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So, this is the second story in Village Tales: Stories from the Heart because I decided I'm just gonna come up with the stories on my own. Now, this was story a little tough, because I have never played Tree of Tranquility before, so if I messed up any characters, please tell me. Anywho, I hope you all had a fun Christmas, and I hope you all have a Happy New Year! WELCOME 2009!!!

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Village Tales: Stories from the Heart

Title: The Tailor and the Carpenter (title based off of "The Walrus and the Carpenter" from "Alice in Wonderland")

Setting: Waffle Town (ToT)

Pairing: Luke x Candace

Characters: Candace, Luke, Luna

The Tailor and the Carpenter

A young blue-haired girl walked through the streets of Waffle Town, her eyes downcast. She had a lot on her mind, and she wasn't paying attention to where she was walking. Suddenly, she looked up, and noticed she was in a wooded area somewhere near Carmel Falls. The girl sighed, and tried to find her way out. At about that point, the girl heard a sound come from above her. She glanced up, to see a young, muscular boy walking on a thin branch. The girl noticed that the boy had blue hair too, although his was much more vibrant, and covered somewhat by a bright orange and white bandana. She watched the boy balance on the branch for a while. It was then she noticed that the branch the boy was on wasn't very sturdy, and was breaking under his weight. The girl felt she needed to say something to the boy, but the branch told him for her, snapping near the trunk of the tree. The boy yelled as he fell, and landed on the ground with a hard thump. He groaned painfully.

"Oh… umm… are you okay?" The girl asked him quietly. The boy looked at her and then jumped to his feet quickly.

"Yeah, never been better, why?" He asked seriously. The girl cocked her head to the side slightly.

"Umm… you just… fell out of a tree… aren't you hurt?" She questioned. The boy made an "oh…" sound, and then began to laugh. The girl raised an eyebrow at the odd boy.

"Oh, I'm always doin' stuff like that. I'm a klutz." He admitted. The girl smiled shyly at the boy.

"Oh, by the way, I'm Luke, what's your name?" The boy said, extending a hand out to the girl. The girl stared at his hand, then shook it quickly.

"My names Candace, nice to meet you…" She said quietly.

"Candace… now that's a pretty name!" Luke said honestly. Candace blushed furiously at the compliment.

"Thank you…" She said, staring at her feet, a red tinge still on her cheeks.

"So, whatcha doin' out here?" Luke asked.

"Umm… I was just walking around… and I ended up here… And I saw you walking on the branch…" Candace explained slowly. Luke nodded. He stared at Candace, making her blush again.

"I, uh… I'd better go… Luna is probably waiting for me at home…" She told the blue-haired boy.

"Ok! Well, Candy, it was nice meeting ya!" Luke told her enthusiastically. Candace gazed confusedly at Luke.

"Candy…?" She inquired. Luke laughed.

"I give nicknames to all my friends! So, since your name is Candace, Candy seems fitting, doesn't it?" He asked her. For the third time that day, Candace blushed, her cheeks a dark shade of crimson.

"Ya… I guess…" Candace replied, staring determinedly at the grass. She smiled at Luke, before turning and walking away.

"Oh, and before I forget, if you want to come see me, I live at the carpenter's house!" Luke called after her. Candace turned and nodded, then resumed walking. Luke watched as the blue-haired girl left, grinning. As Candace made her way to her house, she thought about the strange boy she had just met. When she walked into her home, the tailors shop, a small pink-haired girl approached her.

"Candace, where were you today?" The girl asked.

"Luna," Candace began, "don't you think that our table is getting old? Maybe we should go to the carpenter's house and get him to make us a new one."

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