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That unfathomable confidence he wore
was missing.

Her dress
hugged her body tightly.

Do it Shane. Do it!

had stolen Caitlyn
hours ago.

He gulped.

The sky started to
fall on them.

She gasped
and pointed.

He tried to smile
but he was distracted

By her pale skin
pink nose.

The white drops
in her dark hair.

The smile
that lit her eyes more brightly
then any fairy light
he had ever seen.


He grabbed her hand
and tried to ignore the electricity
that ripped through him
at her touch

They ran
in the snow
gasping for breath

Away from his fans
away from the people
away from the lights.

He bent over
to catch his breath
while she laughed.

It cracked the silence
lighted the darkness
set fire to his heart.

She had been so
when he'd come to see her.

He was in the area.

he just couldn't bear
to be apart from her

He turned to her.

His eyes suddenly burned
with longing
with a decision made
behind them.


She said his name
and it was enough.

Enough for him to know
he would

As long as he lived


Need anyone else.

His hands were shaking
but it wasn't from the cold.

He was Shane Grey.
When he wanted something
he did what he had to
to get it.

She didn't realise
the intent
that was written across his face.

Of course she didn't.

She was Mitchie Torres.
She was innocent
and she was completely under the false impression
that her love for Shane Grey
was unrequited.

They both loved Christmas.

The clock
on the tower
back by the lights
struck midnight

And Shane
sealed it
with a kiss.