Next Morning

"What happened to you last night?" Gibbs asked as he was about to pass the elevator, as Tony emerged.

"What?" Tony asked confused.

"Well, when I invited you over last night, I thought you would have stayed longer than fifteen minutes." Gibbs explained and waited for Tony's reaction.

"I was just worried, that you might change your mind about me not quitting or . . ." Tony started to say.

Gibbs waved his finger in front of him. "Won't happen." Tony looked down as he said that and nodded.

"You can relax now. And, do something about your stomach flu, will ya? You were holding your stomach the whole fifteen minutes that you were in my basement." Gibbs continued to stare at Tony.

"Yeah, Gibbs." Gibbs quickly said into his phone after it rang.

"I need to see you. There is a Naval Officer's body that was found in a creek." Gibbs heard Vance say. Gibbs closed his phone and continued to stare at Tony for a moment.

"I want DiNozzo back." Gibbs ordered.

"On it, Boss." Tony said as Gibbs started to turn away.


Part V has already been started.