nothing but blue skies

"While sex outdoors," Kyouraku Shunsui said, "is an admirable way for young and enthusiastic people to get some healthy exercise in the fresh air, it isn't something that should be done in bad weather."

"Unless you happen to be in a hot spring at the time," Ukitake Jyuushirou contributed.

"Indeed," Shunsui agreed. "Having it in a hot spring will not only keep you nice and warm, it'll mean that you're breathing lots of steam. That's healthy, isn't it?"

"Assuming that you don't start breathing water," Jyuushirou said. "And then there's the question of wet hair."

"But really, good weather is so much better." Shunsui propped his chin on his hands. "The sky should be that perfect blue --"

"Which perfect blue?"

"The autumn perfect blue, with maple leaves. That certain crispness."

"What about the spring blue?"

"Too soft," Shunsui said. "Vigorous but still unformed. The leaves are undecided, the branches tentative. But I'll concede you summer."

"Summer for that clear blue. The endless sky. Spring's skies are too lively, and autumn's are too -- too --"

"Too vivid."

"Mm. And there is winter, too."

"The problem with winter," Shunsui said thoughtfully, "is the snow."

"One can take precautions against the snow," Jyuushirou said. "Warm clothing. A spare robe to lie on. Hot wine."

"You forget one important fact," Shunsui said.

"What's that?"

"The tracks that one's third seats can follow."

"Ah, yes," Jyuushirou muttered, curling up closer to Shunsui on the tree branch, bare flesh against bare flesh, and watching the two Thirteenth Division third seats wandering round below and calling Captain! in hopeful tones. "There is that."