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It was strange. Well, my life in general was strange so to give you some context I mean that growing up with Jack was strange. And don't get me wrong, Jack and the Joker are entirely different people, I can't drill that home enough.

But sometimes the line really blurs and it's like talking to two different people at the same time that you're not too sure how to act – and sometimes I think he does that deliberately because he knows it throws people off and scares them.

Which is exactly what he wants. And that in it-self made growing up with him difficult, because while I knew (most of the time) I was being manipulated, I couldn't always do anything about it. And, most of the time, I didn't really want to.

"How is it that you get better grades than I do and you're hardly ever in the damn class?!" I asked, frustrated. We were sitting at a well-obscured picnic table at the park, hidden behind a large mossy tree, and I was getting Jack to help me with some homework while we shared some cigarettes.

He looked up at me and smirked, but said nothing. He didn't say much, these days, which aggravated me because I liked to know things, and not knowing what was going on in his head pissed me off even more…in fact, if I didn't know any better, I'd say he knew that and did it deliberately.

He had been worrying me, lately. His entire demeanour had gone from strange to downright weird…he had started to become more hunched over than usual and I could hear him muttering things to himself at times.

Not to mention that he'd started getting suspended and being made to attend some sort of 'special counselling sessions' on account of his 'concerning-behaviour'.

I had yet to see such behaviour from him. I mean yeah, he was strange and sometimes he did or said things that made me a little nervous, and his jokes were downright awful, but nothing to cause worry…right? I mean, we're all screwed up in some way, that doesn't give reason to be 'concerned', does it?

Apparently not…

It took me a while to catch on, and even after I did. I can't say it bothered me all too much. It started with seemingly small things, like the fact that he had a strange fascination with explosives and proceeded to do a demonstration in our science class on how to make a bomb. Which earned him a fail from the teacher, and overnight the science area of the school exploded. Nothing too damaging, nobody was there…and it was a different method than Jack had spoken about, but it was obvious that it had been him, even though there had been no proof. I know this because I caught him smirking to himself every time it was mentioned.

And then there was the other thing. The thing that really did make me open up my eyes. But even then, I must have been starved for any kind of attention, because yes, while it did disturb me mildly, I found it kind of…well, sweet.

There had been this semi-large group at school, I wouldn't call them 'popular', but compared to Jack and myself, they definitely were.

One of the guys in there had a few classes with me that Jack wasn't in. I'm having a slight mental blank on his name though…James something. Woods? Was it? Let's just go with that. Tall, all dark hair and handsome, he always had a bit of chest hair teasing out of his collar that drove me wild.

Well, James and I had become pretty friendly. I had grown annoyed at the fact that Jack hadn't seemed to acknowledge I was female at all and I latched onto the first person that did. I had snuck out a few times to meet him at the movies or wherever and I was positive Jack became very suspicious; it wasn't like I had other friends you know. It was only at my locker when one day when I was putting away my stuff and ready to go have lunch that James was walking past me, winked as I smiled at him and he came up and kissed me. Can you believe? He kissed me right there in the hallway! I was so thrilled!

Well, that had lasted for all of 60 seconds before he had been roughly ripped away from me and slammed head first into the lockers. Imagine my shock. Suddenly I had two guys fighting over me, (well at least my ego likes to think that). Don't get me wrong, James could still hold his own – and I recall him bringing his elbow up into Jack's face, and I recall this because of what had happened after…because Jack had a compass (pair of compasses?) on him with a sharp pencil still in it, and slammed both pointed edges into James's wrist, and started to laugh at hearing him scream in pain. He whispered something to James, before leaving him there bleeding as teachers came and took him off somewhere, all I know is that James never so much as glanced at me ever again.

I had never seen him act in such a way; I don't know what came over him. But it must say a lot about me that I wasn't as horrified as I thought. Because I still stayed with him. Because part of me thrilled in the fact that when I next saw him, and asked him why he did what he did, his whole demeanour darkened as he grabbed me roughly at the back of my head, and smashed his own lips onto mine, very possessively and very briefly. But still I thrilled at my second kiss in so much as two weeks, and yes, part of me thrilled as he looked at me with dark, dangerous eyes.

"I don't share with anyone, Adelheid." He had said, roughly.

His grip on my hair tightened, "Do you uh-nder-stand?" all I could do was nod.

His jaw clenched and he said very slowly,

"You. Are. Mine!"

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