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Summary: The Director sends Gibbs and Ziva away to extradite a suspect in a case. They have three days alone in the Bahamas? What will happen? (Bad summary) Gibbs/Ziva Enjoy

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Slipping in beside him, Ziva felt Gibbs tug on her waist. She moved to sit closer to him and eventually snuggled into his body. Gibbs wrapped his arm around her shoulders, a smile appearing on her face as he did. Ziva let her hair rest against his shoulder. His body's warmth welcomed her to snuggle in closer to him. Naturally turning into his body and bringing her leg up to rest over his thigh, the fabric of his clothing and the many hairs that littered his arms and legs rubbing against her sensitized body.

She inhaled.

His scent -his shampoo, his body wash, and his aftershave filled the space around them, delighting her senses. She had been dreaming of this day, among many others, when she could just lie in his arms and revel in his touch, even if it had nothing to do with kissing and biting and sweating and -sex. Right now, none of that was top priority. She just wanted to feel safe -to be safe and the fact that he was able to offer her that protection made her feel that she was actually worth something.


Gibbs blinked, rubbing his eyes with his hand, the one that was not cradling Ziva's body. The movie was about to end and, turning his attention to the woman asleep beside him, he sighed. She had fallen asleep not long after requesting to watch what was left of the movie with him. He had watched her for a while as she slept. There was a look of innocence that fell like a veil over her angelic form, just like when Jenny was murdered and when Ari died. The fearless Mossad assassin that she was had surrendered to the sorrow that overcame her when both a friend she care deeply for and a family member were lost. He couldn't say exactly if he knew what she was going through although he'd lost many men to violence, in the midst of wars and chaos, but he'd never lost a woman to one.

"Oh, Ziva." he whispered, dragging his fingers through her hair. 'If only you knew...' Gently, he placed a kiss on the top of her head before allowing himself to drift into slumber, his mind filled with thoughts of the woman wrapped in his arms.


Floating out of her sleep, Ziva's eyes batted open. She glanced around, noting that she must've dozed off for a while because there was a totally different movie playing. Rolling to lay flat on her stomach, she discovered that Gibbs was no longer beside her. Frowning, she ignored the disappointment that tugged at her heart. She had no right to be disappointed. They were not a couple, she shouldn't expect anything from him and he shouldn't expect anything from her. 'Suck it up, Ziva' she thought to herself. Sighing heavily, she sat up, rubbing her eyes gently. She looked up to see Gibbs standing in the doorway leading to the balcony, his shoulder leaning against the door frame and his arm crossed. She knew he had been watching her, but for how long, she didn't know. His hair was messy and he still wore the tee shirt, but instead of the boxers her went to bed in, he wore jeans. Ziva continued to stare at him; neither of them daring to look away as he slowly walked towards her and sat down beside her on the bed. Ziva didn't even notice what he had in his hand until he handed it to her.

"Get dressed." he ordered quietly, handing her the jacket she wore earlier when they arrived.

Confused, Ziva did as she was told. Climbing out of bed, she padded over to the bathroom to wash her face, stopping to grab a pair of jeans out of her bag as she did. When she had returned, her hair was pulled up into a loose ponytail and she had changed clothing. As she sat down to put on her shoes, she carefully watched Gibbs. The tiny furrow between his eyebrows told her that he wasn't upset, but deep in thought; there was definitely something on his mind. When she was done, she glanced at the alarm clock on his bedside table; it was 7:42 pm.

Heading to the door which Gibbs had been holding open for her, she stepped into the hallway and waited for him to do the same. Since she did not know where he was taking her, she followed at a steady pace behind him. Glancing at him, she was curious to find out what he had planned. The muscles in his jaws were jumping rhythmically as they walked down the long hallway. He kept his eyes straight ahead of him for the most part, sneaking a glance at her every once in a while. Ziva smiled to herself, finding it quite amusing to know that she knew how to read him when something was bothering him.

They had reached the elevator and Gibbs pressed to button then waited for the lift to arrive. When the door opened, Ziva followed him inside the confined space, and then waited as he pressed the first floor button. After a short while, Ziva moved to lean against the railing while staring at the descending numbers above the doors.

When the elevator stopped and its doors opened as Ziva was about to walk out, she paused when she felt Gibbs take her hand in his. Without skipping a beat, Gibbs began walking out of the elevator and Ziva, who quickly regained he senses, did so as well. She glanced at him as they made their way across the lobby and out the front doors. He didn't acknowledge his actions, but the smirk on his face told her that he knew exactly what he was doing.

They walked alongside the pool which now held a lot less people than it did three hours ago and the beach, no longer crawling with hundreds of sunbathing tourists and frolicking children, now littered with those in search of peacefulness and relaxation. Night had fallen and with the absence of the sun's heat, the beach had become noticeably cooler. When they had reached the steps that met with the beach, Gibbs pulled her closer to him, his fingers intertwining with hers. As they stepped onto the sand, their shoes sank into the tiny grains as they began walking.

They strolled in silence for a while along the shore. The wet sand was littered with small shells and strips of seaweed. Ziva stared lovingly at the darkened waters that encompassed the small island. Inhaling deeply, her senses were heavily delighted with the scent of fresh seaweed and sea salt and the wind borne sprays of water that flew in from the sea. Smiling, she thought of how such a small piece of land could possess such beauty, and within it, a simplicity that not many got to experience as often as they should.

She toed off her shoes, sighing softly as her bare feet sank into the cool sand then bent over to cuff her jeans. Stepping onto the wet sloping sand, her feet left more distinct prints as she padded closer and closer to the shallow water, but were washed away as soon as the waves washed over them. Staring into the water, she watched the seaweed float around aimlessly; their journeys undecided by the casual waves. As Ziva's gaze shifted from the grains of sand that spiralled around her feet to the open water which sparkled wonderfully, she felt someone standing behind her and turned around. She gave him a confused smile as his eyes moved across her face, his gaze falling to her lips for a second.

The blush that was beginning to settle in on her face told Gibbs that she had seen what he had done. As she looked down at the sand, he decided to throw a little caution to the wind. Slowly, he reached out to lift her chin with his hand so she could look at him. As he brushed his thumb over her lips, Gibbs thought he saw a slight panic flash in her eyes.

Removing his thumb, he let his hand slide to hold the back of her neck as he carefully pulled her into his embrace. He didn't allow his arms to venture further down than her back.

"Do you trust me, Ziva?" he said softly after letting his mouth drop to her ear.

Shuttering in his arms, she nodded her head.

"Then you have to relax, sweetheart." Feeling her nod again, he lifted her face once more. This time, he began to caress the side of her face with his knuckles, his touch causing her eyes to drift shut. She leaned into his touch, kissing his hand as it brushed over her lips. Leaning over, he placed a kiss on her forehead, then over her eyebrow, then her cheek, and as he moved to kiss her lips, he felt her hands grip his shirt and pull him down toward her. The kiss, a simple meeting between lips, started out clean enough. Gibbs slowly brushed his lips across hers, the feel of their softness his driving him to go further.

Ziva loosened her hold on his shirt and smoothed her hands up his chest and around his neck. She tilted her head to the side and she opened her mouth to pull his bottom lip into her mouth, her tongue moistening its surface. Brushing her lips over his once more, she felt his tongue push against her lips and opened her mouth to allow him entrance. His tongue slid cleverly over hers, caressing all the right spots as he soon deepened their kiss. Then Gibbs pulled her body closer to his, he was sure she could feel him growing hard against her as he wrapped his arms around her.

When they had pulled apart, they rested their foreheads together, staring at one another in silence. Gibbs, surprised by what he saw, brought his hand up to wipe away a few tears that had ran down her face then let his fingers rake gently through her hair, each strand falling between his fingers. She looked so beautiful. He pulled her into an embrace and stood there with her in his arms, completely unsure of what to say. What do you say after you've broken your own rule; a rule that was created to ensure that no one got hurt. Where was this going to take them and how far would they go?

Gibbs smiled, leaning forward her to whispered into her ear, "Didn't think it was that bad." he joked. Ziva laughed softly, wiping away the wet lines on her face that her tears had created.

"No, it's not that I, uh I just..." Looking down at their feet, she liked her lips then cleared her throat, "It's nothing." She shook her head slightly.

Gibbs watched her for a minute. He knew that there was something she wanted, or perhaps, needed to tell him. Whatever it was, she didn't want to tell him right now and he wasn't about to ruin this moment by pressing the issue. He'll give her some space and when she's ready to talk, he'll be ready to listen.


Stepping into the elevator along with a light haired man, they waited patiently for the lift to take them to their floor, both fidgeting restlessly. The two hadn't stayed long. They talked, and after comfortable silence had fallen upon them, they'd started back up the beach and into the hotel. Gibbs stole glances at Ziva who was chewing on her lip as she stared at the numbers above the door. Their impatience practically oozed from their bodies as they waited for the elevator to stop, or at least for the third person standing behind them to leave.

1...2...3...the numbers seemed to take forever to reach five. Suddenly, the elevator stopped. Both Ziva and Gibbs glanced at the red, glowing number then to one another. They had only reached the fourth floor. The doors slid open and the gentlemen behind them slipped pass then turned to walk down the hallway. Soon after, the doors closed again and the lift began. Clenching his fists, Gibbs slammed his hand into the emergency button on the door panel, causing it to jerk to a stop. In quick, sudden movements, Gibbs pinned Ziva against the wall, her legs wrapping tightly around his hips and his hands clutching her backside. He kissed her fiercely, each movement causing her to throb and moisten with desire.

Ziva, who was amazed by his effortless movements, reacted quickly to the situation. Her hands and mouth had begun to sensitize his body just as quickly as his did, her hands running through his hair as her tongue danced with is. As he rolled his hips toward her, she let her head dip forward to place warm kisses on his neck then back up to caress his lips. She felt his hand move to cover her breast before massaging it tenderly. Through the loose fabric of her shirt, he began to circle and rub at her sensitive nipple as soft moans escaped her body. She grinded slowly into his thick, hardened member as it pressed against her moistened centre, causing sensations to tease at her body.

Gibbs felt himself growing harder as she continued to move against him, the noises he was causing her to make feeding his heightened senses. He unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans with one hand and used the railing and his other hand to hold her up. Pulling his fingers into his mouth, he wet them with his tongue, then with a knowing smirk, slipped them into Ziva's mouth before sliding his fingers into her jeans. Ziva's head dip back with a moan as Gibbs began to move his fingers against her folds then in circles around her delicate knob, her legs tightening around him. He dipped his fingers inside her warm, wet core, the sensation causing her to scratch against his back. He could feel her tightening and contracting around his fingers, and before long, he was bringing her over the edge.

After a while, when they had untangled themselves, Gibbs pressed the emergency button and the elevator began moving again. The two hadn't really said anything besides whisper each others' names, and that was whenever they did manage to say the whole word. As the lift reached the fifth floor, the doors opened and before stepping out, Gibbs pulled her to him.

Their lips met after he ran his fingers though her dampened hair, "I love you, Ziva." he confessed against her lips. Ziva pulled back, her eyes remaining closed as she allowed his words to sink in. She opened her eyes to see him staring down at her.

"I love you too, Gibbs." She smiled, placing another kiss on his lips.

"Oh, and Ziva..." Gibbs said as they made their way back to their room.


"It's Jethro"