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Do YOU want your VERY OWN EXTREEEEME VOICE…next to your head (apparently it's illegal to put it IN your head )…just like THE MAAAAXIMUM RIIIIIIIIIIDUH?!!! Well, NOW, you (as in, YOU!!! That's right, YOU!!! Not your Chinese brother Yu, YOOOU!!!) CAAAAAANNN!!

It's the new and improved (improved, as in, there wasn't a product before and now there is…) VOICE! BOX! FOR YO HEEEEAAAD!!! It tells you…THINGS- things to make you happy, things to make you sad, things to make you hungry, things that make you want to buy all our OTHER products!!!...all at the touch of a button! That's right! Just ONE BUTTON is all it takes for all-day entertainment! Uno buttonio!

The VOICE BOX! comes ready for action with your choice of THRRRREEE different accents: Jamaica mon, DARTH VADER, and-for a limited time only- THE ACTUAL VOICE! If you're in AP classes, and you can carry a backpack, then YOU can carry our ULTRA LIGHT (cough...728723.4 kg…cough, cough!) VOICE BOX!

The VOICE BOX! gives you caring, helpful advice that you can use for your pep-and-go, perky lifestyle! Here are some of our satisfied customers:

Ben Dover: OH MY GOOOSH!!! A HURRICANE IS COMING!!! (pushes voice button)

Voice: The sky is blue, so WHY are you?!!


Now, our next satisfied customer!

Spammy: OH MY GOOOSH!!! I JUST CHOPPED OFF MY ENTIRE LEG!!!!! (pushes voice button)

Voice: Heeeead and shoulders, knees and toes, kneeees and toes! Head and shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes! Why be blue; you STILL HAVE ALL OF THOSE!!! Heeead and shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes!


So what are you waiting for??!! You can get the VOICE BOX for 8 semi-easy payments of ONNNLY $44.92!!! Imitation products go for over $80 dollars each! Talk about a bad deal!

So order the VOICE BOX!!! NOOOOOOW!!!

"Orrrrder the VOICE BOX it is BOX-Y! It will make you super FOX-Y"


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