or "cunning intelligence;" he is often described as the "Peer of Zeus in Counsel." This intelligence is most often manifested by his use of disguise and deceptive speech. Hmm, deceptive speech? Odysseus is known for hiding his intelligence so that others underestimate him. Now, who do we know that also employs this tactic? I also thought it interesting that Jack was missing in this ep and so was the Odyssey. Somehow that all works for me.

This story takes place during and after Enemy at the Gates. It also references the newest incarnation in our fandom, Stargate: Universe. As always, feedback is encouraged, saved and always answered.


- - - -

Across the Ionian Sea


Cheyenne Mountain Complex

SGC Headquarters

Commander's Office

0030 (local)

Sam wearily hung up the phone and leaned back in her chair, scrubbing her hands over her face and wishing, for just a moment, that she was back at home. Her home. With Jack. Just them. She glanced out at the ruins of what had been a pristine conference room and was now a room bristling with computers, large displays and far too many people. She missed the simplicity of the conference room, just as she missed the simplicity of being somebody else's 2IC. Nothing was simple anymore.

She glanced again through the doorway to conference-turned-situation-room and remembered entering it for the very first time. She'd arrived late from Washington, then the driver who was supposed to pick her up at Peterson having been late in meeting her. Sam let herself drift for a moment, reliving the thrill and butterflies she'd felt that first day when stepping out of the darkness of the doorway and coming face to face with Jack O'Neill for the first time. It was also the first time in years that she'd seen George Hammond. God, she missed him. First her Dad, now General Hammond. What would Hammond think of all of this? Sam's eyes filled as she thought the gruff old General, already missing him fiercely. She, along with Daniel and Teal'c had been heartbroken to learn of his sudden death. Jack had represented them all at the funeral, and she'd hated that he'd had to go through that alone, without her. She was, however, immensely proud of her new assignment–provided she lived long enough to assume command­–the General G.S. Hammond, the newest Daedalus-class ship of the line, and it was hers. The sound of Siler yelping in pain brought her attention back to the newly made situation room.

The only good thing about the chaos that had become their new command center was that the gaping picture window that had made this office resemble a large fishbowl was now walled up and replaced with an even larger tactical monitor. A discrete cough in her doorway drew her attention and Sam, with one last pass across her weary eyes, looked up to find Major Davis hovering in the space between the new situation room and her office. Her very temporary office.

"Yes, Major?"

"The IT crew is coming on, Colonel. I thought I'd brief them and get them started on hooking us up, if you don't mind." Davis looked as weary as Sam felt, though she knew he'd caught a few hours of rack time on his flight out from DC.

"That'd be great, thanks. Can you close the door, too? I'm going to try to get the last of these calls made before I crash."

"Yes, Ma'am. And, Colonel?"


Paul Davis shifted, clearly uncomfortable with the personal side of things, but he'd promised his boss. "Ma'am, I'm to remind you that you really need to rest, especially now."

Sam regarded him steadily, pleased that despite his discomfort Paul didn't look away or back down. She knew very well what he was talking about and just who it was who had given him that reminder. Finally, she nodded, allowing a small smile to slip across her lips. "Thanks, Paul. I won't forget. And I'll tell him you passed on the message." Sam's smile widened at the fleeting look of relief that crossed Davis's features, and her smile stayed in place as she reached for the phone once again.