Zea: Yay! *Happy dance*

Arynne: Um…what's up with you?

Zea: New fanfic!

Arynne: Yeah. We're doing a Super Smash Bros. Brawl fanfic.

Zea: Yep. But not just any fanfic. It's a…

Zea and Arynne: TRUTH OR DARE FANFIC!!!!

Zea: But before I say anything else…I'd like to thank keybladeboy for inspiring me to write one of these! Also, I'd like to introduce you to my co-host, Arynne!

Arynne: *Waves*

Zea: Arynne is my best friend ever and she has agreed to do this with me! Now…onto the rules

Audience: *Sarcastic cheer*

Zea: *Pulls out a big effin rifle* SHUT UP BITCHES!!! *happy mode* Arynne?

Arynne: First of all…all dares must be submitted in your reviews. No PMing!

Zea: Secondly, it MUST involve the characters of Brawl and/or the games that they come from (yes this includes outside characters).

Arynne: Will we include Assist Trophies and Pokemon?

Zea: Hell… why not?

Arynne: Oh! And you guys can also make us do dares too!

Zea: Alrighty…open the portal!! *opens portal and all 36 Smash contestants comes out*

Arynne: Alright. You do what we say or we blow all your heads of. Understood?

Smashers: 0_0 *nods*

Zea: Yay! Alrighty…SEND IN YOUR DARES!!

Arynne: OR ELSE!! *Loads rifle*