This little one-shot absolutely sucks, but how could I not write something about The (infamous) Kiss? I mean, I'm a Bones fan. I'm a Bones/Booth fan. So it's just logical, right?
I wrote this really quickly, and, in my opinion, it is rather OOC. Bones isn't a easy character to write about, and I wanted it to be in her POV, since it's with Angela as well.
Anyway... here it is, enjoy!

She looked around her office for something high enough to stand on. She'd have to take it down quickly, or Angela would never let it go.

Looking around though, she couldn't find anything high enough. She needed a ladder.

Finally she found one in the office next to her, the office that belonged to some man who was practically never there. She had never found that man particularly interesting.

She placed the ladder under the mistletoe and climbed it to take it off, trying to suppress the vivid memories of what had happened last time she'd been here. It wasn't rational: she had only done it to obtain the trailer. Though the outcome had been different than she had expected, it hadn't been bad. In fact, if Dr. Brennan were to categorize it, she would give it an eight. Maybe a nine. Because, after all, it hadn't been voluntary on both sides.

Shaking her head to rid herself of the uncharacteristic thoughts, she reached up to take down the mistletoe. And of course, in that moment Angela chose to enter her office.

"Hey Bren, I still need-" she stopped abruptly as she took in the sight in front of her. "Sweetie? What are you doing?"

"Removing mistletoe from my ceiling," Brennan replied matter-of-factly.

"I can see that," Angela said, and Brennan could hear the excited tone creeping into her voice. "What I wonder is, why did you hang it there in the first place?"

"It was part of a deal I made with Caroline," Brennan said evasively.

"What kind of deal?" Angela asked, not bothering to keep curiosity out of her voice. "Bren, who did you kiss?" Her voice betrayed she already knew the answer. Or rather, hoped that her thoughts were correct.

"It was to get my father a trailer for Christmas, so that we won't have to celebrate Christmas in prison itself," Brennan said, a hint of something red on her cheeks.

"Uh-hu… And the rest of the deal?"

"The rest of the deal was I had to kiss Booth on the lips under mistletoe," Brennan said quickly, rushing the words.

"Well, that's about time!" Angela all but shouted triumphantly.

"What? No, Ange, I had to get that trailer for my father!" Brennan told her, panicking slightly. "It wasn't a voluntary contribution on Booth's side, contrary to what you seem to hope for."

"Oh. That's true," Angela said, and her face fell. But then she brightened again. "But you kissed anyway! Tell me, is he any good? Because if Cam is any indicator…"

"What does Cam have to do with this?" Brennan asked, confused. "This was between Caroline, Booth and me."

"Let's just say that a drunken Cam is a talkative Cam," Angela grinned. "Anyway, was he good?"

She thought about it. It had not been much of a kiss, more a means to get what she wanted – but if the tingles she had got were any measure…

"He was fairly good," Brennan admitted noncommittally.

"Yeah, right," Angela eyed her friend, seeing right through the disguise. "Honey, why don't you just admit it?"

"Admit what?" Brennan asked, feigning confusion. For once, Angela couldn't tell whether she really didn't know or was just faking it.

"Nevermind," Angel sighed. "You'll figure it out. How did he react?"

"How did who react?"

"You know – Booth. Tall, dark, handsome, alpha male, hovering over us?"

"He doesn't hover," Brennan replied, but she smiled nonetheless. "I got the impression he was somehow quite impressed."

"Ooh, that's good," Angela said enthusiastically. "So why are you taking the mistletoe down?"

Brennan frowned, looking at her, then at the mistletoe. "I was taking advantage of him, Ange. That is not something partners do."

"You didn't take advantage," Angela said, looking undignified. "You were trying to get your family a nice Christmas."

Brennan nodded doubtfully. "Still, I am taking it down. I have never been particularly fond of the tradition to begin with."

Angela simple smiled and sat back on the couch, watching Brennan fight with the mistletoe.

Well, well. It had finally happened. And she just knew Booth and Brennan would try everything possible to forget it. They wouldn't talk about it, avoid the subject whenever it was presented to them.

But she'd be damned if she wasn't going to enjoy it.