hot blood


As Vice-Captains together, they were all professionalism when the other shinigami were around, but the moment they got behind a rock, his hands were in her bosom and hers were round his buttocks. He had such a lovely ass. A sculpted, classical, muscular, taut ass.

"You really think they'll believe that we've gone off to scout for more Hollows?" she mumbled into his chest.

"Sure they will," he reassured her. "For at least an hour."

"Seems kind of irresponsible," she said, pulling his jacket off.

"We've just had one fight with Hollows," he smiled. "They're not gonna object to an excuse to sit back and put their feet up. You wouldn't, would ya?"

"Well, no," she said, dropping the remnants of her clothing. "But I'm lazy."

"You ain't looking lazy at the moment," he told her, and that was the last thing they said for a while.


"You're looking tense," Rangiku said, leaning her head around the door. She caught sight of Kira in the corner, and hastily moderated her language. "Would Ichimaru-taichou like to come and practice with the sword a bit, just to work out?"

Gin smiled at her. He slid out from behind the desk, and let Kira take his place before sliding a pile of paperwork in front of his vice-captain. "Now be a good boy," he said, "and don't ya run off to play."

Rangiku shook her hair loose as she led the way out to the practice field. "Now I hope you're not going to take it easy on me just because we're practicing, Ichimaru-taichou," she said smoothly.

"Wouldn't dream of it," Gin assured her. "I'm gonna beat you into the ground."

He did. Eventually. But the heat in his eyes as he pulled her back up again matched the fire in her body, and they barely made it to the bathhouse before ripping the clothes off each others' backs and tumbling into the water together.


She held his wrist in one hand and had her sword at his throat.

She met his eyes.

His pulse said yes, yes, and his eyes said I would kiss you now and the muscles in his forearm tensed in anticipation.

And then the Menos Grandes came, and she had to let him go.


Rangiku saw him briefly across the battlefield before Yamamoto-soutaichou raised the wall of flame. He met her eyes, and it twisted inside her like a knife in her guts.

At the back of her mind, Haineko hissed and drew light claws across her spirit.

She wanted, oh so very much, to cut him down and then take him in his blood as he lay there.

So did Haineko.

And so, she knew, so did Gin.