~Do I ever cross your mind, anytime/ Do you ever wake up reaching out for me/ Do I ever cross your mind anytime/I miss you~


The word had escaped her mouth before she could stop herself, causing Anderson to pull back from their embrace and look at her in confusion. "What was that?"

"I, um…?" Joey began, but fortunately for her, Bessie interrupted them before she had a chance to make up a lie.

"Oh, congratulations you two. I'm so happy for you."

While allowing herself to be pulled into a hug by her older sister, Joey frantically searched the room with her eyes, wondering if it had been some sort of hallucination or if it had really been Pacey that she had seen.

I couldn't have imagined that, could I? I haven't had that much to drink.

"Joey, do you mind if I borrow your fiancée for a second. I'd like to steal one dance with my future brother-n-law before you have him for the rest of your life."

Knowing that this would give her an opportunity to find who she was searching for, Joey outwardly replied that that was fine with her, before waiting for Bessie to pull an amused Anderson further out onto the dance floor before heading in the direction that she had just seen Pacey in; finding him moments later, after looking out the window, standing on the pier outside of the restaurant.

Why am I not surprised that he would be out there…? He always did love looking out at the water.

With this thought in mind, after waiting to make sure that no one noticed her, Joey quickly grabbed her jacket that was hanging on the coat rack by the door and then slid out the front door before anyone could spot her.

Now what? She thought to herself as she stared at Pacey; who was standing no more than twenty feet in front of her, but still had his back facing her. Should I just go up to him and start a conversation or wait until he notices me first?

Unfortunately for Joey, before she could come to a decision as to what her next move should be, Pacey—probably feeling someone watching him--turned around, catching Joey spying on him.

"Well, if it isn't the lovely Joey Potter…what are you doing out here? Aren't you supposed to be inside enjoying your first dance as an engaged woman?"

Not knowing if that was meant to be a joke or not caused Joey to reply back, "Yeah, but my sister got to him first, so I guess I'll just have to wait until their finished to pick over her messy leftovers."

After slightly chuckling at this comment, Pacey took a few steps forward, closing the distance between the two of them, and pulled the reluctant Joey into a small hug. "It's nice seeing you, too, Joey."

"The pleasures all yours, I'm sure." Joey jokingly replied back, before allowing herself to get lost in Pacey's arms for a second, and then afterwards pulling back so they were within an arm's reach from one another. "So, when'd you get here--until now, I hadn't seen you the entire party."

While shrugging his shoulders at the comment, Pacey outwardly replied: "I haven't been here too long. I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to make it or not—we had an emergency down at the restaurant, but once everything got under control, I decided to escape for a few and come down to the docks to wish one of my favorite Capesiders a happy birthday."

"Something that you still haven't done yet." Joey outwardly noted before she could stop herself; causing Pacey to chuckle once again, before doing as he was told and wishing Joey a very happy birthday. "Did you make a wish yet?"

"We were just about to bring out the cake so she could do so," A voice from behind them commented, causing both Pacey and Joey to turn around—noticing a smiling Anderson making his way towards them from the Yacht Club. "The name's Anderson...and you must be the famous Pacey Witter, I presume?"

After taking a second to shoot Joey a confused look, Pacey outwardly replied that it was indeed he, before throwing out a hand so Anderson could shake it and then continuing with: "It's nice to finally meet you, man. And just let me be the first to congratulate you on scoring a great girl like Joey. She'd make any guy out here lucky to call her his wife."

While smiling immensely at this comment, Anderson stole a glance at Joey—who up until this point, had been silently watching on as her past and present interacted with one another—and outwardly commented: "Thanks man, but in this case I don't even need anyone to tell me how lucky I am. She's the best thing that has ever happened to me."

After taking a second to smile shyly at those words, Joey let her smile die down a little as she realized Pacey was watching both her and Anderson intently. "Well, as much as I would like to stay and listen to you boys talk about how great I am, I think we better head inside. Didn't you say they were waiting on me so they could bring the cake out?"

As if he had totally forgotten why he had came out there in the first place, Anderson smacked his head a little and then threw his hand out to Pacey; saying it was nice to meet him, again. "You will be staying for the rest of the party, wont you? At least until Joey blows out her candles."

After looking at Joey for a second, as if to ask what she wanted him to do, Pacey shook his head a little, before saying: "I would, but I have to get back to my restaurant. I just wanted to stop by for a second to wish Joey here a Happy Birthday, but now I have to get a move on before someone blows up the place—you two should defiantly stop by the Ice-House before you leave. Drinks and food on me."

The Ice-house? Joey opened her mouth to ask. But before she could get a chance to do so, Anderson quickly replied: "Well, I don't know how much free time I'm going to have--I leave on Tuesday, but Joey will be here until Saturday, so I'll make sure she at least stops by to visit and catch up with you before she leaves."

"I'm hoping on it." Pacey genuinely commented back, before saying that it was nice meeting Anderson again, and then afterwards that he'd see Joey later.

"Bye Pacey…" Joey outwardly commented back, before watching on as Pacey made his way towards his car; waving at the both of them as soon as he entered it.

"So, you ready to go back inside?"

Turning her attention away from her fleeting ex, Joey outwardly replied:

"I'm ready whenever you are."

Tuesday night (The B&B)

"So, are you guys sure that you don't mind watching Alexander and Kaitlyn while we're gone? I don't want to ruin any plans that you two might have tonight."

Turning her attention away from the movie she was watching, Joey playfully rolled her eyes at her sister's comment before outwardly replying: "For the hundredth time,, I don't mind watching my niece and nephew tonight. You and Bodie deserve to have a night out on the town, and besides it gives me time to dig up some information on you two, just in case I ever need a favor out of one of you."

"Right!" Bessie joked, before planting a small kiss on her baby's sister cheek and then afterwards, bidding Jen goodbye and following Bodie outside to their car.

"So, now that the parental units are finally gone, let's get back to what we were talking about before."

While smirking slightly at Jen's comment, Joey outwardly replied: "I don't know. I guess it was kind of weird after Anderson walked up and found us outside, but after that it was like I wasn't even there. They just started having this conversation about how great I was and how lucky Anderson was to have me, and the whole time I was standing there thinking to myself is this really happening? Are they really having this conversation? It was just bizarre."

After chuckling slightly while sarcastically admitting to Joey that it would be kind of bizarre to hear one of her ex's and her current boyfriend talking about how great she was—only because she didn't have a current boyfriend to speak of—Jen outwardly replied: "So, now that Anderson is back in New York, do you have any plans to go and get caught up with Pacey? Or are you just going to leave it hanging up in the air for another twelve years; that way my god-children will get to hear about how you still don't know if you've gotten over your ex yet or not. I'm just wondering."

Geesh, leave it to Jen to bring up the one thing that I'm scared to admit right now.

Unfortunately though, before Joey could say that she didn't have any feelings other than friendship for Pacey right now, the house phone rang causing her to hold that thought and pick up the phone before it finished its second ring. "B&B. Joey speaking, how may I help you?"

"Wow, you haven't even been back in Capeside for a week yet, and they already have you working again…that's got to suck."


Immediately recognizing the voice on the other end caused Joey to smile slightly—an action which Jen quickly picked up on. "Ha, ha, ha, very funny Witter, but last time I checked, Bessie wasn't the only workaholic around here. You seem to be always at the Ice-house every time I've passed by it this week—scared one of the customer's is going to rip you off as soon as you leave?"

"No, I'm scared one of my employees will rip me off as soon as I leave—they don't make them like they used to, Joey, that's for damn sure." Pacey half joked, causing Joey to slightly laugh at the comment, but a second later she had to sober up quickly as his next words left his mouth. "Anyway, I was hoping I would catch you 'cause I need to ask you for a favor."

Oh boy…

Remembering that the last favor Pacey had asked of her was to work on his boat with him, caused Joey to pause for a second, before outwardly replying: "What is it?"

"I'm trying to buy this mom and pop restaurant down in Boston, and the owners are coming tomorrow to see how I run the Ice-house. Now, usually I would ask Andie, but since she's going back with Jack to Miami tomorrow, I was sort of wondering if you could maybe pinch-hit for her and accompany me to dinner with Mr. Olson and his wife, on Friday night."

"Um…" Not knowing what to say to that caused Joey to ask Pacey to hold on for a second, and then after hitting the mute button, she asked Jen what she should do. "It's Pacey…he wants me to accompany him to dinner on Friday night to persuade this couple to let him buy their restaurant. What should I say?"

"That depends…is this a date?" Jen questioned, causing Joey to tell her that of course it wasn't a date, it was a favor; a comment which Jen inwardly laughed at.

It's a date.

With that thought in mind, Jen continued with: "I say: tell him yes, that you'll go out with him as a favor, but he has to pay for your food and pick you up beforehand. That way, if the couple is snooty, you'll still have a free meal to show for it, and also it will give you and Pacey a chance to catch up and get to know one another all over again, without being alone while doing so."

Well, when you say it like that….Joey inwardly thought to herself, before pressing the mute button once again and telling Pacey that she'd do him this favor. "But only under two conditions: the first one being that you have to pick me up and the second one being that you have to pay for my meal. This way, if the couple is stuck up, I'll at least get a free meal out if it."

After chuckling slightly at this comment, Pacey replied that that was fine with him, "But now I have to go. You know how us workaholics are: work-work-work. But thanks again, Joey. I really appreciate it."

"No problem, Pacey. I'll talk to you later." Joey replied back, before hanging up the cordless and then turning back towards the movie, they had been watching before Bessie had walked in, that was now showing its closing credits. "So, what do you want to do now?"

"Oh, I don't know…how about we go find you an outfit." Jen responded back, before standing up and making her way towards Joey's old room; leaving the brunette to outwardly wonder to herself:

"What have I gotten myself into now?"

Friday Night

"You know, now that you're an adult, this is a lot easier since I don't have to keep threatening to stick you every five seconds with one of my safety pins." Bessie commented, before stepping back and admiring the job she had just finished doing on Joey's face; outwardly admitting that this time she had even out-done herself. "I really should get paid for doing this; I think I could make tons of money off of just you alone."

After laughing slightly at her sister's comment, Joey turned towards the mirror beside her and couldn't help but nod her head in agreement at Bessie's statement. "You did a good job, Bessie. It looks great."

With that being said, Bessie turned towards her bath-room counter and begun cleaning up all the makeup she had taken out for the evening; afterwards, asking if Pacey had told her where they were going tonight.

"No." Joey outwardly commented, while spraying the last few drops of Victoria Secret Angel body spray on her wrist; inwardly reminding herself that she'd have to remember to pick up some more of the item the next time she went to the mall. "But knowing Pacey, it's probably some small restaurant down by the docks, that he just happened to come across while walking down by the pier."

Figuring that Joey would know better than she would, caused Bessie to think of her next words carefully before outwardly asking if Joey had told Anderson about her and Pacey's date tonight.

A question which caused Joey to stop fixing her hair and reply: "First of all, Bessie, it's not a date--it's just a measly favor between two friends. And second of all, no, I didn't tell Anderson about it, because I didn't really think there was anything to tell. Anderson told me to go catch up with Pacey, and I'm doing it, end of story."

Yeah, but whose story is it the ending to: yours and Pacey's or yours and Anderson's? Bessie inwardly commented to herself, but before she could say the statement out-loud, the door bell rang; telling them that Pacey was there.

"Right on time like always."

With that being said, Bessie threw Joey a look that said they'd talk about this later, and then proceeded to make her way down the hall and towards the front door.

After waiting until Bessie had left the bathroom, Joey hesitantly put on the last remaining piece to her outfit—which was the necklace that Pacey had given her for her birthday—and then after one last look in the mirror, she slowly made her way down the hallway to where Pacey was standing, waiting for her with a bouquet of flowers in his hands.

Oh shit…

Feeling eyes on him, Pacey adverted his line of vision from Bessie to Joey, and then after taking a second to admire the woman in front of him, he let a small smile slip onto his face, while saying: "You look beautiful, Joey."

Even though she knew she should thank Pacey for his compliment, the fact that Bessie was still standing there in between the two of them caused Joey to outwardly note that he had brought her flowers.

"Uh, yeah." Pacey replied, after a second of regaining his composure, "I heard somewhere that the best gift to give someone who was doing you a favor was a dozen stemmed roses, but I remembered you didn't like roses, so I figured a dozen stemmed tulips would do just fine."

While not even bothering to hold back her smile at this comment, Joey outwardly thanked Pacey and then turned towards Bessie asking her if she could put the flowers in water for her.

"Sure thing." Bessie commented, before taking the flowers from Pacey's hands and then looking back and forth between the two of them; waiting for one of them to make the next move.

When did she become so obvious? Joey inwardly thought to herself, before outwardly replying that they'd better get going if they didn't want to miss their reservations.

"Yeah, Mr. and Mrs. Olsen are probably on their way there now as we speak, so we better get going--we'll see you later, Bessie?"

"Yeah, see you later, Pacey." Bessie outwardly replied back, before opening the door for her sister and Pacey to walk out of; throwing out to them before they got into Pacey's car: "You guys have fun tonight."

Just not too much fun.

(Two hours later)

To say that Joey was having fun right now would be an understatement—Joey was having a blast.

Just as she had expected, Pacey had ended up taking Joey and the Olsen's to this small Italian restaurant that he had found down by the pier; one which he admitted that he had wanted to go to for some time now, but never had a reason to try it out until tonight.

And try it out, he did. Between the four of them, they had consumed almost every appetizer and dessert item on the menu, and besides that, the only thing they didn't order was an entrée, but the Olsen's promised they'd be back some other time and then Pacey and them would have to try them then. A fact which Joey felt a little jealous about, seeing as how since this was just a onetime only thing she probably wouldn't be able to partake in the taste testing with them.

Oh well, I'll just have to ask Anderson to take me here next time we're back in town.

With that thought in mind, Joey inwardly wondered to herself what her fiancée was doing right now, but then a second later the thought was pushed out of her head as Pacey asked her if she wanted to dance.

Seeing as how the other couple at their table was already out and on the dance floor, Joey figured what the hell and outwardly replied that she'd love to. Seconds later though, after her and Pacey made it on the floor, she couldn't help but laugh as the memory of them learning how to dance in high school came back to her. "Remember our dance lessons?"

While pulling Joey closer to him, Pacey couldn't help but chuckle to himself while outwardly retorting: "Yeah, and I have to say that you're a lot better on your feet now than you were before. You haven't stepped on my toes once since we got out here."


After slightly pulling away from Pacey's embrace to see if he was joking or not, Joey couldn't help but roll her eyes at the slightly older male as he smirked at her. "Ha, ha, ha, very funny, Pacey."

"You fell for it, didn't you?" Pacey jokingly replied back, before pulling Joey back towards him; getting lost for a second in how good it felt to hold her again. "If I didn't tell you before, you look great in this dress, Jo. It has to be one of my all time top five favorite outfits that I've seen you in."

Really now?

Even though Joey knew she should just remain quiet, she didn't know if it was the alcohol talking or the music that was playing in the background, but she couldn't help but outwardly ask: "What's your number one pick?"

A question which caused Pacey to move his hands from Joey's lower back to the small of her back, where there was no material to hide Joey's skin from him and reply: "Your birthday suit, of course. It's the best outfit you own."

Not knowing what to say to this comment caused Joey to place her head on Pacey's shoulder—as if to avoid looking into his eyes—and then after a second, she found herself getting lost once again in Pacey's embrace as he began to make small circles on her skin with his finger tips. "Yours isn't that bad either, Pacey."

Oh shit…

Realizing what she said, an embarrassed Joey quickly pulled back from Pacey and apologized for her comment. "I shouldn't have said that…I don't know what I was thinking...I shouldn't have said that, I'm sorry."

Not wanting this moment to end because of one small slip up—that he didn't even think was a slip up--caused Pacey to tell Joey that it was okay—and then after a second of looking at Mr. and Mrs. Olsen, who were in the middle of the dance floor—lost in their own world—he quickly said the one question that had been on his mind ever since he had seen Joey a few nights ago outside of the Yacht Club.

"Do you want to get out of here?"

Even though a part of her knew this might end up costing Pacey a restaurant in the end, the fact that she had pretty much told Pacey that she didn't mind looking at him naked caused an embarrassed Joey to nod her head slowly in response, while saying the only think she could think of to say: