Alright fast forwarding to May….

April smiled things seemed to be coming together, her dress was almost done, Mark

seemed to be doing well, though the scare in the hospital in January made April that

much more anxious to be getting on with the wedding she wanted to marry him and in

two weeks she would. Kelly was coming in from Oregon on Thursday and her parents

were flying in on Tuesday, Kelly and April would stay at her parents house and get ready

for the wedding there. The wedding was to be in St Francis on 31st street, Mark was

catholic so was his entire family so April agreed to get married at their church, Mark's

mother was thrilled, April was going over there to help with the table cards for the

reception, it wasn't going to be a huge wedding but it included all of Mark's family and

Mark was Italian so that was a lot of people. Preparing for the wedding was long and

tiring but the reward at the end was worth it all, she would get to be with Mark.

On Tuesday April and Mark picked up April's parents, "Did you two miss us?"

her father joked, "very much daddy" April hugged him, "how the wedding come along?"

her mother asked as Mark took her suitcase to the car, "very well Kelly is coming in from

Oregon on Thursday" April smiled seeing her friend again seemed to bring a big comfort

to her, "well its only a few weeks until you're a married woman" April nodded, "yeah"

with the wedding so close marriage seemed comforting yet scary, she just smiled, "yeah,

I will be" on to my new life she thought silently. April said good bye to mark that night

and settled into her own bed, trying to sleep she felt cold and alone, just a few more days

and Kelly will be here. Eventually Thursday came; April was so thrilled her friend was

coming in that she was up even before it was time to go, "wow your sure ready to go" her

father commented as she came the stairs at six am, "honey Kelly's flight doesn't get in

until three pm." For the nine hours April watched the clock occasionally busying herself

reading and relaxing finally it was time, April rushed to the airport, parking she waited

near to the terminal where her friend was supposed to come in on the plane. "APRIL" she

turned around "KELLY!" they embraced. April carried her bags to the car, "I'm so glad

you're here" Kelly smiled, "wouldn't miss your wedding for the world" Kelly hugged

her, April was once again reminded of the tight bond her and Kelly shared, nothing in the

world could ever break that bond. "Let's go, I'm starving, hope your mom's cooking has

gotten better" April laughed, "not by much good thing Mark's mom is cooking for the

reception" April grinned.