Giving People Ideas

Three in a bed was comfortable in winter, overheated in summer, and irritating when one of them was talkative and two were trying to get to sleep.

"But my Nanao-chan must have secret fantasies," Shunsui said.

"The point of secret fantasies is that they're secret," Nanao muttered. Her glasses were over on the other side of the bed, out of her reach, and her hair was down over her shoulders, giving her a charming air of vulnerable sensuality. "If I told you what they were, Kyouraku-taichou, they wouldn't have any thrill any more."

"Oh. Forbidden fantasies," Shunsui said happily. "Perhaps my Nanao-chan nurtures hidden dark and sensuous thoughts about things that she'd like to do to us."

"Nonsense," Jyushirou yawned. "This is Nanao. She'd make a list."

"Restraints?" Shunsui ventured. He sneaked a hand over her shoulder and onto her breast, the better to check her pulse and see if he was getting anywhere near any interesting points. (Not counting her nipple.) "Public places? A touch of danger?"

"Chaining Kyouraku-taichou to his desk is tempting," Nanao sighed. She swatted at his hand vaguely.

"In a sensual way?" Shunsui said hopefully.

"In a getting the work done way," Nanao snapped.

"Maybe more of an exotic daydream," Shunsui suggested. "I've been captured by --" He thought. "Jyuushirou, who could I have been captured by?"

"The forces of evil," Jyuushirou offered.

"Right," Shunsui said. "And I've been chained to the wall. My clothing's all tattered. And you're coming to rescue me, Nanao-chan."

"Well, of course," Nanao said.

"So you break the door down." Shunsui took his hand off her breast to gesture. "I'm hanging there in chains, my clothing ripped, all battered and unshaven." He ignored a mutter of and this is different from normal how, precisely? "You see me dangling there, and as I'm waiting for you to let me down, an unholy light of glee comes into your eyes. You step forward and untie my sash, and as my hakama fall to the floor, you take advantage of my helpless body . . ."

There was silence from Nanao's side of the bed.

"Nanao-chan?" Shunsui enquired.

"I'm just thinking about where to get hold of some chains, Kyouraku-taichou," Nanao said vaguely. "And maybe a gag."

"Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind," Jyuushirou said cheerfully.