1. Lancelot raced towards the black Knightmare, chasing, gaining on him. Suzaku cursed, Shinkirou was escaping, Zero was escaping. The sakuradite whirred through Lancelot, pushing the mecha to its limits. The white knight smirked as the gap between him and Zero started to close. Shinkirou spun around armed and fired a blast at Suzaku. The Albion shot up into the sky, its sparkling, green wings bright against the starry night. Zero followed, Shinkirou's pink wings chasing the green blaze of light. The two Knightmares danced among the stars, weapons clashing, the colourful aura of their wings blurring into a rainbow around them. White chased darkness to the end, fighting for supremacy. The darkness faded, giving in to the pure colour that surrounded him. Suzaku jumped out of his ejection seat and rushed over to the other's cockpit. Empty. He scanned the area around him, and saw a shadow jump in a nearby cave. The man ran inside, following Zero's echoing footsteps through a path that grew narrow until it opened up into a large lake. Suzaku gasped at the sheer beauty of the shimmering water, gleaming icycles shining above him. Zero sat by the water's edge, unaware of Suzaku's presence. The white knight crept silently, approaching the masked one from behind. He bent down, his arms reaching around the black knight to trace his shape, his figure. Zero gasped, jumping out of Suzaku's loose grip.

"Kururugi! I-!" He stopped as Suzaku began to approach him briskly, grabbing him and throwing him to the ground. "What the hell Kururugi?!" The young man only glared in response, and sunk to his knees, straddling Zero. Suzaku took the masked man's hand in his own, and began to peel off the glove with his teeth.

"Wha…wha…what the fuck?!"
"Although…you do not seem to be struggling."
"S-Shut up!"

Suzaku chuckled and went back to his work. The taste of leather registered and the man smirked with the thought of bondage coming into his mind. He continued to remove the rest of his clothing until only the mask remained.

"Well, your mask?"
"No…" came a weak whisper, "…leave it be."
"As you wish."

Suzaku jumped off Zero and began removing his own clothes. Zero grabbed him and straddled the white knight, pulling the material off his body. He jumped up and grabbed Suzaku's hand, pulling him into a pitch black corner of the cave. "Ah! Zero!" The knight began to protest, but quickly shut his mouth when he felt breath on his face.

"Zero! You…"
"Yes Suzaku, my mask is off…" came a whisper that floated about the air.

Kururugi felt bare hands caress his naked body, moaning loudly in the silence when he felt the hands upon his hard cock. The hands became a pair of lips that moved up his body until they met his own, Zero's tongue greeting Suzaku's fiercely. The hands met his manhood again and Kururugi moaned into Zero's mouth; their lips separated and Zero laughed quietly. His tongue started to travel down his body, stopping every once in a while to mark him. Suzaku felt breathing on his hardness and gasped loudly when Zero took him into his mouth and began to suck slowly. His arms found Zero and felt the other's hand meet one of his. Their fingers intertwined, Zero's touch soft and gentle now. Suzaku's attention was returned when he felt a small bite upon himself then a squeeze of his hand. The mouth removed itself from him.

"Suzaku, are you still here? Have I lost you in ecstasy already?"
"Still here, shut up, and get back to blowing me dammit!"

Zero laughed, then did what he was told. His tongue caressed his hardness, then his mouth surrounded him again, sucking harder now. Sunaku moaned, squeezing Zero's hand, telling him to speed up. He was obedient to the order, but then felt Suzaku's hips trying to resist their natural urge to thrust. Zero smiled then moved his free hand to massage them, switching between each side. Suzaku let out a moan, then a small cry. The man stopped his massage but kept his mouth around Suzaku. Zero squeezed his hand, a small gesture of encouragement. Suzaku gulped, then gave into his body's urge, his seed bursting out of him into Zero's mouth.