This is an alternative New Moon ending. What if Bella didn't make it? What if she wasn't fast enough?

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"Edward, stop, please." I silently begged as I ran across the square. I wished more than ever that he could read my mind, then he could tell I wasn't dead.

And then I saw him. He was so breathtakingly beautiful, standing just on the edge of the shadows, wind ruffling his hair as his face watched the clock tick ever nearer to noon...

"Edward!" I screamed as I ran, willing my legs to move faster. "Edward, please, Edward, no!"

He looked up, and I thought he'd seen me, but he was looking a little over my left shoulder. I twisted my head to look, and my gaze met Alice's.

"NO!" I screamed again. "Edward, I'm here, I'm alive, Edward please don't..."

He looked like an angel, with his upturned face, as the clock struck twelve. His gaze was full of anger and pain while he looked at Alice, but then he looked at the sky, and his whole face relaxed.

It was then I knew I wouldn't make it.

His lips bent into the crooked smile I loved so much, and he stepped forwards. A single step. A single step into the bright Italian sunshine. A single step to end his existence forever.

He looked so beautiful in the sunshine. People turned, people stared, people pointed. Time held no meaning for me. I heard a scream for several moments before realising it was mine. I didn't recognise that I was still running until I stumbled. I watched only Edward's face. Edward's glittering face, and the black covered figures who were walking towards him.

One chance. One last chance. "Edward. Oh god, Edward, get back. Please, Edward, get back to the shadows." I began to cry, racking sobs that shook my whole body.

The black covered figures had nearly reached him as he twisted to face me.

He was more beautiful than any dream, more perfect than any photograph, an angel. And he smiled. He smiled at me as the black cloaked figures reached for his arms to drag him away.

He opened his mouth. The rich velvet of his voice was a thousand times better than any hallucination. And a thousand times more heartbreaking.

"Don't cry, my Bella. Don't cry. I'll be with you soon. Please don't cry."

"No!" I choked out. "Edward, it's me, I'm here, I'm alive. Edward, don't leave, oh god, Edward, don't leave me."

He frowned slightly, so I carried on.

"It was a misunderstanding, all of it, Edward, I'm not dead!"

I began to run after him, but I couldn't keep up. He was being dragged away from me. I was losing him again.

"Bella?" His voice was confused, but still so doubt-filled.

"I'm not dead!" I screamed again. "I'm not dead!"

"Bella!" He began to struggle against his captors. "Bella! Bella!!"

He wasn't strong enough. And in that second we both knew he was dead.

I could only watch as my Edward was led away to his death. He died because I couldn't run fast enough. He died because of me.