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Sobs filled the room as a teen-aged girl with brown hair and misty hazel eyes cried in front of her grandmother. "I thought he'd never do that!" She continued to sob as her grandmother stroked her back comfortingly. "He said he loved me..." she looked up to her grandmother who was seated on a rocking chair while she sat on the cold floor."...and that he'll never leave me—he's such a liar! So, why would he do that?" Her grandmother then started to stroke her hair. After a while, she spoke. "Child, there really are people like that."

Baffled, the young teen looked at her grandmother with a curious expression. I don't think she understands my problem. "I know that! I just wanted to say it. I mean, couldn't he have told me instead that he'd rather leave me? It would definitely be better than finding out that he was cheating on me." She looked away for a moment but looked back at her grandmother when she spoke.

"Maybe he did that because he fell out of love," her grandmother suggested. Fell out of love? What the heck is she saying? Is she secretly saying he doesn't love me anymore?

"Is that even possible or are you just siding with him?" Her voice started to rise as her question progressed.

"It is possible, child." Her grandmother started to swing the chair back and forth.

"Could you repeat that, Grandma?" She started to stop crying, her eyes staring directly at her grandmother. Good, her grandmother thought.

"I said: It is possible." Her grandmother stared at her. "Honestly, are you deafer than me?"

"I'm being serious!" She pouted, her bottom lip sticking out. "Why can't you take me seriously?" Upset, her eyes started to get watery again. Trying to stop a sob from escaping her mouth, she puffed her cheeks then she started to inhale. She stared at the floor while doing her trying-not-to-look-weak routine.

"I'm sorry," the lady who looked like she was in her early seventies patted her granddaughter's head like she would to a begging puppy that you would disappoint by not giving it food. "But I do know that you know a few things about love even though you are quite young."

She nodded impatiently with one of her eyebrows raised. "Even though I'm just 15, I do know a few things about love."

"But did you know that while in a relationship, you could suddenly fall out of love?" Her grandmother knew she had her there, the smirk on her face showed it.

The brunette furrowed her eyebrows. "I could tell you a story, Adelle. One where falling in and out of love is present,"

"Some revised fairy tale that deals with something more realistic?" Adelle couldn't help but ask. It was a norm to her family when she did things like this.

"No, actually you know them."

"I do?" Adelle looked at her grandmother incredulously. "I don't know any married couple who's going through it."

"Now, they don't show it. And, they possibly may not show it to us anymore. But way back when I was young, I knew about it."

"Really, are you serious? What are their names?" Adelle sounded excited. This, to her, was the first time that a true love story would be told to her. And, she thought, I know them! This seems so exciting!

"Their names were…" Her grandmother paused for while to tease her, a smirk playing on her face.

"What was it, Grandma?" Adelle's eyes grew wider as she spoke.

"Their names were Yuuri Shibuya and Wolfram von Bielefeld."

"Your parents fell in and out of love?" She cocked her head to the right. Her expression confused. "I thought they were always in love. I thought married people who look at each other so sweetly were always in love."

"Not always," Greta stood up as she spoke. She waddled to the bookshelf a few feet away from her. "I think I still have it here."

"Have what exactly, Grandma?" Adelle made her eyes follow the direction her grandmother was taking.

As she grabbed three books out of the bookshelf, she replied to her granddaughter's question. "The proof that they, or more like Wolfram, fell in and out of love. You know, Wolfram told me, around the time that I first time I fell in love, that ever since he started falling in love with Yuuri, he started writing on a new diary which easily filled up."

"Wow! I never knew that…" Adelle paused for a while then resumed. "…because everyone only told me about them and them already being in love…and also about the slap!"

"Well, now might be the time for you to know the truth." Greta sat back down on her rocking chair. "From what this diary says Wolfram fell in love with Yuuri bit by bit. He learned to respect the new maoh after their duel…"

Wolfram was outside, training his men. He started to perspire for he had been under the scorching sun for over an hour. But he didn't complain. Complaints are for wimps, he thought. His eyebrows furrowed as one of his personal guards approached him. What is it this time? "Your Excellency," the young man started. "Lord Gwendal has called for you."

"Fine, I'll be going now." He was cross and everybody noticed it. He walked in the castle with an irritated expression. He hated being torn away from training his troop unless it was Yuuri or Greta who summoned him. 'Family—which consists of Yuuri, Greta and me—always comes first' that was his motto which he always followed. Slowly passing through the garden, he spotted Conrad walking in the same direction he was going. Did big brother call for him too? He shrugged and continued to walk, pretending not to see his other brother as he silently walked behind him.

Conrad turned around sharply when he heard a twig snap behind him. "Wolfram," He looked relieved when he saw that it was his little brother that had been the one behind him and not some unknown person.

"What is it, Conrad?" Wolfram eyed Conrad as if he would do something dangerous.

"Did Gwendal call for you to?" Conrad asked. He once again opened his mouth to speak but shut shortly it after, deciding not to say anything at all.

Wolfram nodded then he strode on. He didn't want to talk anymore. He was too stressed out right now. But, before Conrad would be too far from him, he asked "Did he call for you too?"

Conrad nodded. "It must be important."

Yuuri did the usual—sign papers with Gwendal—and he eventually complained inwardly while bowing his head. I don't think I can do this anymore!! My hand is so tired and my eyes feel heavy from lack of sleep! Then, he looked up since he thought somebody called his name. He cringed at the thought. Now I'm hearing things! Can this get any worse?

"Yuuri," he heard it again. Slowly, the door opened and Greta walked in. Yuuri sighed. So, it was Greta all along.

Greta closed the door as she entered. "Yuuri, look at what I found!" She held out a flower in front of Yuuri.

Yuuri cocked his head and examined the flower in his daughter's hand. "Is it…a new variety?" Looks like a sunflower.

Greta nodded. "Lady Cheri taught me how to garden and how to make new varieties. Isn't it cool?" Sunshine was on her face as she walked closer to Yuuri to hand him the flower. "What do you think I should name it?"

Yuuri shrugged. "What do you think you should call it?"

"I really can't think of a name for it." Greta slightly frowned. "Maybe I should ask Wolfram."

"Okay" Yuuri muttered from behind the stack of papers he was signing.

Greta turned around and exited the room. Skipping happily, she headed back to the garden. I'll ask Wolfram when I see him.

"What are you supposed to discuss to everyone?" Yuuri asked the man in green sitting on the far left corner of the room.

"About that letter that you received earlier" Gwendal answered dryly. His throat had been sore since he woke up that morning but he didn't want to call attention to it.

"Oh yeah, now I remember!" Yuuri shook his hands as he spoke. That means I'll get a break from this. "What exactly did the letter say?"

The door opened, hitting the wall with a soft thud, as Wolfram walked in, followed by Conrad and Günter. "What is it that you wanted to talk about, big brother?"

Gwendal picked up the letter and waved it in front of them. "I want to talk about this."

"Who is it from? What does it say?" Günter asked, his face slightly showing worry.

"It's from Stoffel." Gwendal smirked. "He rebuilt his castle and he wants us to come again, in two days."

"I just hope whatever happened before doesn't happen again." Günter shook his head at the memory of being in Stoffel's castle and the fiasco—on Stoffel's part—that happened. "Oh, the memory of it brings shivers down my spine."

"So, Your Majesty, what do you think?" Conrad turned to face Yuuri.

Yuuri nodded. "We'll go."

Wolfram sighed. "As expected from Yuuri,"

Yuuri smiled. "Good, you know me well."

"What do you expect? You are my fiancé." Wolfram retorted with a smile on his face.

"Yeah, yeah" Yuuri replied with a defeated expression. "I wonder what Stoffel is planning on this time." He shook his head as he spoke. "By the way, when is it?"

Gwendal sighed openly. He raised his hand, parallel to his face, and slowly placed his index and middle finger on his temple—a sign he was getting a 'headache'. "Two days from now" he let his answer out as a sigh. This he didn't really like.

Yuuri ate lunch with Greta and Wolfram. He really was used to this—eating lunch with a fiancé (wishing it was a fiancée) and a daughter not far from his age. "More please," he heard his daughter say, followed by his fiancé "more for me, too". He smiled. He was happy that he didn't eat alone in another world. He was happy that people did care for him in this world.

"Yuuri," Wolfram stared at the young double black. "Oi, Yuuri," he didn't really like not being minded. "Wimp" he called out. "Are you listening?"

Yuuri continued to stare. He only stopped and broke from his daydream mode when he felt some pressure on his foot. He gritted his teeth. "Hey, what was that for?"

"You weren't listening. Were you," Wolfram felt his blood pressure rise. "By any chance," he clenched his fist until his knuckles turned seemingly white. "Thinking of somebody else—woman perhaps?" His tone was accusing and Yuuri knew where this was going.

"O-of course not, Wolfram," Yuuri jumped up and desired to run away but Wolfram had him in another headlock.

Greta found this amusing. She, after reading dozens of books written by Anissina, believed that stuff like that were a form of showing love. Isn't it great how my fathers love each other?

Yuuri managed to escape the headlock but he didn't escape Wolfram's glare. "Look, Wolfram," he started, a bit nervous, "I wouldn't think of anyone else." Especially with you like that, he mentally added.

Wolfram dropped his glare, he knew he had Yuuri right where he wanted him but he wanted to test the wimp first. "Are you absolutely positive?" His eyes showing a seductive glint and his tone being a little seductive, Yuuri gulped inwardly. This he knew he didn't like

"Of course I'm positive," Yuuri answered.

Wolfram smirked. "Good,"

After eating lunch, Yuuri headed to the library with Günter. Greta followed and so did Wolfram. For the past six months, it was Wolfram who attended to Greta in the library while Yuuri studied.

Yuuri walked beside Wolfram and whispered to his ear, "Is a lecture about how the 7th maou interesting? Did he do anything spectacular that most of my time has something to do with him?"

"None that I recall but I think he was sort of a kind maou." Wolfram answered, his eyes looking up at the ceiling as if it would answer Yuuri's question for him.

Yuuri groaned. "This might be boring…" he mumbled to himself.

Wolfram giggled. He found it cute when Yuuri did that.

"What's so funny?" Yuuri asked. His big, round, black eyes looking directly at Wolfram's emerald eyes.

Wolfram felt himself blush. He blinked before answering. "Nothing, nothing is funny, wimp."

"Don't call me a wimp!" Yuuri retorted, standing akimbo.

Hours later, Yuuri entered the dining room together with Greta. Everyone was seated already. "Sorry I'm late," he walked towards his seat, his daughter's hand firmly held in his. Yuuri glanced at Wolfram. He looks a little pale, he thought. Slowly, he sat down on his chair. He faced Wolfram then asked in a whisper "Are you alright, Wolfram?"

Wolfram stifled a yawn. "I'm just tired. I didn't sleep properly last night."

Are you sure you didn't sleep properly last night? You seemed sound asleep! Yuuri wanted to say what he thought but he decided that starting a fight before eating might lead to a food fight even though Wolfram would probably not do such a thing. "Oh," he coughed out.

After their meal was served, Yuuri ate hastily while Wolfram ate slowly. Everyone else ate normally.

Conrad glanced at his little brother and Gwendal secretly did the same. Cheri sipped her soup and Greta drank her water.

Something seemed wrong with Wolfram and Conrad was right. "Wolfram," he started.

"Hm?" Wolfram looked at Conrad. A sign that said Conrad had his most—or part—of his attention.

"Have you been having nightmares lately?" the brunet asked the blond.

"Yes" Wolfram answered. "So what made you ask?"

"You said you're not sleeping properly, right?" Then, a thought crossed Conrad's mind. "Have you been eating too many sweets?"

Wolfram's eyes widened. Conrad was right about that.

"So, that's a 'yes'?" Yuuri asked. "Why, what's wrong with too many sweets?"

"He gets nightmares when he eats too many sweets." Cheri explained. "He's been like that since he was small. I think it started when—"

"Mother, I think that's enough." Wolfram's face turned red and Yuuri noticed.

"Why? What happened?" Yuuri's curiosity earned him another glare from Wolfram—but this one seemed deadlier than the first.

"It's none of your business." Wolfram answered. He didn't want to tell his fiancé that he had a terrible experience with sweets when he was much younger.

"He got a tummy ache and he had to drink this supposedly terrible medicine that the doctor gave him. Since then he gets nightmares when he eats too much." Cheri continued her explanation which her youngest son had cut off earlier.

Yuuri stifled a laugh and Wolfram noticed this. "One sound, Yuuri," Wolfram continued to glare but this time it looked even deadlier. "Just one sound out of your mouth and you're gonna wish you never did it."

Yuuri cringed and gulped. Obviously, he felt threatened by Wolfram's words.

Wolfram smirked and Greta giggled.

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