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Operation Makeover

Rosalie, Alice and I quickly got dressed for the day before we woke up Angela. Alice keenly organised an outfit for her to wear and Rosalie did her hair and added a touch of make up. Angela looked beautiful but nothing compared to what she will look like once we give her, her makeover.

"'kay, everyone ready?" I asked standing by the door with my hand on the handle.

"Yeeeeeep!" exclaimed Alice.

"Ready as I'll ever be!" replied Rosalie.

"Yes, wait I've got to grab my bag." Angela grabbed her bag from beside her bed "Okay ready!"

"Okie dokie, then lets go girls!" I cheered and pulled the door opened and motioned everyone out.

We all linked arms giggling and hopped on the lift. The lift stopped at the lobby and we strutted out of the hotel arm in arm smiling.

"Where to first?" asked Alice.

"The hairdresser!" suggested Rosalie.

"Perfect, that way when she tries on clothes we can match it to her new hair style. Oh and I know the best place that cuts hair! This way girls." I exclaimed leading the way.

We stopped a few stores from the hair salon to get lattes to go and quickly discussed what we should do with her hair before entering the salon.

"Hi ladies, how may I help you today? Have you made an appointment?" greeted the lady behind the counter. She had bright orange and very curly wild hair, which looked almost like flames, fair skin and black eyes.

"Hi! Um.. no we didn't make an appointment but we're here to get Angela here" I gestured towards Angela beside me, "a makeover hair-do and we heard that this was the best place in Paris so…. I was wondering if you could slip her in, preferably now?" I asked in my best persuading voice while dazzling her.

"Ah… ah… yes. Yes I think I could slip her in quickly now, what will we be having ..ahh…

"Angela." I reminded her.

"Well Angela I'm Victora and I'll be doing your hair today. What will you be getting done?", politely asked Victoria.

"Umm… well, trimmed and layered to give some volume. A side fringe to give some style and some highlights to lighten it up and give it a glow." Replied Angela slightly nervous.

"That sounds perfect! Okay, now if you would follow me and we'll get your hair washed." She encouraged, steering Angela towards the basins then turned back to us, "You ladies can just relax there on the couch or come back in about an hour or so. Up to you, but we have some magazines there and if you would like anything just give me a call."

"Okie dokie, we'll see you in about an hour Angie!" Joked Alice pretending to get up and leave.

"Very funny Alice." Giggled Angela.

"Bye." Called Alice blowing a kiss and skipping out the door.

"Oh she was serious?" asked Angela wearing an expression of slight confusion, hurt and shock.

Rosalie and I just shrugged and pulled out a magazine.

Seconds later Alice burst through the door giggling so hard and exclaimed, "I was joking Angie!! Hehehe…I got you!"

And we all just look at Alice for a second and just smiled and let her be while Victoria began washing Angela's hair. Alice, Rosalie and I sat and chatted while we waited.

"Hey guys guess what?" Asked Alice in a hushed tone.

"What?" Rosalie and I asked in unison.

"Shh… I had a vision when I left the store. Ben is here in Paris visiting his grandma for the long weekend and I saw him in a clothes store waiting outside the changing rooms for his grandma to change. He looks extremely bored but the clothes store seems very stylish."

"Whoa are you serious?" whispered Rosalie.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" I asked.

"Well if that involves us going shopping in the same store and getting Angela into the change room, changing into a gorgeous outfit before Ben enters the store. Then as he comes into the stores and waits for his grandma we bump into him and then Angela walks out and BAM! Ben is totally gobsmacked and speechless. Then yes I am thinking what your thinking." Replied Alice.

We giggled. "It's genius Alice!" I exclaimed quietly.

"I know" she replied smugly. And I pushed her and she fell off the couch and onto her butt, it was hilarious and Rosalie and I burst into laugher at Alice's momentarily shocked face before she joined in laughing too.

"What are you guys laughing at?" Asked Angela, now getting her hair rewashed to get the highlighting mixture out. Her hair by now has already been cut, trimmed, styled and highlighted, so now it just needs to be washed and blow dried.

Still laughing Rosalie tried to reply "Bella…gasp…Alice…gasp hahaha…floor…bum…hahahaha….face…" And we started laughing even harder.

"Okay, that totally made sense. You guys are crazy." Giggled Angela.

We were laughing so hard that it was silent and all you could hear was gasping. It was one of those moments when it's not really that funny but it is and you'll start calming down from laughing together and then the memory will pop back up into someone's mind and unable to hold back, they crack into laughter and trigger everyone off again. Well we did that for the next twenty minutes, anyone that walked past would think we were insane but it was still pretty early in the morning and not too many people had hit the streets yet.

We finally calmed down just in time as Victoria called us over.

"Okay ladies are you ready?"

And before we could answer she spun Angela around in her chair and to say she was stunning would be a total understatement.

"Whoa!" I exhaled speechless.

"Angela! You look HOT!!" Squealed Alice.

"You look breathtaking!" breathed Rosalie.



"Super model material!"

Our compliments causing Angela to blush deeper shades of red.

"Whoa Vicki you did an amazing job. Thank you so much!" I squealed and gave Victoria a hug.

"Yeah! Thank you Victoria, I look beautiful!" thanked Angela sincerely.

"You've done an incredible job!" Chirped Alice

"The best hairdresser I've ever met!" Exclaimed Rosalie

Giggling she replied "Your more than welcome ladies!"

We paid and left, waving goodbye and screaming a few more thank-you's and we were out and hitting the streets of Paris arm in arm.

"Okay girls! Lets go …shopping!" I hyped.

We all squealed and entered our first store and straight away hit the rack pulling out clothes and holding them out and putting them back then grabbing another piece of clothing and doing the same, piling up different items to try on. Then we hit the changing rooms giggling.

We all went in the dressing rooms, changed into outfits then come out and strut the cat walk, strike a pose, swirl and walk back, strike another pose, each of us cheering each other on and giggling and having so much fun.

We did the same in every store we went in, buying the outfits we liked best. We were in the fifth store of the day and getting Angela to try on clothes we picked out for her, then making her pretend she's on the cat walk and strut out and pose, flip her hair , twirl and walk back then strike another pose. Like what we were doing in the other stores and by now she had finally perfected it.

She was now in changing in to another outfit picked out by Alice when Ben's grandma goes into the dressing room two rooms down and Ben spots us and comes over and sits beside me.

"Hey guys! What are you doing in Paris?"

"Oh hey b…. We're shopping! Taking advantage of the long weekend. What are you doing here?" I asked even though I already know the answer.

"Visiting my grandma. She lives here in Paris and gets lonely sometimes so we come up every now and then to visit her." He replied sighing.

"Don't like shopping much?" I questioned.

"No, not at ….." he trailed off as Angela steps out.

Not noticing Ben she struts out the cat walk perfectly, us girls cheering her on while Ben sat and stared mouth open, dazed and practically drooling. She flipped her hair, twirled, struck a pose, walked back and then posed once more and asked, "So…what do you think girls? A keeper or a….."

Finally realising the Ben was there she instantly blushed, Ben still staring mouth open. "Oh…ahh…Hi Ben. I-I didn't s-see you there." She stuttered embarrassed and gave us a quick pleading look.

Ben still hadn't replied, still dazed and staring and gaping at Angela.

"Hello! Earth to Ben!!" I waved my hand in front of his face.

"Look what you've done to him Angela, the poor guy didn't know what he was in for." Giggled Alice and Angela blushed a deeper shade of red.

I began clicking (snapping, I think that's what you Americans call it) my fingers in front of his face.

Snapping out of it he finally replies blushing a bright red, "O-ohh s-sorry. H-hey Angela, you look absolutely m-mind blowing! Ah umm…" he shook his head to clear it. "Definitely a keeper. And w-whoa! Your hair looks amazing…"

Giggling she said "Thanks Ben. So what are you doing here in Paris?"

"Visiting my Grandma."

"Bennie boy where are you sweetie?" Called his grandma as she stepped out of the changing room. "Oh there you are dear. What do you think of this blouse, honey?" She asked sweetly as she did a slow twirl.

"It looks lovely Nan, it brings out your beautiful blue eyes." He replied making her smile.

"Naww Bennie your too kind. I'm going to try on one more blouse, okay honey? I'll try not to take to long."

"It's okay grandma, you take your time." He kindly replied as she went back into the dressing room.

"Awww she's so sweet!" squealed Alice.

"Yeah she is." He agreed smiling.

"It was nice what you said to her." Angela complimented softly.

"Thanks…ahhh…" He blushed, embarrassed and shy he trailed off not sure what to say to her.

I read his mind, curious to know what he was thinking. 'she looks even beautiful than before, I definitely don't stand a chance now... I should ask her out, maybe she likes me back... Nah as if, I highly doubt it…I should try at least. Just ask her out Ben, it's not that hard! But what if she rejects me and it front of all her friends, no it's too embarassing…'

Okay that was enough, I'm taking over. "So Ben, tonight we're going to an under-18 dance partyand if your not doing anything, we'd love for you to come. Jasper, Emmett and Edward will be coming as well." I casually stated.

"Uh...yeah, that sounds…awesome! I'd love to come. We are you guy staying by the way?"

"The Hilton Hotel. Would you be able to meet us there at about 9 o'clock?" replied Rosalie.

"Y-yeah my Nan just lives a few streets away from there. 9 o'clock it is."

"Cool, see you there." Smiled Angela.

"Bennie I'm done now. I'm just going to get this blouse then we can go and have some lunch." Called his Grandma.

"Okay Nan." He called back, then to us, "Okay guys I've got to go, see you tonight." He got and caught up with his Grandma who was walking out of the store. Before he left he called out, "Bye Angela!" And then he was gone.

"Oh my gosh, guys!" squealed Angela.

"You paralised the poor guy for a good few minutes!" I called out and we all burst out giggling.

We brought the outfit she was wearing and a few others and went to a few more stores and brought our outfits for tonight along with ones for Jasper, Emmett and Edward.

Tonight was definitely going to be fun!

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