Hey guys,

I'm so sorry that this is an author's note and not an actual chapter. I wish it was, but unfortunately, it isn't. I didn't realise until today exactly how long it's been since I last updated, and I don't want to leave you without any word from me at all for any longer than necessary. Diamond Dogs has not been abandoned; I'm just finding it incredibly hard to sum up the drive to write more for this particular story right now. A lot of it has to do with the fact that I'm pretty much unsure of where the story is heading; I write on whim and not by plan, so it makes it a bit more complicated than just churning out another update if I did have it all outlined from the beginning.

Lots of stuff has happened in the past few months in real life, and lots of things haven't happened. I hope you'll be able to accept the main reason why DD hasn't been updated. Just want to also express my eternal thanks to all of you who have been so patient and interested. Your reviews, PMs and emails do not go unread or unappreciated. Once again, Diamond Dogs is not being abandoned. It'll probably just be a while before the next chapter arrives.