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Chapter 1: So broken

"Dig him up?! Why??"

Tsunade sighed, resting her head in her hands. It had been eight years since the attack on Konoha ended, and Tsunade thought it was due time they dug up the immortal. The Nara land hadn't been that badly damaged in the attack, even after Pein used Shinra Tensei. The only problem was, was that Konoha was still under construction. Tsunade had thought that the immortal might not only come in handy for dangerous missions, but that he would be able to bring some happiness to a certain girl's life.

For some unknown reason, however, Shikamaru still hadn't let go of his teacher, Asuma, whom this immortal had killed.

Remembering that she didn't know much about the man, she dug out the mission statement and scanned through it while Shikamaru babbled and Ino, Chouji and others stood around listening.

'From Yugakure... Yugakure? Hm... ah! His name's Hidan,' she glanced up when Shikamaru brought his palms down on her desk, making a loud sound.

"Are you even listening to me? It would be a drag to have to repeat myself."

She raised an eyebrow, looked down at the sheet again, noted the fact that Hidan was obscene, loud and arrogant before saying to Shikamaru, "if this is still about the fact that he killed Asuma, I won't be impressed."

Her gaze was steady even when Ino gasped and the rest of the shinobi present stared at her in shock. The room was heavy with silence as she stared at Shikamaru, his mouth slightly open from surprise. Tsunade stood abruptly and headed for the door.

"Then I'll tell you now that you need to grow up. I'm going to oversee the digging up. Dismissed.

She hurried out to the Nara forest, afraid for a moment that Shikamaru would try to stop the crew there. She calmed though, when she arrived and found that the ANBU units had already cleared half the rocks from the hole, and already had a bag full of body parts. An arm was produced from the hole, and another ANBU member took it, reaching to carefully place it in the bag.

"Let me see that arm," Tsunade commanded, holding out her hand. The ANBU nodded and handed it to her, before catching a foot and scolding, "hey, be careful! These are damaged enough as it is!"

A mumbled, "sorry" was heard from the depths of the pit, followed by "it's just getting harder to pass up the parts, that's all."

"Oh. Then toss them more carefully. And let me know!"


Tsunade inspected the arm, startled when the hand flexed in response to her chakra.

'Well I'll be – this arm is in perfect condition! Except for the fact that it doesn't have it's body...' she gazed at the sack, 'yet.'

Suddenly there was a cry of joy, followed by a whoop, "found him! Found his head!"

Tsunade quickly strode to the edge of the hole, handing the arm to the ANBU that had given it to her. She got down on her knees at the edge, leaning over slightly to take the head that was handed to her in her arms. She turned it a few ways, wondering where his face was before giving up and sifting through his hair.

"I'm surprised that his hair still grew," the ANBU captain commented, jumping up from inside the hole. A medic followed him – a young man – and he made a few seals, double checking to make sure they had everything. He frowned; Tsunade was still trying to find Hidan's face.

"We're missing a hand. I'd really like to find it," the medic told the captain. The captain stretched, "yeah, we'll find it. Just give us a moment to rest, please?"

"Okay, okay," the medic sighed before plopping down next to a tree. The captain took off his gloves before he stretched more.

"I'll be good to go in about five minutes."


Tsunade's fingers finally brushed over a nose and she sighed in relief before sifting his hair out of the way. She stared at his face, mesmerized and shocked.

'He looks so young... so... so... I – I don't know what to say... Immortality sure is... interesting.'

Currently his eyes were closed, and she inspected one of the eyelids. It was a bit purple, 'a rock probably bashed this eye. Hm. Rocks seem to have bashed his entire face.'

She found several other purple bruises and frowned, 'the only thing marring his chiseled features... I need to get him back together as soon as possible.'

As soon as she began to gently finger the long tendrils of his hair, his eyes shot open. Tsunade and the ANBU froze. She waited for the onslaught of colorful words to stream from his mouth, and the ANBU tensed their hands around their weapons.

Not a single word left his mouth.

Tsunade blinked, then let herself breath more evenly again.

'Not a single word. He's just... staring at me like a lost child,' the bright violet orbs looked around, widening a bit with fear at the sight of the ANBU. A sound like a whimper seemed to escape from his lips and Tsunade tried to comfort him.

"No, no they aren't here to hurt you. They dug you up, under my orders. I'm Tsunade, the Hokage," in a slightly mocking tone she added, "whatever happened to the loud mouth Shikamaru told me about?"

Hidan blinked at her, no words leaving his mouth. Tsunade's brow creased with worry, and she brought Hidan's head closer to her face, "are you going to talk?"

His expression saddened and he looked down, obviously trying to use his hair to shield his face. Tsunade quickly pulled him against her chest and stood, motioning to the ANBU. They stood, one hefting the bag as gently as possible onto his back.

"Mel, you and the captain stay. Find that hand you say is missing. In the mean time, I'm going to put him as much together as possible. Come!"

They all sprinted back to the village, Tsunade cradling Hidan in her arms.

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