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Sokka awoke in the middle of the night, a sudden need to empty his bladder. He pulled himself out of Suki's arms, careful not to wake the female warrior. He stumbled into the trees, did his business, then stumbled back to the rock tents, created by Toph.

Sokka made his way back into the tent, already half asleep. He snuggled up to the other person in the tent.

"Hey babe, you're warm," he mumbled when he felt the heat radiating from his companion.

Zuko's eyes snapped open, someone had their arms around his waist, causing hi t-shirt to scrunch up a bit at the bottom.

"Sokka?" he asked shocked, his voice coming out in a squeak.

"Shh Suki, go back to sleep," he said leaning over and kissing his 'girlfriend'. He pulled back after a second and coughed. "Ahh!" he shrieked fully awake now. "You're not Suki."

"Of course not you idiot. What are you doing in my tent…kissing me?" Zuko growled back.

"Shh, Zuko, you'll wake someone up. Toph's a light sleeper and if she wakes up, she'll tell everyone," Sokka begged in a whisper.

"Seriously where do you get the nerve?" Zuko continued to shriek.

"I said shut up!" Sokka said leaning forward and covering the firebender's mouth with his own.

Te young warrior only did it to silence the older bender, but was shocked when he felt a spark shoot through his body. He never felt that with Suki anymore. Sokka was even more shocked when he felt Zuko respond to the kiss, wrapping his arms around his waist, pulling him closer to himself. Sokka couldn't help but let a small moan escape from the back of his throat, before pulling away.

"What are you doing?" Sokka whispered harshly.

"You kissed me," Zuko told him.

"Only to shut you up. Why else would I kiss you?" Sokka asked. "You're a guy. That's gross."

"Then why did you moan?" Zuko smirked.

"I didn't," he protested.

"Care to prove it?"

"What?" Sokka asked, just before Zuko rolled over, so he was over the blue eyes warrior.

"Z-Zuko what are you doing?" he whimpered.

"Oh shut up you annoying whimp," Zuko grinned before kissing him again. Sokka fought back for a second but soon melted into the kiss, wrapping his arms around the other boy's neck, and digging his hands into his hair.

"You really are the girl," Zuko laughed, pulling back.

"Am not!" Sokka said just as the two heard a frustrated grumble from the tent next to them.

A moment later, Toph came barging into the rock tent, growling,

"Okay Snoozles, Sparky, here's the deal. I'm tired. Last night I got awoken by the Giggle Twins sneaking around together. Then tonight you two are fooling around with each other. Snoozles, Sparky's on top. Get over it, shut up, and Go. To. SLEEP!"

"Yes ma'am," Sokka cowered. The girl was almost a foot smaller than him, but what she lacked in size, she made up for in power.

"I swear if I come back in here, I will pound you both with rocks until every single inch of you is covered in bruises," she huffed before stomping off to her own tent.

"Wait, what did she just say?" Sokka shrieked.

"Shut up and go to sleep," Zuko sighed, rolling off the boy.

"But- but my sister and my-"

"Sokka," Zuko said giving him a quick peck on the lips. "I said get some sleep."

"Oh, okay," he said rolling over closer to the firebender.

"Stay on that side of the tent," Zuko said pushing him away.

"But you're warm," Sokka complained snuggling closer to him.

"Fine, but tonight only. Tomorrow, you go back to your own tent," Zuko said, patting the boy's head awkwardly.

"Night Zuko."

"G'night…girly," he smirked.

"Hey I'm not the-"

"Oh shush," Zuko chuckled stroking his hair as the two feel asleep.




Three words.

HATE. YOU. I can't believe you made me write a Zuko/Sokka. Seriously chick…

Oh well. I lived. At least I think anyway.



Happy Christmas!

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