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First off, Merry Christmas everyone! Secondly, I started writing this because... well, I've been planning on writing it for a while, and since I've got a heck of a lot more time on my hands, I figured I could start writing it. So basically, Village Tales: Stories from the Heart is just a big collection of one-shots comingaled together into one cereal box. Fun eh? And I'm so so so excited, because this Christmas will be the first year in my whole life that there will be snow on Christmas! I'm so happy! Ok, so anyways! Lets get on with the story!

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Village Tales: Stories from the Heart

Title: Jingle All The Way

Setting: Mineral Town (MFoMT)

Pairing: None

Main Characters: Claire (named Ariel), Mary

Jingle All The Way

Ariel sat at her window, watching the snow drift slowly to the ground. She always loved the snow, especially since back where she came from, it hardly ever snowed. It was Christmas Eve, and it would be her first white Christmas. The blonde closed her eyes and sighed. Happiness enveloped her like a warm blanket. She glanced around the small, cozy room. It was a pleasant home, nice enough to live in. She was very content with her home. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. Ariel slowly got up, and made her way over to the door. She opened it, revealing a shivering, bundled-up Mary holding a wrapped-up gift.

"Ah, Mary, you look like your freezing! Come in, come in," Ariel said to the raven-haired girl. Mary nodded, walking inside. Soon she was unbundled, and Ariel gave her a nice cup of hot chocolate.

"Thanks," Mary said, sipping the beverage. After Mary had warmed up a bit, Ariel questioned Mary as to why she was there.

"Well, I had to see you on Christmas Eve, and plus, I needed to give you your Christmas gift!" Mary explained, handing the present she had been holding earlier to Ariel.

"Oh thank you Mary! That's so nice of you!" Ariel squealed in delight. She slowly began to open the gift. When she had finally managed to get through all the wrapping paper, she finally saw what her gift was.

"Oh Mary… it's absolutely beautiful…" Ariel whispered, holding up a heart-shaped necklace with a sapphire gemstone. The sparkling jewel matched her eyes.

"I asked Gray to make it for you," Mary told the blue-eyed girl. Tears welled up in the blondes eyes. She flung her arms around Mary's neck, sobbing.

"Thank you so, so, so much! It's the best present anyone has ever given me, and you're the best friend I've ever had," Ariel said. Mary smiled at her friends over reaction.

"Your welcome," She said simply. Ariel grinned, then let go of her friend, wiping a crystal-clear tear from her eye.

"Oh, I've got a present for you, too," She said, jumping up and running to her room. She came back moments later with a present in her hand. She tossed it to the black-haired girl. Mary began to unwrap the gift, with greater ease then her blonde-haired friend. Mary gasped as she saw what it was.

""101 Great Fairy Tales"! That's my favourite book! Thank you so much, Ariel!" She squealed, hugging Ariel. Ariel just giggled. Then Mary and Ariel sat and chatted for a few hours, before realizing it was time for Mary to go. After bidding good bye to her friend, Ariel made her way over to her pink boom box. She pressed a button, and her favourite Christmas Carol, "Jingle Bells", began to play. She looked out the window, and began to sing along to the tune:

"Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way…"

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