"Falling In Love Again"

Disclaimer: Some of the characters are mine
Summary: AU fic, which takes place in the future. Pacey and Joey dated in high school, but then he broke up with her after graduation so she could go away to college and follow her dream. Anderson and her reunited and began dating almost a year afterwards, and now this story takes place over ten years in the future. (Oh, and Jen didn't die!!)


~~I never thought I'd feel this way again, but you came and made me fall in love again~~


New York: 6AM

"What the hell is that noise?" Joey yawned. She had been up till almost two a.m. the night before and felt like she had just gone to sleep when she was awaken by the god awful noise.

She tried to bury her head further into her pillow to block the noise out, but the sirens wouldn't stop and then music began to play causing her to fully open her eyes to see that it was the digital clock going off beside her.

"Why the hell is it set for so early?" She mumbled to herself, before reaching out to turn off the alarm clock just as the male arm that had been wrapped around her reached over, picked up the alarm clock and threw it against the wall; silencing it and causing her to slightly laugh in response: "Really, now? That's the sixth clock you've broken in two months, don't you think it'd be better if you just put it on your side, so you could turn it off in the morning like a good little boy?"

"Well, that would take the fun out if it, now, wouldn't it? And besides I just love hearing your little giggles every morning when I wake up." Anderson responded back, before Joey felt little butterfly kisses going up her neck, which she usually loved, but since it was too early in the morning to enjoy the sensation that her boyfriend was bringing to her, she quickly protested.

"So, Mr. Crawford, are you ever going to tell me why we're awake at six am on a Saturday morning, or is this just another one of your evil ploys to get me to release some of your everyday stress. Cause if so, you can just march right into that bathroom down the hall and loosen up your wrist." She said jokingly, making Anderson chuckle a little, before he pulled her closer to him and began nibbling on her ear

"Now, if I really wanted to release some of my much-needed tension with my lovely girlfriend, Joey Potter, would that be too much to ask? I mean, you would be getting something out of the ordeal, wouldn't you?" He said, while running his tongue over her ear-lobe and sucking on it; causing Joey to draw in a deep breath and then another one as Anderson's mouth went back to her neck; sucking on it, instead of kissing it, this time

"No, it's not too much to ask, but I would really like to know why you got me up this early. I mean, I am the birthday girl and all. Don't I get a say in as to how early I have to wake up..? Cause I was thinking about not getting up until at least noon." Joey half joked, before lifting a hand behind her to play with Anderson's curls; a second later, having to stop as he took her hand in his and kissed it.

"You know, you're absolutely right! Today is your day and I shouldn't have gotten you up so early, so why don't you just go back to sleep, and I'll get out of your way, okay?"

Feeling Anderson release her hand and then the bed move caused Joey to turn on her back and watch on as Anderson quickly threw on his boxers and then made his way towards the other side of their room, where their dressers laid.

While furrowing her eyebrows in confusion at this, Joey outwardly asked if he was really going to leave here there, while he went out to do God knows what; causing Anderson to send Joey a mischievous grin while replying: "No, you said you wanted to go back to sleep, and I said okay, you do that. But that doesn't mean that when you wake up, you'll still find yourself in bed…or still in this apartment, for that matter."

Having a feeling that he was up to no good caused Joey to first sit up, and run a hand through her matted hair--pulling the loose strands that were in her face behind her ears—before telling Anderson to spill it, "What have you got planned for me today?"

While chuckling at the question, Anderson took a quick second to take out some clothes for Joey to wear, before outwardly replying: "I have no idea what you're talking about, but since I know you won't be going back to sleep now, you might as well go take a shower and get dressed while I clean up in here, okay?"

Okay, he is defiantly up to no good because he hardly ever likes to clean. Joey inwardly commented to herself, before forming an idea in her head and then putting on a suggestive smile as she got out of her bed and walked slyly up to Anderson; making sure that she got as close to him as possibly without touching him, and then afterwards saying, "Fine, I'll do as you say, but I could really use someone to scrub my back while I'm in the shower…you know, get all those hard to reach places. Do you think you're up for the challenge?"

Knowing already what she was up to caused Anderson to play along with her: placing Joey's clothes on top of the dresser and putting both of his arms around her; afterwards, leaning in and kissing her ever-so sweetly, before saying: "I'll wash your back….but I'm still not telling you what's going on today."

A comment which caused a defeated Joey to quickly let go of Anderson and reluctantly pick up the clothes that he had got out of the dresser for her, saying that he couldn't blame a girl for trying, before turning around and walked towards the door to the shower; at the last second, throwing over her shoulder, "Oh, and you can forget about washing my back."

A comment which caused an amused Anderson to chuckle slightly while he watched the door close behind her.

"That's my girl!"


After letting out a small yawn and then opening her eyes to see where she was at, Joey began to panic as she realized that she couldn't see a thing.

"Oh my god! I've gone blind!" She said, while putting her hands in front of her face, only to discover that she still couldn't see a thing.

"You haven't gone blind, sleepy head; you just have a blind-fold on your face." A familiar voice replied, causing her to jump slightly, but then loosen up as she remembered that Anderson had tricked her into putting a blind-fold on before they had stepped into his car. "Do I really need this thing? I feel like such an idiot."

"Trust me, Joey, you look fine…and besides, you won't have to wear it much longer, we'll be there in just a second, I promise."

"I really hope so…" Joey commented, while sitting up a little, trying to stretch her legs, "because I am two seconds away from peeing my pants."

While laughing slightly at that image, Anderson turned down the street they were approaching and jokingly replied: "Even though the sight of your stained-covered jeans and your red face would be most delightful, I am assuring you that we'll be there in less than ten minutes, and then you can use the bathroom and relax. I promise."

I don't know about the latter, but I defiantly will be going to use the restroom and then going to stretch my legs, as well.

"I feel like I've been sitting here so long my bones are destined to form into this sitting position."

Noticing that she was trying to shift her seat back so she could stretch her legs a little caused Anderson to quickly say that he wouldn't do that if he was her; a comment which made Joey stop her motions and inwardly smile; figuring this would be a good time as any to finally get a hint out of her boyfriend, as to where they were going.

"And why pre-tell wouldn't you?"

After several seconds of not getting a response in return, Joey was just about to open her mouth to ask the question again, when suddenly she felt the car coming to a stop and Anderson replied: "Because we're already here, and I will take off your blind-fold now."

"Thank God...I didn't know how much more of that I could've taken." Joey opened her mouth to say, but before she could get a chance to, Anderson quickly took her blindfold off; causing first sunlight to hit her eyes and then sudden realization as to where she was, to hit her as well.

"Oh my god. Anderson! I can't believe you did this."

After quickly un-hooking her seat-belt and then hurriedly stepping out of the car, Joey was just about to marvel at how much her child-hood home/former place of employment had changed when she was fully engulfed in the arms of her older sister, Bessie.

"Jesus, Bess…this place looks great…and so do you." She said, while escaping her sister's embrace and then looking from Bessie to the B&B and then back again.

She hadn't been to the B&B or Capeside since she left for college almost twelve years ago and the last time she saw Bessie, the older woman was still trying to get rid of the twenty plus pounds that she had gained while pregnant with Joey's six month old niece Kaitlyn; which by the looks of things, she had defiantly lost those unwanted pounds and probably a few more to go with it.

"Well, if you spent the majority of your time cleaning up after a six month old baby and trying to raise a too handsome for his own good pre-teenage son, while at it, you'd probably lose a few pounds, as well." Bessie joked, before turning towards Anderson--who had just finished emptying the suitcases out of the car—and giving him a small hug and a peck on the cheek, afterwards.

"You do look good, Bessie…but that's nothing new, you Potter women always look good."

"Well, thank you, Anderson…now, if you two can just follow me, you can bring your bags and put them in the house. I've already set up Joey's old room for the both of you."

While following her older sister into the house, Joey couldn't help but raise an eyebrow at the amount of luggage that Anderson had in his hands. "Isn't that a lot of clothes for only two days?"

After taking a step inside the B&B and closing the door behind him, Anderson smiled slightly at Joey's question before outwardly replying: "Actually it's more like two weeks' worth of clothing…I pulled a couple of strings at your job and as of yesterday afternoon, you are officially off of work for the next two weeks. Happy birthday, Joey."

Even though a part of her was kind of upset that Anderson had went behind her back and contacted her job without asking her permission, the fact that Anderson had gone through so much trouble for her sake caused Joey to forget all about the matter and instead smile at her boyfriend's thoughtfulness.

"This is very sweet of you, Anderson, but aren't you going to get into trouble...? I mean I can't believe for a second that your boss would actually let you off for two weeks. I thought 'the citizens of New York couldn't do without the likes of my and their favorite lawyer Anderson Crawford?" Joey asked, while imitating Anderson's partner at work, Jeff Marshall.

While laughing at Joey's imitation, Anderson admitted that that was true. "Well, they can't—or better yet, he can't—that's why I'll only be staying here until Tuesday, but you on the other hand will be staying here until next Saturday. I thought that maybe you could use a little break from the big apple."

Knowing that since her art gallery opened a few months ago, Joey had barely got any sleep whatsoever caused her to inwardly agree with Anderson that she defiantly needed a break—even if it was just for a week or two.

"Thank you, Anderson...this is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me. I love it and I love you, as well."

With that being said, Joey wrapped her arms around her boyfriend, who was still carrying their suitcases and kissed him with all the might that she had.

Unfortunately for the two of them though, just as they were getting into the kiss, they were stopped by a clearing of the throat and Bessie saying:

"Well, if you two could stop making-out and blocking my guests for a second, I'd think you'd want to put your stuff away."

Not bothering to hide her blush, Joey laughed at her sister's impeccable timing and then was about to walk down the hallway towards her old room when Bessie's next words stopped her.

"Hey, if you don't mind Joey, I need to speak with Anderson for a second, but I think there's someone in your room who's been waiting for you since sunrise."

Since sunrise…?

While furrowing her eyebrows in confusion at this statement, Joey almost opened her mouth to ask who it was, but figuring with Anderson and Bessie around, and knowing their love of surprises, there was really no point of asking, she instead just nodded her head in understanding before making her way down the hallway to her old room; grinning when she saw who was seated on the bed in front of her.


"What are you doing here? I thought you couldn't get a flight out from Fort Lauderdale until next week."

After allowing herself to be pulled into a hug by Joey, Jen stepped back and smiled at her former arch-enemies question.

"Hey, it's your thirtieth birthday; we wouldn't miss it for the world."

Even though Joey still couldn't believe Jen, who said she refused to come back to Capeside after her Grams died a few years ago, was actually in front of her at the moment, the fact that the other woman had said the word we caused Joey to outwardly question who this we was.

"Tobey, Jack, me---and you'll never guess who else came into town to celebrate your birthday with you, as well."

Not knowing if she could handle any more surprises right now caused Joey to sit down on the bed, before outwardly asking who; a question which caused Jen to smile.

"None other than the famous director Dawson Leery, and the soon to be new Mrs. Leery, Gretchen Witter. They're staying with Dawson's mom for the weekend."

Having not spoken to Dawson in quite some time caused Joey to inwardly tell herself that she would have to put aside some time this weekend to catch up with her former best friend about what had been going on with him since they'd last seen one another. And then afterwards, she outwardly replied: "When did those two get back together? Last time I checked, they had broken up and he was somewhere on the west coast shooting a movie while she was still here on the east coast, still waiting tables."

After shrugging slightly at the question and also taking a seat on the bed beside Joey, Jen replied: "No idea…I lost contact with Dawson after he moved to L.A, and then a few months ago I heard he got down on one knee at the wrap-up party to his new movie "Willow" and he proposed. People magazine said it was straight out of a story book fairy tale; and knowing Dawson, I'm sure it was."

Knowing just what Jen meant, since they had both dated Dawson in high school and they both knew how romantic he could be, caused Joey to nod her head in understanding, before outwardly replying that she was glad that they were all back in town. "It gives us all a chance to catch up again."

"That's true…" Jen began, before saying that she had almost forgotten something and pulled a rectangle shaped box out of her jacket pocket; afterwards handing it to a confused Joey. "Well, almost all of us...Jack and me ran into Pacey the other night and he said that he was going out of town and probably wouldn't make it to see you today, but he told me to give you this—and trust me, Joey, I've been trying my hardest these last three days not to open it, so you might want to do it now before I explode."

After slightly laughing at Jen's comment, Joey looked down at the box Jen had given her; not really sure if she should open it or not. She didn't have a clue as to what it could be.

You're being silly, Joey…it's probably just some random trinket Pacey picked up while on his many travels--nothing to be afraid of at all.

After taking a second to look at Jen for reassurance, Joey looked back down at the box and opened the package and then afterwards, she couldn't help but widen her eyes in surprise when she noticed the silver locket that was inside.

Wow, this must've cost him a fortune….

After taking the necklace out of the box, Joey pressed the side of the locket causing it to open up; revealing both a picture of the two from high school in it and an inscription on the side

"What's it say?"

Moving her gaze away from the picture that used to haunt her from her dresser room stand, when they were in college, Joey read the words that were inscribed on the necklace out loud: "To Joey, my one true love."


Not knowing what else to say to that 'caused Joey to nod her head in agreement.

Wow, indeed.

After a few seconds of studying the locket in her hands, Joey was broken out of her thoughts by Jen's words.

"When was the last time you spoke to him, Jo?"

Not since the day he broke my heart… Joey inwardly thought to herself, but not wanting to sound too morbid 'caused her to outwardly reply: "It's been years. I mean, I tried to call him a few times after we broke up, but I'd always hang up the phone before he answered—not really knowing what to say—and then when I'd come back to visit during the holidays, in college, I'd see him and we'd say hello to one another, but we never really talked. It was more like a 'Hey. How are you? We should catch up…' but we never really did."

Having been there when Joey and Pacey had broken up, and remembering how hard it had been for the brunette the first couple of months afterwards caused Jen to tell her friend she understood, and then open her mouth to switch topics—not wanting to see Joey upset on her birthday—but fortunately before she could do so, she was interrupted by a knock on the door and Anderson coming into the room.

"Hey, Jen! I'm glad you could make it!"

While standing up and hugging Anderson, Jen noted that Joey quickly wiped something from her eyes before standing up and smiling at her boyfriend as well. She'd have to remember to ask Joey about that later on.

"How's Jack doing? I haven't heard from him since Jo and I were down your way last year." Anderson commented, before wrapping an arm around his girlfriend; causing Joey's face to instantly light up, a fact that Jen was happy about.

I see some things never change…he always did have a way of making her smile.

With that thought in mind, Jen outwardly replied: "He's doing good. Him and Tobey are still on and off every few months, as usual. I swear they get in one of their little disagreements, and you feel like the whole world will come to an end, but then they get back together like two days later and you want to curse both of them out for putting you through that ordeal in the first place. I swear one day I will shoot them both."

Having witnessed a couple of Jack and Tobey's breakups first hand while rooming with Jack their senior year in college caused Anderson to first chuckle at Jen's response, before replying: "Well, I'll have to make sure I catch up with him before I leave Tuesday night, but right now I was thinking about taking a nap so if you girls want to go out, Joey, you can take my car and my card, and you and Jen can go out for lunch, and do all that girl-bonding stuff you two do so well."

A nap…?

Knowing that Anderson wasn't one to take naps in the middle of the day so this was probably a way to get Joey out of the house for awhile—seeing as how her older sister had pulled Anderson aside a few minutes ago to speak with him--caused Joey to outwardly reply: "Are you sure? 'Cause Jen and me can always stay and catch up here, and then we can all go shopping when you wake up. How does that sound?"

Knowing exactly what he was going to do before he did it, caused an amused Joey not to be surprised when Anderson looked at Jen for help.

He can be so predictable at times…

"Jo, Anderson just drove all the way here from New York, I'm sure he's exhausted, so why don't we just get out of his hair for a while and go and visit Jack and the baby. You know you haven't seen Christian since he was born."

That's true…

Even though the idea of sticking around to mess with Anderson and Bessie's plans a little amused Joey, the thought of seeing Jack's adopted son Christian caused her to think otherwise.

"That's fine, as long as we can stop and get some food first 'cause I'm starving."

After mouthing a thank you to Jen—which Joey caught and smirked at—Anderson handed Joey the keys to his car and his Bank of America credit card, and then he proceeded to walk them outside the house--all the while reminding Joey to be careful in his car, since it wasn't anything like her Altima. "I know how you like to be my little speed demon, but just be careful, okay?"

After rolling her eyes jokingly as Joey promised to be careful and then kissed Anderson on his lips to smooth away his fears, Jen playfully told Anderson that they'd promise to be careful as long as he promised to bail them out of jail if their bonding session got to be a little too intense for Capeside.

"I can't make any promises, but I'll try, Jen. Just bring my girl back in one piece, okay?" Anderson commented, before opening the door for Joey to get inside and then waving goodbye as the two females backed out of the driveway; both on their way to spend his money.

"Knowing those two...I can't wait to get this bill."


After first stopping by IHOP so Joey could get some food in her stomach, the two women finally arrived at Tobey's sister's place around one pm; which was almost two hours after they had said their goodbyes to Anderson.

"I always did love having lunch on your boyfriend's dime, Joey. Make sure, if I forget, to tell him I enjoyed the 10 oz steak he bought me for breakfast." Jen joked, causing Joey to roll her eyes in amusement, before turning back towards the house in front of her; whistling softly as she took in how big the place was.

And here I thought Anderson's place was huge. Joey inwardly commented to herself, before following Jen up the driveway towards the front door—surprised, when before either one of them had a chance to ring the door-bell, the door was flung open and an amused Katie was seen behind it."It's about time you two showed up over here…I was just about to call the authorities on you. Happy birthday, Joey."

After taking a second to tell her friend thank you, Joey stepped into the house behind Jen and hugged her friend hello. "You have a beautiful home, Katie...much bigger than the one you sent me pictures of months ago."

"Yeah, well, I figured I'd probably need more space sooner or later, and judging by the growing belly under my shirt, I'm guessing the answer is probably more sooner than later. What do you think?"

Having no idea that her friend was expecting at all caused Joey to raise both eyebrows in surprise before turning her attention to Katie's now noticeably small pudge of a stomach; inwardly wondering to herself how she could've missed that.

Katie was always known in college for being the smallest one out of all three of us.

"Do you mind if I touch your stomach?" Jen questioned, causing Joey to break out of her thoughts.

"Yeah, sure, go ahead…but just to foreworn you both, that rumor about something being in the water around here is no joke…I think everyone and their mother is pregnant right now, so wrap it up."

Knowing that she and Anderson always used condoms whenever they had sex caused Joey to laugh at Katie's comment, before following behind Jen and rubbing Katie's small stomach as well.

Wow...I can't even imagine having another person living inside of me. I wonder how it feels.

Unfortunately before Joey had a chance to ask that question out-loud, the sound of footsteps approaching caused all three women to turn their heads towards the kitchen, just as Andie walked into the living room carrying a half-asleep Christian. "I thought I heard voices…hey Joey, happy birthday."

"Thanks Andie." Joey replied, before closing the distance between her and her friend and giving Andie a big hug---well, as big as it could be with a baby in the way. "Wow, he's gotten so big. Can I hold him?"

"Yeah, sure." Andie quickly replied, before gently handing her nephew to Joey, and then afterwards handing her his bib as well. "I'm glad you guys caught me before I left. I was just about to be out the door, on my way to the airport, but I had to stop by and drop off little man here first."

"Wait! So you're not going to be here to help Joey celebrate her birthday tonight, either? Well, that sucks ass---a lot."

Noticing Jen's slip-up, in front of Christian, caused Joey to laugh slightly, but her laugh soon died down when Andie spoke up again.

"Oh no, I'll be there—I wouldn't miss it for the world. I just have to go pick Pacey up from the airport, his flight gets in-in about a half-n-hour."

"So, he will be back in town?" Joey outwardly commented, before she could stop herself, causing Andie to shoot her a strange look until Joey continued her statement. "I mean, Jen said her and Jack had ran into him earlier this week and he said that he probably wouldn't get to see me today, thus the reason why he gave her my present."

Nice save…

Understanding Joey's confusion caused Andie to smile slightly before saying, "Yeah, he just opened up another restaurant down in Philadelphia and he wasn't sure or not if he would make it back in time to see you today, but fortunately everything worked out in his favor, so he should be back in Capeside in the next hour or two—that is, if I leave now and make it to the airport on time."

Getting the hint that she really needed to be on her way caused Katie to outwardly reply that Andie better get a move on then, and that she'd watch their nephew until Jack and Tobey came back from the mall "or wherever they went to early this morning."

"All right…well, it was nice seeing you, Joey." Andie commented, before heading towards the front door, "Hopefully we'll get a chance to catch up before you leave to go back home next week."

"You can plan on it." Joey responded back, while lifting one of Christian's pudgy arms up so that he could wave to his Auntie Andie. "Say bye-bye Christian."

"Bye-bye, Christian." Andie jokingly replied back, before shutting the door behind her; leaving the three women and baby alone in the room, each of them wondering now what they could do to pass the time until Jack and Tobey got back from their trip.

"We could always talk about sex." Katie replied, causing both Jen and Joey to look at one another questioningly, before each of them outwardly responded:

"I'm game!"

Several hours later - The Yacht Club

After spending the majority of the day catching up with Jen, Jack, Toby and Katie, Joey found herself being rushed back to the B&B, where she was told by a no-nonsense taking Bessie to—without asking questions—shower, shave, and put on the outfit that was laid out for her on her bed.

Now two hours later, she found herself in the middle of the dance floor at the yacht club—where she used to work at--surrounded by all of her friends and family.

I still can't believe Anderson went through so much trouble to do all of this for me…this is the sweetest thing that anyone has ever done for me. Joey inwardly thought to herself, while pulling the older man closer to her; causing him to read her thoughts out-loud.

"You know, I was almost afraid to go through with this. I figured something would go totally wrong tonight and that you could quite possibly hate me for the rest of your life over this. I'm glad I was wrong."

Knowing that no matter what Anderson did to her, Joey could never hate the man that was solely responsible for making her fall in love again, after her horrible break up with Pacey, caused Joey to look up and smile at Anderson, before saying: "Yeah, you did kind of take a stab in the dark with this one since you never know what could happen when people are brought back to their child-hood homes, that are almost nine out of ten times filled with bad memories that they try to leave behind…but honestly, I don't think there's any way you could have topped this, I'm having the best time of my life right now."

With that being said, Joey reached up and pulled Anderson's face closer to hers, bringing their lips together. And then after a second of embracing, she pulled back, meeting his smile with one of her own.

"Well, now I'm afraid to give you my next present, since you say nothing I could ever do can top this right now."

Wait? There's more?

Even though Joey sometimes felt like Anderson was going to spoil her to death with all the love and attention he gave her, she couldn't help but be a little curious as to what his next surprise would be; a fact which Anderson noticed.

"Joey…" Anderson began, before stepping back for a second, so he could see her entire face. "There's something I have wanted to ask you for as long as I can remember, but I was too chicken to ask you before. But now, as I stand here, looking into your eyes, surrounded by both our friends and family, there's only one thing that I want to know."

With that being said, Anderson—getting the attention of those around him—took a small box out of his pocket, dropped down to one knee and asked Joey: "Josephine Lillian Potter, will you do me the honor of marrying me?"

"Oh my God…" Joey mumbled to herself, before repeating the words once again as Anderson opened the small box in his hand; showing her the five carat engagement ring he had brought for her. "I don't know what to say."

"Just say yes!" Jen called out, causing those around her to laugh slightly—including both Anderson and Joey, as well.

"So, what do you say, Joey? Is it a yes?"

Without even having to think about it for a second, Joey outwardly replied: "Oh, what the hell…yes! Yes, I will marry you," causing an applause to break out throughout the room.

As congratulations were thrown across the room, Anderson stood up from his spot on the floor, slipped the engagement ring on Joey's finger and then proceeded to give Joey a kiss that practically took both their breaths away.

Afterwards, he remarked that he loved her so much; a comment which caused Joey to open her mouth to tell her future husband that she loved him just as much, as well, but before she could do so, the sight of a familiar face just behind Anderson caused her to stop and outwardly wonder:



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