bear with me.

Do you know what a patellar tendon is?

Until recently, I didn't. Didn't care, either. But now I know and I really, really want it back.

It's what holds your kneecap in place, and also controls movement in the knee, among other things. The point is that it's important. And I tore it.

Well, I didn't tear it. Someone else did. Flesh is fallible, so I guess it's my leg's part, too. When they found me, my kneecap was in my thigh, and my shin was bending attractively at a 45 degree angle. Not to mention a compression fracture of the tibia- deep enough that the bone was out of skin and everything.

And your friend ran you over. More on that later.

It's painful enough, but the fact that it's such a terrible injury- that fucks up your muscles so bad- I probably won't be running half-hour time marathons any time soon.

You know what they'll all think. Poor Sonic, he was such a good guy. Ran fast, too.

Well, now I'm sub-sonic. There's no way I can go back the way I am.

If I can ever walk out of this stupid wheelchair.

And out of this stupid hospital.

"Mr. Hedgehog?" The nurse says.

So this is how my days go. They shoot me up with pain medication, and then when I'm so stoned on medication that I can't even feel when I have to pee (thank god for bedpans; take that as you will), I do so called "pre-hab", the kind of movement that you do at like, two angles, and then I'll probably lay around and stare at the ceiling because I still can't even feel my face and I'm high out of my mind.

Most of the time.

Today's the surgery, the day that I don't have to rely on plaster, some IV-administrated liquid that burns, and syringes up the ass to get by rolling around the hospital.

On the table now. Doctor explains to me what they're going to do. Like I understand that. Just cut me open, doc! I joke. And he laughs and I laugh except it comes out as a rattle because my eyes burn and my throat close and now my eyes close this is general anesthesia… I hope I said that right sleepy I'm sleepy

On the side of the road. One leg burning like hell. Other one, I just can't feel it, I really hope that's not a bad thing.

Car driving away. I curse, and try to crawl at Knuckles, but pain shoots up through both legs AGH HOLY FUCK SON OF A BITCH THAT BURNS and then I just roll onto my face and scream at the pavement. And then I just cry and wait for whoever comes and notices me bleeding to death… I know he's probably as terrified as I am but he drove away. He drove away and I'm laying like a rag doll.

God damnit.